Glow TV Love or Poison series: cast, full story, plot summary, teasers

Glow TV Love or Poison series: cast, full story, plot summary, teasers

Glow TV’s Love or Poison is among the most thrilling Indian soap operas one ought to watch. Primarily, it revolves around supernatural forces, love, and deception. Notably, its cast does exemplary work, giving life to the characters in the story. Stick around to learn more about the brand new show, including its cast, storyline, and teasers.

Love or Poison
A poster of "Love or Poison," Indian series. Photo: @glowtvza
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Love or Poison, Glow TV's real name is Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara. It is a one-season soapie with 134 episodes. Usually, each episode runs for 30 minutes on weekdays, starting from 19h00 to 19h30.

Glow TV’s Love or Poison series replaced Complicated Love, which recently ended. At first, viewers did not know what to expect from the new series. Interestingly, fans have already fallen in love with the series after airing a few episodes.

Love or Poison plot summary

Sitara struggles to understand her real identity after being kept in the dark for the past 20 years. Growing up, the maiden did not know that she had supernatural powers until fate knocks on her door.

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Sitara lives with her father, Kuldeep, and stepmother, Rachna. Her father, who is an ex-military, has a special bond with her daughter. So, Kuldeep tries to protect her in whatever she does until he realises that he cannot protect her from the truth anymore.

One fateful day, her friend, Chanda, is kidnapped. Considering how special their friendship is, Sitara decides to embark on a search mission to rescue her. Later, she discovers that she is abducted by the Vish Kanyas. As days pass, her search leads her to the palace, where four evil maidens have been imprisoned.

Unfortunately, the situation gets intense when she comes face to face with the evil maidens, who are related to her by blood. Vrinda, one of the evil maidens chained in the palace happens to be her mother. The story takes a different path when Vrinda realises Sitara is her daughter, and she vows to bring pain and misery into her life. Learning her mother’s evil intentions, Sitara vows to use her supernatural forces to save the people she cares about the most in her life.

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Love or Poison full story

Love or Poison, an Indian drama, is based on Sitara’s story, who does not know that she is a Vish Kanya, poisoned girl until she reaches 20 years old. Sitara’s journey to find her true identity leads her on a dangerous mission, putting the lives of her loved ones at risk.

Care and curiosity

The story begins after the abduction of Chanda, Sitara’s ally. Once she realises Chanda is missing, she becomes nervous and restless fearing that she might be in danger. Without a doubt, she is convinced that she might be in the palace.

Sitara storms the palace to begin her search. However, her father does not approve of her decision. She vows to go deeper into the forbidden areas of the palace. On the other hand, Kuldeep becomes increasingly worried that she might discover the long-kept secret.

Freedom at last

love or poison full story
Sitara looking for Chanda in the palace. Photo: @glowtvza
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The Love or Poison soapie becomes more interesting when Sitara finds a secret door in the palace. Due to curiosity, she opens the door setting the Vish Kanyas free. Generally, Vish Kanyas are girl assassins. They are fed poison from a young age until they become poison immune. In ancient times, they were used as weapons.

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First things first, Vrinda, the queen Vish Kanya, vows to avenge. She is bitter for being shackled for a long time in the secret room. However, her freedom is threatened by a few supernatural individuals, Rajguru and Sitara. Once he realises Vrinda has been set free, Rajguru embarks on a mission to confine her again. Will Vrinda give in easily to be confined again?

Vrinda is not ready to give in without a fight. To escape captivity forever, she strategises to control Sitara’s mind using her powers. At first, villagers brand Sitara a Vish Kanya. So, they join forces to bury her alive. However, that does not happen.

Later, Vrinda notices something different about Sitara. Using her powers, she discovers that Sitara is her biological daughter. Similarly, Rajguru is aware of Sitara’s identity, and so he forbids her from attending Viraj’s wedding ceremony.

Earlier, prince Viraj helped Sitara to save her friend, Chanda. Their first meeting was an interesting one. Maybe with time, they may become closer than they are now. Later, Rajguru gives his servants strict orders to abduct and bury Sitara alive because of her association with the Vish Kanyas. The incident causes suspicion in the Singh family, who embarks on a mission to rescue her before she passes on.

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Jealousy, vengeance, and deception

Trouble befalls the palace when Viraj disappears mysteriously. Early, Netra, the newlywed wife of Viraj, was uncomfortable about Sitara’s presence in the palace. She is against the idea of her being around Viraj all the time. However, they later discover that he has been abducted by the Vish Kanyas.

The Vish Kanyas led by Vrinda tries to poison Viraj’s mind by telling him secrets about the royal family. At the same time, Rajguru goes after Vrinda and wants her dead. In an attempt to save their leader, the three Vish Kanyas combines their forces to stop Rajguru.

On the other hand, Netra becomes increasingly uneasy about Sitara’s presence. As a result, he starts to manipulate Viraj to hate Sitara, who has been assigned to be his bodyguard. Worse, she plans to murder her because she is afraid Sitara might win her fiancée’s heart.

Love or Poison
Viraj and Netra's wedding scene. Photo: @glowtvza
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Vrinda is almost losing her patience. Her several attempts to kill Viraj become unsuccessful. Also, Viraj starts to lose trust in Sitara slowly, something Netra has been praying for to happen. However, for how long will that last?

