WSU online application dates, requirements, fees and how to check application status

WSU online application dates, requirements, fees and how to check application status

Since WSU is one of the most successful universities in South Africa, it is no surprise that most students in the country are looking for WSU online application forms. The facility offers multiple technology and science courses, making it an excellent choice for students looking to take up either technical or scientific courses.

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The WSU online application form is straightforward. Its simplicity allows prospective students to fill in the required information quickly.

Walter Sisulu University

The University of Walter Sisulu is an institution of technology and science and is situated in Mthatha, East London (Buffalo City), Butterworth and Komani (Queenstown). It was established in July 1, 2005 after the merge between Border Technikon, Eastern Cape Technikon and Transkei University.The facility is named after Walter Sisulu, who was a prominent individual in the fight against apartheid.

Organization of WSU

The institution is organized by campus and then by faculty. For example, under the campus of Buffalo City located in East London is the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business Sciences.

Walter Sisulu University courses

The accredited certificate, diploma, and undergraduate courses in this institution include;

Business, Management Science & Law Undergraduate Programmes

  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • B Com (General)
  • B Com (Economics)
  • Bachelor of Accounting Science (B Compt)
  • B Admin (Public Affairs)
  • LLB (Generic)
  • B Tech: Cost and Management Accounting
  • B Tech: Marketing
  • B Tech: Journalism
  • B Tech: Internal Auditing
  • B Tech: Tourism Management
  • B Tech: Human Resources Management
  • B Tech: Management


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  • The diplomas offered in this institution include National Diploma in;
  • Tourism Management
  • National Higher Certificate: Accountancy or Extended Curriculum Programme
  • Taxation
  • Accountancy
  • Financial Information Systems
  • Local Government Finance
  • Internal Auditing
  • Marketing
  • Small Business Management
  • Sport Management
  • Public Relations Management or Extended Curriculum Programme
  • National Higher Certificate: Financial Information Systems
  • Office Management and Technology
  • Management of Training
  • Human Resources Management
  • Management
  • Administrative Management
  • Public Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Journalism
  • National Certificate in Versatile Broadcasting
  • ND: Marketing or ND: Small Business Management
  • Policing

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Health Sciences Undergraduate Programmes

walter sisulu university courses

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  • BCur (Basic)
  • BSc Health Promotion (Allied Health Professions)
  • Bachelor of Medical Clinical Practice (Medicine)
  • Bachelor of Social Work (Allied Health Professions)
  • University Licentiate in Music Education (ULME)
  • BEd (FET) Humanities
  • BEd (FET) Economic and Management Sciences Education
  • BEd (FET) Natural Sciences
  • BEd (FET) Consumer Science Education
  • BEd (FET) Technology Education
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • BEd (FET) Arts and Culture Education.


  • Adult basic education and training (ABET)

Science, Engineering and Technology Undergraduate Programmmes

walter sisulu university courses

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  • BSc: (3-year programme) Computer Science or 4-year extended curriculum programme
  • BSc: Applied Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematical Statistics, Mathematics, Geography, Physics, Zoology (3-year programme)
  • BSc: Environmental Science (3-year programme)
  • B.Tech: Chemistry
  • B. Tech: Fine Art
  • B.Tech: Information Technology (Software Development) (Full time & part time)
  • B.Tech: Information Technology (Communication Networks) (Full time & part time)
  • B.Tech: Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering or Water Engineering)
  • B.Tech Electrical Engineering
  • B.Tech Mechanical Engineering


  • Fine Art
  • Fashion
  • Consumer Sciences: Food and Nutrition
  • Building or Extended Curriculum Programme
  • Civil Engineering or Extended Curriculum Programme
  • Electrical Engineering or Extended Curriculum Programme
  • Mechanical Engineering or Extended Curriculum Programme
  • Information Technology (Software Development) or Extended Curriculum Programme
  • Information Technology (Support Services) or Extended Curriculum Programme
  • Information Technology (Communication Networks) or Extended Curriculum Programme
  • Analytical Chemistry (Mainstream and Extended)

WSU application process

Are you looking forward to joining the University of Walter Sisulu? All you need to do is fill in the WSU online application form. Here are the steps to follow;

wsu application

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  1. Go to the official website of the University of Sisulu. After logging in go to this link.
  2. Fill in the WSU application form. After completing the form in details, go and ahead and sign it and let your parent or guardian sign it too.
  3. Proceed to take the form to the Office of the Registrar, Walter Sisulu University.

WSU admission status

Did you submit your WSU application form and are now eager to identify what your WSU status is? Well, it is pretty easy. Here are the two steps to follow to determine your admission status;

  1. Visit the official website of the University of Walter Sisulu. Click on this link.
  2. After clicking on the link, go ahead and use your WSU Reference Number or your ID Number to see your admission status.

The University of Sisulu is one of the most reputable universities in Mthatha. It has an excellent online system that makes it easy for students to maneuver during WSU online application and when retrieving their WSU online results.

After the WSU online application, one has to wait to discover their WSU application status. If one is admitted, one can go ahead and pay the required school fees.

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