Zee World's Perfect Husband: cast, plot summary, full story, teasers, theme song

Zee World's Perfect Husband: cast, plot summary, full story, teasers, theme song

What’s your idea of a perfect guy? Tall and handsome or rich and famous? These are some of the characteristics most women have on their checklists. But what happens when your ideal guy does not match your standards? This is what Zee World’s Perfect Husband tries to portray. Here is everything you need to know about this insightful show.

Zee World Perfect Husband
Zee World Perfect Husband is set to replace Curse of the Islands. Photo: @blastersseries
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Over time, numerous romantic films have been released. Most display couples with great romances that often end in happily ever after. But what if they don’t because you do not have a perfect guy? What happens if he is abusive and not tailored as you thought? Such is the storyline of this interesting new romantic drama series, Perfect Husband.

Zee World’s Perfect Husband

When women are looking for a partner, they tend to look for various characteristics. It could be a combination of good looks, wealth, and fame, or killer looks, intelligence, and a loving heart. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that practically everyone wants a perfect spouse.

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Sadly, in reality, there is no perfect individual. Each partner has their flaws and weaknesses, which can be the source of their problems if not understood by their spouse. Unfortunately, this is precisely what this hit show tries to tell its fans.

Zee World Perfect
Zee World Perfect Husband leading role of Vidhita Rajawat is being played by prominent actress Sayali Sanjeev. Photo: @sayali_sanjeev_official
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The show replaces Curse of the Sands. When will Perfect Husband premier? It is set to premiere on Wednesday, the 20th of October 2021, at 16h00 after Curse of the Sands. It will be airing every Monday to Sunday at 16h00, during which you can enjoy the Perfect Husband episodes.

So what is the Perfect Husband’s theme song? Zee World is known for having incredible theme songs for all its series. Although fans are still in the dark about the theme song, one thing is for sure. The theme song will be both entertaining and impactful.

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The Perfect Husband full story

The story line of this show revolves around the lives of Vidhita Rajawat and her wealthy spouse Pushkar Rathod. Vidhita has a clear picture of what she expects of Pushkar, so she expects him to embody perfection.

Zee World Perfect Husband
Zee World Perfect Husband's Ayush Anand plays the role of Pushkar Rathod. Photo: @anand2143
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Ironically, Pushkar is not as perfect as Vidhita thinks but instead ruthless and abusive. She goes through hell due to Pushkar’s abuse, and luckily for her, her mother-in-law, Rajyashri Rathod, comes to her rescue. However, it is not without its challenges.

The show starts on a high note and with several twists. First and foremost, Vidhita, the bride to be, receives a text warning her about the dangers of tying the knot to Pushkar. Secondly, an elated Rangeela confesses his undying love to Vidhita, who is set to wed Pushkar.

We can appreciate the series so far because it depicts a strong bond between a daughter and mother-in-law. More often, mothers-in-law are portrayed as villains who cannot get along with their daughters-in-law, and this series tries to fight this notion. It seems that the series has a lot in store, and so far, we can tell it will take fans on one bumpy but exciting journey.

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The Perfect Husband cast

Zee World Perfect Husband
Zee World Perfect Husband's Jaya Prada features as Pushkar’s mother and Vidhita’s mother-in-law. Photo @jayapradaofficial
Source: Instagram

The dramatic new series has unveiled its main cast, and fans cannot keep calm. The cast has some of the most talented actors, who have also featured in other hit movies. The main cast includes:

  • Sayali Sanjeev as Vidhita Rajawat. She has also starred in Kahe Diya Pardes and Gulmohar.
  • Ayush Anand as Pushkar Rathod. His works extend to Ishqbaaaz, Main Saanjh, and Tu Sooraj.
  • Samarth Shandilya as Rangeela. The actor has also featured in Dhunn, Lappad, and Lone.
  • Jaya Prada as Pushkar’s mother and Vidhita’s mother-in-law. She has also featured in Sharabi, Tohfa, and Sagara Sangamam.

Zee World has released a new series to replace Curse of the Sands known as the Perfect Husband. It showcases the life of a wealthy guy who only causes harm and heartbreak to his wife, who thought he embodied perfection. The series airs on the 20th of October 2021 at 16h00.

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