30 common interview questions and answers

30 common interview questions and answers

Preparing for a job is not always the easiest thing which is why knowing a few common interview questions and answers to expect is always advisable. You need to anticipate the questions that may be asked. Besides this, having a few potential answers to respond to the questions go a long way.

interview questions and answers
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Certain questions are mandatory when preparing for a job interview. Regardless of the sector you are applying to, there are certain job interview questions and answers that you must know about. The panel is likely to ask the question in a different way, and sometimes there may be no variations. Knowing how best to respond without sounding too rehearsed can increase your chances of securing the position, moreso with great competition. Checkout the following examples.

Job interview questions and answers sample

The following are examples of interview question and answers that almost every interview session will have. With a number of common interview questions and answers repeated, anyone can take advantage and checkout what other successful and unsuccessful candidates did to improve their chances of success. These are categorized differently, with the intent of finding out specific things from potential employees. Checkout the following examples.

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General questions

interview questions and answers
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These are the typical interview questions that everyone is asked regardless of the field and position they are applying for. Generally, these questions seek to know the candidate better. They are not necessarily targeted on any specific skills, but are also very crucial as they tend establish if a candidate is good enough to join the team. Aspects such as communication, temperament and time management may come up. You need to be careful with the answers you give. Here are a few interview questions and best answers you can give for this category.

1. Can you tell me something about yourself?

This may seem easy but most people have failed. The deal is to give a pinch of personal and employment information, picking the most relevant to your application. This will keep the interviewer interested.

Possible answer: My name is XX. I am an a proud accountant that attended School B for the love of numbers. I have grown in my career over the years and I am hoping to be challenged even more here.

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2. Why do you think you are the best candidate for this position?

This quiz wants to check out what your skills are and what makes you stand out. Make sure you respond in line with your skills and achievements. Mention your strengths and how beneficial it will be to the company.

Best response: I suit the advertised position because I bring skill, A, B and C to the table. With my organization skills and ability to handle a team, I will be invaluable in team building and achievement of organization's goals.

3. What is your weakness?

This is not an easy question as many assume. In fact, it could be a trick question and how you answer it matters. Make sure your answer is real and does not portray a holier than though attitude.

Perfect answer: I am told I can be very strict an serious especially when working. I also ted to work extra hours which is often translated to overworking as I believe in leaving the office only when my day's assignments are well done. This could e attribute to my personality and expectation since I am a perfections. I am however working on balancing things out and teaching myself to delegate and manage my expectations about fellow workmates.

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4. What do you think your previous workmates would describe you?

Here, the interviewers want to have an idea of what kind of team player you can be. Make sure you are truthful even as you emphasize on your strengths. You may never tell of they went before you to inquire from the others.

Great response: Most of my team members felt that I was a helpful member as I was always willing to help where I could. I am more of a solution-oriented individual that strives to find the right solutions to difficulties.

5. How did you get to hear about us?

This is a chance for you to explain how you got to hear about the job. It may be crucial since certain jobs are internal. Make sure you are truthful.

Potential response: It was first brought to my attention by a friend who works in this industry. I then followed up and found the ad on your site, from where I applied and was invited for this interview today.

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6. How would you explain the gap in your career?

The potential employer may be concerned if there are significant gaps in your CV as this could mean that you have missed out on important advancements in the sector and may need training to be relevant. Be truthful and say where you were.

Answers that could work: Well, apart from career growth, I am also a firm believer of family. When I got a baby I decided to take a step back from the corporate world and raise my family before coming back. Or, I took a leave of absence to complete my Masters abroad as I felt this would better prepare me for more serious challenges.

7. How do you handle stress?

This one is on temperament. The interviewer wants to know how you would cope in highly sensitive and high-pressure situations, especially if the job calls for it. You should demonstrate an ability to handle stress well without being overwhelmed.

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Best response: Well, with the knowledge that this job comes with its own pressures and challenges, I would first take time out when it is too much. An hour or two of cooling my head would help bring things back to perspective. I would then think through the best solutions, depending on the source of pressure. Either way though, I would never allow anything put me down, at least not before I get help for it.

8. What do you think the company could do differently to better our results?

Here, the team wants to know if you are a person that comes up with solutions or you just want to enjoy the perks of a well-defined job. Showing that you can be a solution is very important.

Potential answer: When I get in, I will find means of making teams work cohesively. When teams feel that they belong then they have a better chance of working seamlessly together which is why I would focus on making teams better.

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9. What salary do you expect from us?

While it is necessary to know what you want as compensation, do not be in a hurry to show that all you value is cash. Prioritize work and the rest shall follow.

Great answer: I believe the company takes care of its employees well and that the compensation awarded to me would be commensurate to my skills and abilities, not to mention my contributions to the company when confirmed. I would expect that the payment range of x- y.

10. What would you like to ask us?

A curious employee is always a breath of fresh air. You should consider a simple vote of thanks and a question that would make the team feel that you are truly interested in joining the company.

Possible answer: Well, first am grateful for the invite to this interview and hope that I will be considered to join the company's vibrant team. I would like to know when can I begin?

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Work-related questions and answers for an interview

interview questions and answers
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These interview questions and answers examples will focus on your job. The interview will be mainly looking at your competence and performance abilities. These are strictly about what you can do, your level of experience and skills set resulting from proper training.

