Most expensive schools in South Africa in 2024: Full list

Most expensive schools in South Africa in 2024: Full list

The South African education sector is quite vibrant, with thousands of schools offering primary, secondary, college, and university studies. Grade 1-10 education is compulsory, while grades 10-12 are optional. Like in numerous other countries, education institutions are classified into private and public facilities, with the former often tending to be the most expensive schools in South Africa.

Most expensive schools in South Africa
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Sending one's child to school in South Africa costs anything from zero fees to hundreds of thousands of Rand per year. Parents and guardians are exempt from paying school fees in some of the country's poorest regions.

The most expensive schools in South Africa

Here is a look at Mzansi's most expensive schools in 2024.

Boarding schools

Typically, boarding institutions tend to be more expensive than their day counterparts. This is often attributable to the extra costs associated with student accommodation. Here is a look at South Africa's most expensive boarding schools, provinces, and annual fees.

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RankSchoolProvince2023 fees2024 fees% increase
1Hilton CollegeKwaZulu-NatalR369 920R397 6607.5%
2MichaelhouseKwaZulu-NatalR347 680R368 0005.8%
3St Andrew's CollegeEastern CapeR340 869R363 8796.8%
4Roedean School for GirlsGautengR338 428R360 0876.4%
5St John's CollegeGautengR331 091R352 6126.5%
6Kearsney CollegeKwaZulu-NatalR326 480R350 1307.2%
7Bishops CollegeWestern CapeR311 960R341 4309.4%
8St Mary'sGautengR313 990R335 4706.8%
9St Alban’s CollegeGautengR307 350R328 9207.0%
10Diocesan School for GirlsEastern CapeR299 100R323 0408.0%
11St Andrew's School for GirlsGautengR299 000R320 6807.3%
12Kingswood CollegeEastern CapeR292 710R318 2108.7%
13St StithiansGautengR280 065R302 4708.0%
14St Anne's Diocesan CollegeKwaZulu-NatalR272 112R293 3407.8%
15St David's Marist InandaGautengR269 910R292 8408.5%
16Crawford College North CoastKwaZulu-NatalR269 400R290 1007.7%
17Somerset CollegeWestern CapeR265 600R285 5007.5%
18Epworth High School for GirlsKwaZulu-NatalR261 757R282 5017.9%
19St Benedict's CollegeGautengR260 670R281 8548.1%
20Bridge HouseGautengR264 600R281 7506.5%
21Durban Girls' CollegeKwaZulu-NatalR255 700R274 2007.2%
22Herschel GirlsWestern CapeR252 410R271 7807.7%
23Treverton CollegeKwaZulu-NatalR249 056R263 9966.0%
24Uplands CollegeMpumalangaR247 500R262 2005.9%
25St Charles CollegeKwaZulu-Natal R243 900R260 9507.0%
26St Martin's CollegeGautengR235 000R246 7505.0%
27Woodridge CollegeEastern CapeR229 389R247 7408.0%

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Day schools

While day schools are conventionally cheaper than boarding institutions, some can still be quite expensive. For example, the day institutions listed below all charge fees exceeding R100,000 per year, which is not cheap by any means.

