45 best Sepedi traditional attire images for ladies and men 2021

45 best Sepedi traditional attire images for ladies and men 2021

There is nothing that is more beautiful and diverse than the African culture. The fact that there are thousands of tribes across the 52 nations and that each of them has a unique DNA that they refer to as their culture makes Africa one of the most amazing places to explore. South Africa, like the other African countries, has its own diverse culture. Bapedi people are one of the many sub-tribes in the country and are famous for embracing their beautiful Sepedi traditional attire. They have their origins in Limpopo province and their language, which is among the 11 official languages in the country.

45 best sepedi traditional attire images for ladies and men 2021
Image: twitter.com, @boity_rams
Source: UGC

Pedi women love showcasing their Pedi culture in many ways, and one of the most popular is their attire. They make these attires from nothing, and they are proud of them because they feel that the attires are part of their identity. Most women believe that Sepedi attire should not only be worn to celebrate heritage day but as a part of daily life. One of the amazing things that you will notice about Sepedi traditional dresses is the bright colors, which, the wearers believe signify their happiness. The outfit looks best when you have hele, the inner fabric tied around the waist, and the Metsheka which is the top. The piece of head jewelry that completes the entire outfit is known as the Moruka.

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These images showcase the beauty of these outfits:

1. Colorful blue and yellow

This couple has combined two different shades of blue, yellow and red to make an amazing blend.

2. A rainbow of colors

This rainbow of sweet complementary colors is amazing.

3. Pink and white

This couple is giving us a goal with their color-coordinated pink and white Sepedi outfit.

4. Blue yellow and a dash of pink

This lady also looks very nice with her blue, yellow and a bit of pink in her Sepedi attire.

5. Pink and blue

The sunset yellow and blue in this bridesmaids attire speaks something about the depth and stability of their joy.

6. Deep Blue

The deep blue in this beautiful lady's Sepedi attire goes to show that Sepedi fashion can also look amazing.

7. Dashing blue

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45 best Sepedi traditional attire
Sepedi traditional attire. Photo: mzansi_weddings
Source: Instagram

These people look dashing in their custom-made blue outfits, which combines Sepedi with contemporary styles.

8. Orange and blue

This bride and groom are serving all the looks in their orange, blue and white infused attire.

9. Accessorizing

This bride thought she could take the outfit a notch higher by accessorizing the yellow, white and blue attire with multicolored headgear. We love the outcome, and her partner looks dashing too.

10. Perfect mix

best Sepedi traditional attire
Matching traditional dresses. Photo: @hustlersphotography
Source: Instagram

The amazing thing about how these beauties are rocking the outfits is the matching dresses and the equally dashing accessories. Everything comes together.

11. It is all about white

45 best Sepedi traditional attire images for ladies and men 2021
Top Sepedi traditional attire. Photo: mrskatlego_mohlala
Source: Instagram

Here, the bride combined white with a little of colour. Then, she accessorized with colourful neckpieces, and the result is dashing.

12. Yellow and red

The beauty of Sepedi attire is in their ability to combine bold colors and make a dashing statement. This lady combines yellow and red colors with a black turban to make a strong statement.

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13. White and pink

45 best Sepedi traditional attire
Sepedi traditional attire. Photo: @sepedi_bapedi
Source: Instagram

There is another amazing thing about Sepedi attire, which combines pink, blue and white for that desired effect.

14. The pink bridal procession

This bridal procession combines pink, white and purple to make a spectacular sight of South African traditional dresses to behold in the sunshine.

15. Mellow yellow

45 best sepedi traditional attire images for ladies and men 2019
Image: Instagram.com, @fairbox_pro
Source: UGC

These beautiful bridesmaids are wearing mellow yellow attires with blue details as a compliment. To top it all off, their attires have long sleeves to bring about their beauty.

16. Pink

These beautiful girls chose to go with a pink and white attire with a little bit of blue and yellow detailing on the hem and the waistline.

17. The superstar

Another amazing thing about Sepedi attire is how easy it is to customize into something stunning for a performer, like what they have done for this lady. It is simple, yet a complete statement in itself.

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18. The color burst

Name a color, and you will find it in these traditional outfits pictures. The amazing thing is that despite the mix, the photo still looks lovely.

19. Traditional

These lovely Sepedi women have preserved the very essence of her attire. Everything about it looks fabulous.

