Rammstein - "Deutschland": public reaction to epic video for the first song in 8 years

Rammstein - "Deutschland": public reaction to epic video for the first song in 8 years

Rammstein is a German industrial metal band that was formed in 1994. The band from Berlin has been quiet for quite some time, 8 years to be precise, only to come back with an explosive music video that has left many with mixed reactions. Everyone that watches it will definitely have something to say.

Rammstein - "Deutschland"

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Rammstein Deutschland premiered on March 28, 2019. The video is intense and can even be considered scary on many levels. It is more of a horror scene in a movie. Ever since its release, it has attracted over 12 million views. This age restricted video has left many people with mixed feelings, considering that the group has been away for 8 years.

Rammstein Deutschland 2019 reactions

The Rammstein Deutschland song has been watched by many despite the fact that it is just a few days old. The Rammstein Deutschland (official video) was finally released after a series of teasers, and it took the world by storm. Even before the video was officially out, the teasers received quite a number of harsh criticism from Jewish and government leaders. These leaders have called it irresponsible and tasteless due to the members wearing prison camp uniforms near the gallows, waiting to be hanged. Even with this backlash, the group has yet to respond officially.

The song Deutschland is the first song in the group's upcoming album that is yet to be titled. The fact that they took longer with this one could be the reason why it seems like no other song from them.

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Views and reactions from viewers

Rammstein - "Deutschland"

Image: facebook.com, @rammstein
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The almost 10-minute video is filled with dramatic captions of different types of violence experienced through humanity. The video captures violence through medieval times even to current forms of violence. Basically, most Germans would Identify with it since it is a story of their country. The following are a few comments from viewers on YouTube trying to depict their own country's story.

JH Drummer (21 hours ago): Rammstein have hit the mark exactly as they have always done and this is another video (maybe their best) with a strong impact, provocative, ready to divide opinions and raise criticism.
megatwingo (1 day ago -edited): The German history in one video. The black woman as Germania (the mother of the German nation). The black people were the people of Germanys colonies and they spoke German....and are partly still doing it. I have an idea about the glass coffin: It is Little Snow White from the Grimm-fairytales....and from their own video "Sonne". Only with black skin and in space. The battle of the Teutoburg forrest against the Romans (and Rammstein as Roman soldiers and Germans alike). The V2 rocket (first manmade object in space) as technical triumph of the German spirit...and at the same time the killing of the concentration camp prisoners in the bunker factories below the mountains that died during the production of that rocket. The book burnings of the Nazis and the burning of the witches of the church. In the same scene with the book burning there is EVEN MORE going on. The cooperation of the church with the Nazis, when the priest with the cross embraces the Nazi SA-man. But there was much more going on. The communist GDR and the leftwing terrorism of the 1970's, Hindenburg Zeppelin disaster and more and even more... A deep video and a masterpiece of a song! Rammstein are definitely back! PS: As for the dogs: Germans are fanatical dog lovers. We are a dog-owner nation. The dog is a firm part of Germany.
Catherine Palmer (17 hours ago): Thank you for posting your reaction to the new ramnstein video :-) I thought the video was really thought provoking, like a piece of art and it stayed with me long after its finished. Love the new song, the amalgamation of the older melodies and newer electronic vibe. The English me sees a bit of a peaky blinders theme with the hair cuts but could be wrong.
VlogDave (7 hours ago): While I understand where the confusion / problem some people have with this might come from, I think it's always better to show these historic things (even if they might be shown a bit more abstract and not 100% accurate, see the rockets - as long as they are NOT ridiculed). From what I've learned about the guys in interviews, I highly doubt they included this to 'mock' or ridicule holocaust victims. Of course it's provocative, and it's supposed to be, so that plan worked once again. I think it's fair to say they rather lean towards 'left' politics (according to some interviews and also their song 'Links 2 3 4' which states that as well, because people were confused about their potential political views back in the day).
Paul Allan Ballard (1 day ago): Just some initial thoughts. Rammstein continues summoning the imagery of Anselm Kiefer and Helnwein and bringing it into a modern type of Gesamtkunstwerk. Germania wearing the doves of peace and giving birth to the dogs of war. Born out of the violence of Rome, Crusades, Inquisition, WW2, Communism and probably more I missed. This odd love/hate relationship with it's past. How will the future see Germany? As you mentioned with the lyrics the visuals are also very self-referential about Rammstein's past; glass coffins, wheelchairs, angel, etc... How does one see the past when going to the future is a fascinating question. Would love to hear your take on the inevitable Wortspiel in the lyrics. (I feel like I have learned quite a bit from your previous videos on this) Thanks for your initial take!

The above are just but a few comments that come up with different posts on YouTube regarding the reactions people have had since the release of Rammstein Deutschland. While some people have had a problem with the video's content not being politically correct, others have chosen to interpret the video and song in general as a narration of the German that many people today have forgotten about. Either way, this come-back by the group will continue to grab the attention of the world.

Here is the video itself. Leave your comments below after watching it.


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