1. What is your greatest professional achievement so far?

I am grateful for the opportunities that I have had in different places. Of all my progress, I remember a time when I was able to help guide my team to handle a sticky situation with a customer. It so happened that the engineers failed to install a system in good time and the delay was causing losses for the client. In a matter of 12 hours of working non-stop, my team was able to set up the system perfectly and the whole scenario was salvaged with the client faith restored.

2. Describe your management style

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I tend to let those working under me to conduct themselves interdependently. I only oversee and give occasional guidance. I believe that a team that propels itself has a better chance of getting desired results faster and satisfactorily.

3. What level of education have you attained and how does it apply for this job?

I started out my career with bachelors but have since furthered my studies and attained a Masters and a few relevant professional qualifications. I am currently working on my doctorate and I must say that all this while, the new knowledge acquired on every step of my advancement has been instrumental in making me a better manager with hands-on solutions that are not only relate-able but also practical and current.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Well, I believe that every job should come with challenges that inspire growth. By the time I clock 5 years with this organization, I hope to be in a position where I can be trusted to lead a team either as a supervisor or junior manager. With a few more years, a decade to my experience, it would be great to be a senior manager that makes impacting decisions.

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5. Would you say this is your dream goal?

Well, I must say that I am close to getting where I have always wanted to be. With an opportunity to work with you, I know that I can easily attain that. My goal has always been to serve in seniority in one of the progressive corporates that are marketing experts just as your own.

6. Why did you decide to leave your job?

The truth is that leaving was a very hard decision especially because I had a team that I had grown attached to and the rapport was amazing. Unfortunately, after 4 years of serving diligently, I felt that I needed a better challenge. I know I have so much to offer yet my previous job was more of a routine once I established the proper strategies. This was just not working for me anymore.

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7. Why do you want this position?

Make sure your answer is specific. For instance:

The fact that the job will push me to my limit is honestly very exciting. What's more, the pay is pretty good too and would go a long way in meeting my family needs.

8. Why did you decide to change careers?

I am a creative person that loves trying out things, and I tend to e good in almost everything I put my mind to. That is how I ended up in media before. However, my passion has always been in business, marketing to be precise. I knew that no matter what happens I must follow my heart's desire some day. So, here we are!

9. What would you say is your ideal working environment?

I thrive in peace and tranquility but also do really well under pressure. I would say that I am one individual that is versatile and flexible.

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10. What should we expect from you in the next 3 months?

I believe my results will speak for themselves. You can be sure that the team will deliver better sales results with me in their marketing team. I can therefore confidently ask you to expect increased sales.

Personality questions

interview questions and answers
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More often than not, these are mostly random questions that may pop up or fail to. They are meant to test your personality especially if a role requires a specific personality. Here are interview questions to expect. Check out how each question and answer works perfectly. With the suggestions on how to answer interview questions, you can be sure that those in the interview panel will be impressed.

1. Apart from work, what else makes you kick?

I enjoy spending quality time with my family ad very close friends.

2. Do you have children yet?

Not yet, but in due time I would like to have a family since family is close to my heart. Either way, my commitment will not be compromised.

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3. What comes first to you, work or family?

Well, I know that both my job and family are important. I will always strive to strike a balance as I have always done. No part of my life will be neglected in preference of another. I learnt quite early that success requires sacrifice and this is something I do whenever the need arises.

4. What motivates you?

Nothing makes me more focused than celebrated results. You know, incentives and the likes. It feels great to be appreciated. But even without those, the fact that there is progress is excellent motivation.

5. Do you think you are easy to talk to?

Definitely. I would describe myself as a firm and approachable. I tend to be very understanding at times which makes it easy for people to approach me. Some people even think I am warm. I only get harsh and strict if there is a need to be. Otherwise, I am the easiest person to talk to.

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6. Have you ever been disappointed in life, and how did you handle it?

Like everyone else, disappointments are normal. For me, it happened that one time I really wanted to get a position I had eyed for years but the panel felt that someone else had the specific skill set that would make them better for the job even though they were not really that much experienced. I ended up in a different department with the same benefits but not what I really wanted. Turned out, it was a blessing in disguise as this led me to get more marketing experience that has been instrumental in my growth. You know, it is a win-win.

7. What are you passionate about?

Mmmh. Let me think about this one. I guess I could say I am passionate about a lot of things but what tops the list, especially when it comes to work is the fact to steer a team to success. This makes me beam with pride. I am more of a nurturer and always feel accomplished when I walk with a young employee through the steps of their career.

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8. What crushed your spirit and how did you bounce back?

Well, this is a hard one every time I think about it. It is somewhat personal but it relates to me losing my best friend, my mother. Truth be told, I was disoriented for quite a few weeks and could not go to work for 2 weeks as I fell sick. However, the gals we had set together pulled me right back to my best as I always work hard to make her proud even today.

9. Has an employee ever surprised you with the quality of their work?

Yes. Although I am rarely surprised by results since I see everything coming as I am always part of the progress of every employee working under me, there is this extremely creative young man that impressed me, and I never expected it. He was the soft-spoken and laid back kind of person that did not seem would do well in this industry. He restored my faith that a marketer is anyone that manages to convince customers, sometimes even without talking too much.

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10. How do you react when you are interrupted in the middle of a task?

I do not really appreciate it, but I always think to myself that it must be important. or this reason, I always stop to listen and respond before I quickly go on with what I was doing.

The trick to answering common interview questions is to give it a personal touch without being too forthcoming with personal information. Make sure that answers to all possible interview questions are more inclined towards the new position you are applying to as much as you can. The bottom line is that interview questions and answers are not as scary as you want.


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