Ndlovu Youth Choir biography: members, lead singer, and America got talent performance

Ndlovu Youth Choir biography: members, lead singer, and America got talent performance

Music is the epitome of human expression. This is what Ndlovu Youth Choir believes in. The group is currently in the headlines for its exemplary performance in America's Got Talent. Making it this far is not an ordinary thing. How about taking a trip to the journey of the group's journey towards getting that far.

Ndlovu Youth Choir
Image: instagram.com, @africanambassador
Source: UGC

South Africa is a musical country. It is home to the most award-winning artists. Ndlovu Youth Choir is the newest group in the list of the musical groups that have made the country proud and focused the world's attention on South African music. The choir has made it to the most admired music competitions; America's Got Talent, and it has had the best experience. There is so much information about the choir that you would love to know.

The history and purpose of Ndlovu Youth Choir

The choir's inception dates back to 2009. Ever since it was established, it has impacted lives by bringing the best out of the children in the group. It has helped the members build their special abilities by overlooking their defects and backgrounds. It is evident that the group is after transforming the lives of these children for a better course.

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Ndlovu Care Group’s

Ndlovu Youth Choir biography
Image: instagram.com, @choirafrica
Source: UGC

Ndlovu Youth Choir is an affiliate of a childcare community programme called the Ndlovu Care Group’s that was founded in 1994 by Dr Hugo Templeman in Limpopo. One of the pillars of the childcare programme is to come up with child and youth development programmes. The aim of the programmes is to ensure that they contribute to the social, mental, and physical development of children.

As part of the social development of children, the choir was brought forth to help the unfortunate children with their musical abilities so that they can access the opportunities that other children can access easily. This marked the birth of a choir that no one thought would soar to such great heights and be part of the most coveted music competition; America's Got Talent.

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It is not all about music

Apart from helping the children in the choir, the group has also helped the choristers overcome the challenges that a majority of them would face while growing up. It has helped rekindle hope for those that came from less-fortunate backgrounds. It has also helped them get away from bad habits like drug abuse and teenage pregnancies. Instead, being part of the group has taught the children important values like leadership, self-confidence, and tolerance. Generally, being part of the choir has contributed positively towards their moral upbringing.

The group sings in all the eleven South African languages and is a platform for the children to express their emotions. However ugly their experiences are, they create music out of them and look at the positive side of what they have gone through. Their repertoire is a mix of contemporary Afro-Pop and jazz spiced up with African chants.

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The vibrancy and exuberance that the choristers of the group exhibit will make you think twice about their backgrounds. The Ndlovu Care Group has richly invested in their talents, which are helping them in their lives.

Ndlovu Youth Choir songs

Ndlovu Youth Choir biography: members, lead singer and America got talent performance
Image: instagram.com, @choirafrica
Source: UGC

The Ndlovu Youth Choir has shown their unique style in music by singing the following songs;

  • Shape of You Demo
  • Vandaag
  • Ndlovu
  • Indodana
  • Africa
  • Hugh Masekela Medley

Listening to any of the songs that the choir has done will melt your heart on how beautiful African voices can turn out to be. The blend in the different voices creates a beautiful melody that you would want to listen to over and over again. The beats in each of the songs will make you fall in love with their style in music.

Ndlovu Youth Choir Americas got talent

Shooting for the stars has always been the goal of this exuberant youth choir. Recently, they got the opportunity to perform in the most coveted talent search competition; America got talent 2019. Watching them perform would melt your heart. They attracted the attention of the audience immediately after they got on the stage. The judges could not hide their expression on how moved they were about the performance. Julianne Hough had excitement written all over her facade throughout the performance. Judge Howie Mandel could not hide his excitement. Gabriel Union wore a beautiful smile expressing her love for them throughout the performance.

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The energy that the group displayed was exemplary. Watching them juggle through singing and dancing at the same time would lift your spirits. They gave in their best and that warmed the hearts of the audience. Even before they had ended their performance, they had gotten a standing ovation from all the judges and the better part of the audience.

They got a yes from all the judges!

Ndlovu Youth Choir America got talent performance
Image: instagram.com, @choirafrica
Source: UGC

When the judges were asked to give their verdict on the performance, a moment that would decide whether or not their efforts had borne fruits, Julianne Hough went up first. She could not hide the exhilarating feeling that burnt inside her. She was mesmerized at how the group had travelled that far to be a part of the competition. She gave them a yes. The rest of the judges gave them an okay, including judge Simon Cowell who is known for being difficult when it comes to giving scores.

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This was such a memorable experience for the Ndlovu Youth Choir. You should have seen the joy on their faces when it dawned on them that their lives would be changed forever. They danced in joy. Some of the Ndlovu Youth Choir members even cried!

When interviewed, they gave details of how being part of the group had changed their lives for the best. They were glad to be a part of the group and that their lives had completely taken a new turn.

What started as a support group is changing the lives of the youth for a better course. Ndlovu Youth Choir is a group that is determined to make the lives of children better. Making it to American got talent is a milestone that has so much influence on their lives. It goes without question that this journey is also going to transform their backgrounds and the community around them. Poverty is no longer going to be an issue for them.

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