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At last, Sitara learns the bitter truth about his mother and the Singh family. It pains her to the extent she agrees to revenge against Viraj. However, her attempt to kill him through a poisoned flower becomes futile. Further, Vrinda fakes her death to win Sitara over her side to help her kill Viraj.

Love wins

At last, Viraj asks Sitara to marry him. However, Sitara turns him down for the first time. With time, she realises her mother’s plan, forcing her to confess her love for him. Desperate Vrinda becomes furious because her plan has been shattered by her daughter.

She forcefully wants her sister, Surili, to marry Viraj so that their bloodline does not become extinct. So, she drugs her daughter and abducts her. Later, her sister transforms into Sitara and marries Viraj unknowingly.

Again, Vrinda’s plan becomes unfruitful. Furious and desperate, Vrinda launches a deadly attack on the Singh family. She kills Raj Ratan, Viraj’s father and ensures the family blames it on Sitara. Unfortunately, she is arrested but Viraj discovers she is not behind the murder. So, he takes her side.

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Love or Poison's teasers

The teasers for Love or Poison, Glow TV’s series, are available for three months already. If you are a fan of the soapie, you can always read them in advance. This way, you will always know what to expect from your favourite actors and actresses.

Love or Poison's cast

Love or Poison, Glow TV’s cast has become a favourite for many viewers already. They always have a way of making fans glued to their screens on weekdays, starting from 19h00 to 19h30. Below are the main actors and actresses and the roles they portray in the soapie.

1. Adaa Khan – Sitara

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love or poison glow tv
Actress Adaa Khan of "Love and Poison" telenovela. Photo: @adaakhann
Source: Instagram

Adaa Khan is an extraordinarily talented Indian actress and model. The 32-year-old plays Sitara Viraj nee Shekhawat. In the series, she is the biological daughter of Kuldeep and Vrandi. Also, she is the wife of Viraj.

2. Arhaan Behll – Yuvraj Viraj Singh

love or poison cast
Indian actor Arhaan Behll in a suit. Photo: @arhaanbehll
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Arhaan Behll is among the best Love or Poison's actors. The 36-year-old portrays Viraj Singh in the TV series. His presence in the series helps to shape its plot. In the soapie, he is Sirati’s husband and Raj Ratan’s son.

3. Shilpa Saklani – Vrinda Kuldeep Shekhawat

love or poison theme song
Actress Shilpa Sakalani plays Vrinda in "Love and Poison" TV series. Photo: @bollylollyhollyblog
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Shilpa Saklani is another gifted actress who hails from India. She is the main antagonist in the show. In the series, the 39-year-old is the former wife of Kuldeep and biological mother of Sitara.

4. Sandeep Baswana – Kuldeep Shekhawat

love or poison's glow tv cast
Actor Baswana plays Kuldeep, Sitara's father in Love and Poison series. Photo: @baswanasandeep
Source: Instagram

Sandeep Baswana is a 48-year-old Indian actor. He plays Kuldeep Shekhawat who is the father of Sitara, Vrinda’s former husband, and Rachna’s current husband.

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5. Shakti Anand – Raja Ratan Pratap Singh

love or poison glow tv cast
Indian actor Shakti Anand sitting. Photo: @shaktianandofficial
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Shakti Anand is a renowned actor, reality TV host, and producer. He is widely recognized for hosting Crime Patrol (2014). The 45-year-old plays Raja Ratan, King, Viraj’s father.

6. Vishali Takkar – Netra Singh Rathore

Love or Poison
Actress Vishali Takkar smiling. Photo: @misstakkar_15
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Vaishali Takkar is another beautiful and talented actress whose contribution to Love or Poison, Glow TV series, is commendable. She is the Viraj’s ex-fiancée in the telenovela.

The following actors and actresses were also essential in supporting the main cast. They include:

  • Soni Singh as Albeli, Vrinda’s sister
  • Lavina Tandon as Surili, Vrinda’s sister
  • Falaq Naaz as Chhabili, Vrinda’s sister
  • Vikrant Chaturvedi as Rajguru
  • Ankit Raaj as Samrat Singh, Viraj’s cousin brother
  • Harshit Arora as Aryan Singh Rathore, Netra’s brother
  • Ashutosh Priyadarshi as Royal Guard
  • Arina Dey as Rachna Kuldeep Shekhawat, Sitara’s stepmother
  • Shital Thakkar Rani Lakshmi Ratanpratap Singh
  • Amrapali Gupta as Kalindi
  • Sayantani Ghosh as Mahamata
  • Amandeep Sidhu as Hariyali
  • Eijaz Khan as Arjun Singh, Viraj’s uncle
  • Reema Vohra as Yamini Arjun Singh
  • Zebby Singh as Surya Singh
  • Dhruvi Jani as Padmini Singh
  • Anjali Abrol as Chanda, Sitara’s friend
  • Afzaal Khan as Raja Atharv Singh Rathore, Netra and Aryan’s father
  • Sangeeta Kapure as Mrs. Rathore
  • Ahmad Harhash as Yuvraj Singh, Viraj’s brother

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Love or Poison has an interesting storyline worth following. Thanks to its cast, the series has attracted many viewers since it premiered on Glow TV. Overall, if you are a fan of supernatural Indian series then this is for you.

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