Zachary Kirkhorn: age, family, education, Tesla, salary, profiles, net worth

Zachary Kirkhorn: age, family, education, Tesla, salary, profiles, net worth

What does Zachary Kirkhorn do at Tesla? He is the company's Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Zachary Kirkhorn is one of Tesla's most brilliant employees. His tenure has seen the company's shares rise by more than 1,300%. Tesla is the leading automotive manufacturing company worldwide.

Zachary Kirkhorn
Zachary John Planell Kirkhorn, Tesla's Master of Coin (Chief Financial Officer), has two undergraduate science degrees and an MBA. Photo: @Zach Kirkhorn
Source: Facebook

John Planell Zachary Kirkhorn has taught Tesla how to under-promise and over-deliver. He is an excellent financial planner and strategist, manager, and advisor. Its market capitalization was $53 billion when its CEO, Elon Musk, announced John Planell's takeover on 30th January 2019. The CFO's input saw the company's value on the stock market shoot to $835 billion on Monday, 1st January 2021.

Zachary Kirkhorn's profile summary

  • Full name: Zachary John Planell Kirkhorn
  • Year of birth: 1984
  • Age: 37 years
  • Profession: Financial analyst
  • Company: Tesla
  • Position: Chief Financial Officer
  • Education: The University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University
  • Sexual orientation: Gay
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Daniel Alexander Naughton
  • Residence: Oakland in California and West Austin in Texas, USA
  • Salary: Over $21 million
  • Net worth: At least $74.6 million
  • Zachary Kirkhorn's LinkedIn page: Zach Kirkhorn
  • Zachary Kirkhorn's Twitter page: @zachkirkhorn

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Zachary Kirkhorn's biography

John Planell Zachary Kirkhorn's age is 37 years, for he was born in 1984. Where is Zachary Kirkhorn from? His date of birth is unknown to the public. Planell has never revealed details about his background, childhood and family in media interviews. However, his looks make people assume he is an American citizen with Indian ancestry.

Zachary Kirkhorn
The Tesla CFO and Elon Musk (CEO) are alumni of the University of Pennsylvania's Engineering school. Photo: @apexworldnews
Source: Twitter

Zachary Kirkhorn's education

John Planell enrolled in the Jerome Fisher Program of Management & Technology at the University of Pennsylvania. He also graduated with two bachelors of science degrees in 2006.

He earned a mechanical engineering and applied mechanics degree from the University of Pennsylvania's Engineering school and an economics degree from the Wharton School.

He left Tesla for some time to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School. Elon Musk is also an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania's Engineering school.

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John Planell's career life

John Planell interned at Microsoft Corporation as a program manager for four months before landing a business analyst position at McKinsey & Company. So, when did Zachary Kirkhorn join Tesla? Tesla hired him in March 2010 as a senior analyst in the finance department.

After working for a year and a half, John Planell left to get an MBA even though it was unnecessary. The finance expert earned his MBA in 2013 and returned to Tesla under CFOs Deepak Ahuja and Jason Wheeler.

Zachary Kirkhorn
John Planell and his husband, Daniel Naughton, were financial analysts at the McKinsey & Company. Photo: @nytimesvows
Source: Twitter

Deepak Ahuja retired in 2015. However, he returned in 2017 after his successor, Jason Wheeler, resigned. He groomed Kirkhorn to take up the CFO position and went back to retirement. Ahuja has been serving Tesla as a senior adviser while in retirement.

Elon Musk has retained the CEO position at Tesla, while John Planell Kirkhorn remains its CFO. The company changed its titles to the Technoking of Tesla and the Master of Coin, respectively, on 15th March 2021.

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Is Zachary Kirkhorn married?

John Zachary Kirkhorn of Tesla met his spouse, Daniel Alexander Naughton, at McKinsey & Company. They announced their wedding in 2018 and tied the knots on 30th April at the Alameda County clerk's office in Oakland, California.

The gay couple's Oakland-based home is near Tesla's Palo Alto headquarters. He also bought a $3.29 million house in West Austin, Texas. Zachary Kirkhorn's home lies on a 2.5-acre piece of land in front of Lake Austin.

Alexander was a financial manager at OpenTable, an online restaurant-reservation service company. Currently, he is the vice president of finance at a transportation software company called Remix.

Zachary Kirkhorn
Zachary Kirkhorn's husband is the vice president of a tech company called Remix. Photo: @lautomobile_ACI
Source: Twitter

Zachary Kirkhorn's net worth

John Zachary Kirkhorn's salary in 2019 was $21,243,957, and his worth is at least $74.6 million. In addition, the CFO has sold Tesla's stocks with a value of over $11,785,011 in the past two years and owns 1,250 units of Tesla's stocks. The shares are worth over $41,525,060 on the stock market.

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Zachary Kirkhorn's email and phone number are not publicly available. However, you can contact him via Twitter or LinkedIn or call Tesla's toll-free number 1-800 662 7232.

Zachary Kirkhorn might someday become the CEO of Tesla. He seems to be Elon Musk's favourite employee. The Tesla CFO has shown commitment towards his job over the years, and the company attributes most of its success to his financial expertise.

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