Complete list of top 10 female prisons in South Africa 2021

Complete list of top 10 female prisons in South Africa 2021

Recently, there has been an increase in female prisons in South African internet searches. People want to understand the reason behind the sprout and the characteristics of these female prisons. Join us as we explore the top ten female prisons in South Africa as of 2021 and the reasons why they are making headlines.

Complete list of top 10 female prisons in South Africa 2021
Below is a list of 10 popular female prisons in South Africa as of 2021 and their characteristics. Photo: @prisoner_female
Source: Instagram

When it comes to life behind bars, hardly anyone can believe that life for inhabitants can be accommodating. Most correctional facilities are known for complaints ranging from high overcrowding rates, violence, the ill-treatment to lack of access to proper medical attention. However, in South Africa, female jails tend to stand out for a thing or two.

South Africa's prison population has been increasing over time, leading to numerous inmate facilities. There are those set aside for men and others for women. Others accommodate both but in different wings. Here are the top ten female prisons in South Africa as of 2021 and their features that put them on the map.

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Top 10 female prisons in South Africa

Life in female prisons in South Africa can either be good or bad. It all depends on the institution where one is. In this list, we will evaluate ten famous female prisons in South Africa. We will also discuss what happens in female prisons in South Africa, specifically those we have listed and what makes them good or bad. Take a look!

1. The Women's Jail

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This women inmate facility is situated at Constitution Hill. It was established back in 1910 and used to hold women who were illegally brewing beer and transgressing pass laws. Back then, women used to face numerous indignities, including lack of access to sanitary towels. Some female political personalities who have been held here include Fatima Meer, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Barbara Hogan, and Albertina Sisulu.

2. Makhate Correctional Services

list of top 10 female prisons
Makhate Correctional Services is one of the most famous female jails in South Africa. It allows inmates to raise their kids in the facility. Photo: RODGER BOSCH/AFP via Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

This correctional institution is run by the South African Department of Correctional Services. It dates back to the apartheid era, and there have been considerations to make it a world heritage. The facility holds women for criminal acts such as theft and violent misconduct. In addition, it allows inmates to raise their babies there, an aspect that has made it a hotspot for child rights activists.

3. Worcester Female Prison

This jail is situated at 95 Durban St. Worcester Central, Worcester, 6849, South Africa. It is a correctional facility that mainly deals with women who have experienced domestic violence or emotional, sexual, and physical abuse in their childhood.

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4. Female Centre Jhb Prison

One of Johannesburg's female prisons in South Africa is the Female Center of the Johannesburg Jail. It is the female wing located at 9 Main St. Ferreiras Dorp, Johannesburg. The correctional center ranks among the most dangerous female prisons in South Africa. Women inmates here are known to possess dangerous weapons, putting the inmates' lives at risk.

5. Pretoria Central Prison

worst female prisons in South Africa
Kgosi Mampuru II Management area ranks among the worst female jails due to diseases. Pictured above is one of its cells. Photo: MUJAHID SAFODIEN/AFP via Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

The Pretoria Central Jail in the Tshwane City in Central Pretoria, now known as the Kgosi Mampuru II Management Area, ranks among the worst female prisons in South Africa. Inmates here are known to suffer from overcrowding, diseases, and other problems.

6. Westville Female Prison

Which is the largest prison in South Africa? The Westville Jail ranks as a contender in this list, given that it has several wards, a female wing, medium, and maximum security section. The women wing is known to be notoriously violent. In addition, there are a couple of reports of mental illnesses, sexual assault, and numerous diseases.

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7. The Female Center in Pollsmoor Prison

This ranks as one of the maximum security female prisons in South Africa. It is located in Tokai, Cape Town and is characterized by violence and overcrowding. Inhabitants have reported multiple diseases, violence, and mental illnesses. It is also a strong hub for gangs.

In addition to the female wing, it has a juvenile center, making it also rank in the list of the female juvenile prisons in South Africa. The juvenile center is known to be home to high-risk and notorious inmates. As a result, this facility has often been the talk of the town, with most people questioning why the juvenile center is so close to the maximum-security unit.

8. Drakenstein Prison

famous female prisons in South Africa 2021
Drakenstein Prison in Breede River DC is among the popular female jails in South Africa as of 2021. Photo: @prisoner_female
Source: Instagram

It is situated at Breede River DC on R301 road. This prison is a low-level prison housing common criminals like thieves and robbers, however, there is a female wing that houses women who have been convicted of extremely violent offences.

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9. The Female Juvenile Prison Ward of Brandvlei Correctional Services

The juvenile unit of Brandvlei Correctional Services is located on the bank of the Brandvlei Dam close to Worcester, Western Cape. It has also caught most people's attention, given that the juvenile unit is so close to the maximum and medium-security unit.

10. Malmesbury Women's Prison

This facility of the Malmesbury Correctional Center is run by the Correctional Services Department. It is roughly about sixty-five kilometres outside Cape Town in Swartland District.

Crime calls for the need for jails for both men and women. Female prisons in South Africa hold women who have been found guilty of various crimes. Over time, the number of inmates has been increasing. It is high time society looks for other practical and lasting interventions than locking people down because crime does not seem to be reducing any time soon.

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