Ryan Upchurch net worth, age, real name, wife, merch, songs, profiles

Ryan Upchurch net worth, age, real name, wife, merch, songs, profiles

Music is one of the predominant careers that has made most people gain massive wealth. One singer/rapper who has made a fortune from singing and rapping is Ryan Upchurch. He is renowned for hits such as Holler Boys, Fallen, and Country Way. Join us as we decrypt Ryan Upchurch's net worth and learn of his bio.

Ryan Upchurch's bio
Ryan Upchurch is a famous musician who is well known for hits such as Holler Boys, Fallen, and Country Way. Photo: @ryanupchurch
Source: Instagram

How much is Ryan Upchurch net worth in 2021? This is what we will be discussing in this read, as well as his fascinating bio. Check it out!

Ryan Upchurch profile summary

  • Full name: Ryan Edward Upchurch
  • Date of birth: 24th May 1991
  • Place of birth: Cheatham County, Tennessee
  • Ryan Upchurch’s age: 30 years in 2021
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Profession: Singer
  • Genre: Rapcore, Southern Rock, Country Rap, Hip Hop, Rock
  • Organization: R.I.S.E & Stand
  • Position: Head Ambassador
  • Nationality: American
  • Brother: Austen
  • Ryan Edward’s height: 6’ (1.83 m)
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Ryan Upchurch’s website: ryanupchurchmusic.com
  • YouTube: Ryan Upchurch
  • Instagram: Upchurch
  • Net worth: Approximately $4 million

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Who is Ryan Upchurch?

Ryan Upchurch's profile
Ryan Upchurch is a Tennessee native who has won the hearts of many music fans with his unique music styles. Photo: @ryanupchurch
Source: Instagram

He is a famous musician who is known for hits such as Holler Boys, Raise Hell, and Outlaw.

How old is Ryan Upchurch?

He was born on 24th May 1991 in Cheatham County, Tennessee and is 30 years of age at the time of writing this article. Besides his age, fans frequently ask of Ryan Upchurch’s real name. He was born Ryan Edward Upchurch.

How tall is Ryan Upchurch?

He stands tall at six feet (1.83 m). He is of average build and boasts many tattoos.


Edward started his online career by making videos using the hilarious character Upchurch the Redneck. The videos garnered so much attention that he had accumulated more than half a million followers on his YouTube channel within just four months. Currently, he has 2.61 million followers on YouTube.

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He proceeded to make more videos, but with different characters like Little Larry and Uncle Randy. His works caught the eye of various TV networks, and he started getting TV roles. However, in 2015, he decided to pursue a music career.

He has produced numerous hits and with different labels. Some of Ryan Upchurch’s labels are Redneck Nation Records, RHEC Entertainment, and Holler Boy Records. Some of the most famous of Ryan Upchurch’s songs include:

Ryan Upchurch's songs
Some of the most popular songs of Ryan Upchurch include Holler Boys, Rolling Stone, Tonight, and Bloodshed. Photo: @ryanupchurch
Source: Instagram
  • Holler Boys
  • Country
  • Simple Man
  • Outlaw
  • Rolling Stoned
  • Dirty South
  • Tonight
  • The Old Days
  • Bloodshed

His albums include:

Ryan Upchurch's albums
Ryan Upchurch's albums have performed well and received recognition. For example, his Chicken Willie album ranked No. 22 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums. Photo: @ryanupchurch
Source: Instagram
  • Heart of America (2016)
  • Bad Mutha Fucka (2016)
  • Chicken Willie (August 2016)
  • Summer Love (2017 Country-oriented EP)
  • Son of the South (2017 Studio album)
  • King of Dixie (Studio album released on 10th November 2017)
  • Creeker (1st Rock album released on 20th April 2017)
  • The Oven (2018)
  • Supernatural (2018)
  • River Rat (2018)
  • Creeker 2 (2019)
  • Parachute (2019)

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Other Works

Besides singing, Edward has also ventured into other works. For example, he is the head ambassador of R.I.S.E & Stand, an anti-bullying organization. He is also an actor.

Ryan Upchurch's career
Ryan Upchurch is a man of many hats. He is also an actor and has starred in The Holler Boy. Photo: @ryanupchurch
Source: Instagram

Is Ryan Upchurch married?

The Holler Boys hitmaker married his best friend and lover, Taylor Eileen Smith, in 2020. However, in March of 2021, the two were reported to have separated. The two deleted each other’s posts on their respective social platforms, making fans speculate they had called it quits. Since then, Edward has been strictly posting about his music. It is, therefore, hard to tell of Ryan Upchurch’s wife or girlfriend at the moment.

Does Ryan Upchurch have a daughter?

At the time the rapper married Taylor, she had a daughter, Raelynn Ann (Rae). Although Edward does not have any biological children, he did step in as Rae’s step-dad.

How much is Ryan Upchurch worth?

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Is Ryan Upchurch a millionaire? Edward has undoubtedly accumulated a fortune over the years from his thriving singing and entertainment career.

Ryan Upchurch's net worth
Earnings from his thriving music career contribute to Ryan Upchurch's net worth. Photo: @ryanupchurch
Source: Instagram

One of his significant contributions to this fortune is his music career. His songs and albums always top the charts as they are nothing but mega-hits. Moreover, they have made him perform at different concerts and go on various tours. Take a look at some rankings of his famous albums:

  • Chicken Willie: No. 22 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums, #1 on US Heatseekers chart, #11 on the US Rap and US Indie chart, and No. 11 on Rap Albums charts. It sold 2, 800 copies in the first week.
  • Summer Love: No. 33 on the Top Country Albums. It sold 3, 700 copies.
  • Heart of America: #5 on US Heatseekers chart.
  • Bad Mutha Fucka: #2 on US Heatseekers chart
  • King of Dixie: #3 on the US Indie chart and #10 on the US Country chart

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Ryan Upchurch’s merch has also contributed to his worth. It is known as Redneck Nation and has been sponsored by the RHEC clothing line. The merch comprises hoodies, shirts, letter stickers, phone grips, hats, lighters, tumblers, necklaces, and many other items.

He also earns from YouTube, which is another income source that contributes to his wealth. His estimated monthly earnings fall between $64.6k and $1M, while his annual earnings are calculated to be between $775.4K and $12.4M. Cumulatively, his net worth in 2021 is $4 million.

Is Ryan Upchurch touring in 2021?

Ryan Upchurch's tour
Ryan Upchurch's 2021 tours and concerts have been cancelled for an impending court case. Photo: @ryanupchurch
Source: Instagram

What happened to Ryan Upchurch? Fans have been asking this question after they noticed no Ryan Upchurch concert or tour in 2021. All this is because of an impending court case. Ryan Upchurch and Nicole Arbour had been friends for the longest time until a fallout that saw them land in court.

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Edward forgot his wallet at her place, and when his manager asked for it, she declined. It forced the rapper to call the police on her. They went to court, and as a result, he cancelled all his 2021 tours and concerts because the court dates seemed to be conflicting with the touring dates. He made a YouTube video explaining the situation.

All of the super entertaining projects reveal that Ryan Upchurch's net worth in 2021 is $4 million. He has accumulated this wealth from his music career, merch, YouTube channel, and other ventures.

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