RankSchoolProvince2023 fees2024 fees% increase
1Kearsney CollegeKwaZulu-NatalR224 620R240 9007.3%
2St John's CollegeGautengR194 148R206 7686.5%
3Roedean School for GirlsGautengR191 181R203 6076.5%
4Bishops College Cape TownWestern CapeR185 020R199 6507.9%
5St Mary's, WaverlyGautengR176 640R189 8807.5%
6Crawford College SandtonGautengR178 000R189 5706.5%
7King David High SchoolGautengR174 360R188 1607.9%
8St Alban’s CollegeGautengR174 750R187 0207.0%
9Clifton SchoolKwaZulu-NatalR179 119 R186 4264.1%
10Kingsmead CollegeGautengR170 365R181 4406.5%
11Cedarwood GautengR168 272R177 5265.5%
12Crawford College La LuciaKwaZulu-NatalR165 000R175 7306.5%
13St StithiansGautengR161 480R174 4108.0%
14St David's Marist InandaGautengR160 230R174 3408.8%
15Crawford College LonehillGautengR162 000R172 5306.5%
16SAHETIGautengR159 115 R169 4586.5%
17Crawford College PretoriaGautengR159 000R169 3406.5%
18Beaulieu CollegeGautengR157 676R168 7147.0%
19Redhill SchoolGautengR162 500R166 2502.3%
20St Benedict's CollegeGautengR150 670R162 7248.0%
21St Andrew's CollegeEastern CapeR152 364R162 6486.7%
22Kingswood CollegeEastern CapeR150 900R162 2107.5%
23Diocesan School for GirlsEastern CapeR149 858R161 8498.0%
24Herzlia High Western CapeR148 800R161 0048.2%
25St Anne's Diocesan CollegeKwaZulu-NatalR147 060R158 5407.8%
26Brescia HouseGautengR148 105R157 6456.4%
27Woodridge CollegeEastern CapeR145 975R151 3473.7%
28Crawford College North CoastKwaZulu-NatalR142 000R151 2306.5%
29St Martins CollegeGautengR120 000R126 0005%

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Which are the top 10 most expensive schools in South Africa?

The most expensive schools in South Africa include:

  • Hilton College
  • Michaelhouse
  • St Andrew's College
  • Roedean School for Girls
  • St John's College
  • Kearsney College
  • Bishops College Cape Town
  • St Mary's, Waverly
  • St Alban’s College
  • St Andrew's School for Girls

Which are the top private schools in South Africa?

According to Matric College, these are the top 10 private schools in the country.

  • St Mary’s DSG
  • Roedean School for Girls
  • Diocesan School for Girls
  • St Cyprian’s
  • St Mary’s Waverly
  • Bishops
  • Somerset College
  • The Wykeham Collegiate
  • St John’s College
  • Michaelhouse

What are the most expensive schools in Gauteng?

What is the most expensive girl school in South Africa?
Buildings, lawns, and beautiful pavement in a school. Photo:, @12019
Source: UGC

Gauteng province has numerous expensive learning institutions in both the boarding and day categories. Some of the top most expensive schools in Gauteng province include Roedean School for Girls, St John's College, St Mary's, Waverly, Crawford College Sandton and King David High School.

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Which is the most expensive school in South Africa?

Hilton College, more commonly referred to as Hilton, is the most expensive school in South Africa. The boys' school is located near the town of Hilton in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. The annual fee for the 2024 academic year at Hilton College is R39, 660.

Which is the most expensive private schools in Pretoria?

St Alban’s College is one of the most expensive private all-boy's school located in Pretoria, Gauteng province. It was Founded in 948 by Wulsin.

How much is a private school in SA?

Typically, sending your child to a good state-sponsored school costs anywhere from R8,000 to R20,000 yearly. These fees are relatively cheaper than private institutions, where average annual fees range between R50,000 and R200,000, with additional costs for boarders.

What is the most expensive girl school in South Africa?

The Roedean School for Girls is the most expensive South African girls' school. The institution was founded, in 1903, as a sister institution to the esteemed Roedean in Brighton, England. The cheapest a Grade 0 student will pay is R106 245 per annum. Termly annual boarding fee alone is R156 480.

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Which are the most expensive private schools in South Africa?

most expensive high schools in south africa
School building. Photo:, @Idriss Meliani
Source: UGC

Hilton College in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands is the most expensive private school in South Africa. Others include Roedean School for Girls and Diocesan School for Girls.

Which are the most expensive high schools in South Africa?

Expensive high schools in SA include Hilton College, Michaelhouse, St Andrew's College, Roedean School for Girls, Roedean School for Girls and Roedean School for Girls.

How much is the school fees at Crawford Ruimsig College?

Crawford International Ruimsig College is an accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) institution. The fees range from R113 960 to R134 190 annually.

The most expensive schools in South Africa are also among the most exclusive, with some limiting the number of students to a few hundred. These institutions are at the top of the country's education system and offer unrivalled tuition structures, learning facilities, co-curricular facilities, and general student experiences.

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