Nina Sosanya:10 interesting facts about the English actress

Nina Sosanya:10 interesting facts about the English actress

Talk of enigma and Nina Sosanya will come to mind. This wonder woman has become many fans' favourite, primarily because of her high-profile roles on television and stage. For instance, she is best known for her roles as Lucy Freeman in W1A and the gentle but fierce Kate McKenzie in Last Tango in Halifax.

Nina Sosanya
Sosanya has a unique way of engaging her fans. Photo: @itg_ltd
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Nina Sosanya is an actress that captivates people's attention with her brilliance and creativity, and many people want to know about her beyond her screen life. However, she is either tight-lipped or not interested in the spotlight. Generally, it is hard to find information about here, but beyond that, there are interesting facts you must not miss about Nina.

10 interesting facts about the English actress

Nina was born on the 6th of June, 1969, which means that she is currently 52 years old. Unlike other celebrities who keep their fans updated through their pictures, posts, and videos on social media platforms, the amazing actress seems not to be a social media addict. Nevertheless, you can find pictures of Nina Sosanya on the internet. Besides, here are some interesting facts you should know about her.

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1. Her ethnicity is mixed

Although Nina was born and raised in Islington, London, and has British nationality, her ethnicity is still mixed. She is born to an English mother and a Nigerian father. Somehow, while growing up, she battled with her identity because she always saw herself as minor. Sharing her experience, she said:

Growing up, I was always the minority in the room, even in my own immediate family, who were all white. So it became the norm for me to see white faces everywhere. I remember a young black woman once saying to me, "How do you see yourself?’" And I facetiously replied, "With a mirror." Understandably, she got quite angry.

2. Sosanya grew up in two different places

Nina Sosanya's family lived in Wood Green and Rutland. Although details about Nina Sosanya's sisters and brothers are not available, her parents were haematologists.

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3. Her mom spurred her love for acting

Nina's mom, a theatre lover, took her on different trips to the RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon, a medieval market town in England’s West Midlands. While sharing her experience during an interview, she said:

I remember walking along Waterside and her explaining that the actors worked in the theatre here and lived in these cottages on the other side of the road. I thought that was an absolutely outstanding job to have.” When she subsequently worked at the RSC her early supposition was proved correct: “It was as excellent as I thought it would be.

4. She could not finish her vocational dance course

Out of her three-year vocational dance course at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Sosanya only completed two and a half years before dropping out. However, she confessed later that it was really challenging. Afterwards, she joined the Kosh for a stint but sustained an injury in the process. Consequently, she stopped her physical theatre career and focused on straight acting.

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Nina Sosanya
Nina well dressed on stage. Photo: @chichesterft
Source: Instagram

5. She is a graduate of Vale of Catmose

Nina is a Vale of Catmose College product. Vale of Catmose is a secondary academy school on Huntsmans Drive in Oakham, Rutland.

6. She debuted in acting in 1992

In 1992, she made her screen debut in an episode of the police drama series The Bill. Nevertheless, she had her first prominent television stint in the Channel series Teachers, and in 2003, she emerged on the big screen for the first time in the sci-fi romance drama Code 46. Since then, Nina has been active in the movie industry.

7. She has featured in about 70 movies and TV shows

Working for nearly three decades, Nina has amassed about 70 film and TV credits. Some of Nina Sosanya's movies and TV shows include Strike Back, Retribution, Killing Eve, Brave New World, and Good Omens.

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As part of the cast of the 2003 romantic comedy Love Actually, she, alongside her co-stars, was nominated for a Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Ensemble Cast in 2004.

8. She is enjoying the singleness bliss

There is no valuable information on who Nina Sosanya's partner is, meaning that Nina Sosanya's wife or husband, as the case may be, is unknown. But then, who can fit in as Nina Sosanya's spouse? Only she can tell the qualities she looks for in the person she wants to settle down with.

9. Sosanya is tight-lipped about some of her details

Nina Sosanya, the Love Actually cast member, enjoys keeping her life private. Unfortunately, there are many details about her life that most of her fans would love to know.

Nina Sosanya
Nina Sosanya at the Killing Eve Season 2 photocall held at Curzon Soho, London. Photo: Ian West
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Although during an interview session in 2018, when questions on Nina Sosanya's children came up, she admitted to not having any. However, certainly, fans cannot wait to welcome Nina Sosanya's daughter or son, depending on who comes to the world first.

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10. Nina has an excellent physique to compliment her personality

Apart from a compelling personality and a beautiful face, she also has a complimentary physique of 1.73 meters, and she weighs 60 kilograms.

The resilient and hardworking Nina Sosanya has shown to everyone beyond a reasonable doubt that being a celebrity does not strip one of their private life. Her brilliance and creativity will always make her fans want more of her.

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