20. The blue bride

45 best Sepedi traditional attire
A happy couple. Photo: @sothobrides
Source: Instagram

The mix of blue and strips of pink and yellow on this lady's attire speaks class, sophistication, and yet, tradition.

21. Yellow

This lady's yellow outfit with the colorful detailing on the hem makes her Sepedi attire stand out.

22. Peplum

While Sepedi traditional outfits are very traditional, they do not shy away from borrowing out of trendy and fashionable trends. The peplum skirts here are a perfect blend of the old and the new.

23. Bold and beautiful

This bride and groom aren’t shying away from combining colors that are both strong and complimentary, and the outcome is amazing.

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24. Pink and yellow

This perfect combination of pink and yellow makes these bride and bridesmaids stand out from the rest of the crowd.

25. Tulle meets Sepedi

The beautiful thing about this attire is the way they have used tulle for the skirt and traditional material for the top to make the ideal blend of the old and new.

26. Dashing in yellow

This lady looks dashing in yellow. The pink detail completes the beautiful color scheme.

27. Classic white

White is always a symbol of class and elegance. However, it is how she accents it with a pink sash that makes it all perfect.

28. The rainbow bridesmaids

These bridesmaids look amazing in their colorful outfits.

29. Yellow meets pink

Less is indeed more. The combination of yellow and pink in this picture proves that this is perfect.

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30. Frills

45 best sepedi traditional attire images for ladies and men 2019
Image: Instagram.com, @sanaadesigns
Source: UGC

This outfit sets itself apart from the others because the design is plain and the frills add the pop and color. The design on the shoulder also spices up the look of the entire outfit.

31. Classic

I like how plain and classic this outfit is. The design captures everything traditional about Sepedi attires.

32. White, blue and a little pink

This one captured our attention because, in addition to the traditional design, her attire is laced with blue buttons that flow on the behind of her attire and make the perfect finish.

33. Flowers

45 best Sepedi traditional attire
Sepedi. Photo: @traditionalafricanweddings
Source: Instagram

This bride looks amazing in her Sepedi traditional dresses and flower design. The bride has given a little modern twist to hers, and the flowers add the sparkle.

34. The happiness

45 best Sepedi traditional attire
Sepedi attire. Photo: sepedi_bapedi
Source: Instagram

The couple looks fantastic, but it is the design of her dress that caught our attention- absolutely dashing.

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35. Traditional spoon?

The dress is dashing; the way the colorful attire accentuates the pink fabric is amazing. The accessories are also on point. The traditional spoon she is holding adds pure glam to the picture.

36. Freestyle

45 best Sepedi traditional attire
The beauty. Photo: thirtyonewoman
Source: Instagram

The colour mix of the dress is breathtaking.

37. Throwback

As mentioned, Sepedi outfits have come a long way from what they used to be. However, this couple has captured the original essence, and it is amazing.

38. Pleats

The rich pink color of the fabric and the pleats are the unique selling point for this outfit. It is an absolute winner.

39. The neckpiece

An amazing neckpiece. Photo: mzansi_weddings
Source: Instagram

One of the most amazing things about Sepedi attire is how easy it is to accessorize. This girl has a beautiful traditional neckpiece which takes the beauty of the entire piece to the next level.

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40. Mellow

This lady looks lovely without trying too hard. We love the contrast brought about by the white fabric extension to the whole outfit.

41. Follow my guide

The bride looks dashing, and since the sun is almost out, the groom has taken it upon himself to guide her to safety.

42. Yellow, white, pink and blue blend

45 best Sepedi traditional attire
A beautiful couple. Photo: @sepedi_bapedi
Source: Instagram

A beautiful couple, beautiful smiles and the mix of colours is amazing.

43. Fabulous

45 best Sepedi traditional attire
The pink dress. Photo: sepediweddings
Source: Instagram

The pink attire with its colourful detailing on its hem is amazing and her brave attitude is absolutely fabulous.

44. Smile for the camera

45 best Sepedi traditional attire
Amazing matching outfit. Photo: @sepedi_bapedi
Source: Instagram

The couple looks dashing in white. The dash of colour is amazing.

45. Dancing

45 best sepedi traditional attire images for ladies and men 2019
Image: Instagram.com, @absolutelifestylearts
Source: UGC

These wonderful women look dashing in their outfits, and the joy in their smiles makes everything much better.

Pedi traditional attires come in many colors and designs. You can accessorize them whichever way you fancy, and their versatility is unparalleled. If you are looking for the perfect African attire for your wedding, this is an absolute must-have.

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