Top 11 aviation schools in South Africa

Top 11 aviation schools in South Africa

Aviation schools in South Africa are recognized internationally as some of the best institutions for training aviation professionals. There are many qualified flight professionals in South African. However, by enrolling for training in the best aviation schools in South Africa, it becomes easy for you to stand out in this competitive industry. Ensure that the aviation school in South Africa that you choose to enrol in is certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

aviation schools in South Africa
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Knowledge in information technology is being integrated into aviation courses today to help an African pilot to diverse his or her career into the information technology sector, where there are more job opportunities. Flight Radar South Africa applications are on high demand because clients want to track flights globally through the real-time information that is provided by the radar systems in various airports.

List of aviation schools in South Africa

Here are some of the top rate aviation schools in South Africa.

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Sky Aviation Academy

Allow Sky Aviation Academy in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal, to make your dreams come true. The courses that are provided here are diverse. This institution trains pilots, flight radar experts, cabin crew, flight travel consultants, ticketing agents, and more. The institution has been continually recognized in the industry for over 15 years because it has maintained an admirable reputation.

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Virginia Flight School

If you would love to experience the lifestyle at the Durban coastline as you study, Virginia Flight School is the place to be. It is located at Virginia Airport in Kwa Zulu Natal. This aviation college is a fixed-wing flight training institution.

Cranfield Aviation Training

Cranfield Aviation offers courses for flight deck professionals, flight instructors, cabin crew, maintenance crew, and more. They have a program for CV writing assistance and giving out information on aircraft vacancies. Drone practical instruction has been implemented. Their training facility is located at Chartwell, near Fourways, Johannesburg.

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Blue Chip Flight School

Blue Chip Flight School has extraordinary and passionate professionals who are enthusiastic about teaching and mentoring their students. They have advanced teaching facilities, and they engage in in-depth research to understand the trends in the flight industry for them to mold graduates who fit in the modern flight industry.

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Eagle Air Flight School

Situated in Pretoria at Wonderboom Airport, Eagle Air Flight School is one of the most affordable and top-rated aviation schools in South Africa. International students from Botswana, China, Abu Dhabi, Angola Mozambique, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and India have built a successful career after their experience at Eagle Air Flight School.

Morningstar Flight Academy

There are fantastic opportunities and qualified instructors at Morningstar Flight Academy to help you explore the opportunities and the potential inside of you to the maximum. It is located in Cape Town at the Morning Star Airfield. It is a logical choice for flight crew training in South Africa.

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AAA 4 Pilots

AAA 4 Pilots flight school is located at Hanger 8 Airport, Virginia, Durban North. They deliver superior quality training that you deserve. At the institution, you will get value for your money. For more inquiries about the academy, visit their website.

Johannesburg School of Flying

Since 1981, when Johannesburg School of Flying, the school has never lost its glory. It is well known in South Africa for producing highly skilled flight professionals who never disappoint their employers and clients. Training takes place at Rand Airport.

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Aeronav Academy

Aeronav Academy is located in Lanseria airport, Johannesburg. For over three decades, the institution has been producing prominent aviation professionals. They have a practical syllabus to complement the theory that is taught in a classroom setup. You can join the best aviation alumni in the Southern Sahara region of Africa by graduating from Aeronav.

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Algoa Flight Center

You can enrol at Algoa Flight Center in Port Elizabeth. The professionals who have Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and Private Pilot Licence (PPL) from this academy are highly sought after in the job market.

43 Air School

43 Air School has campuses in Port Alfred, Lanseria, and Port Elizabeth. Their colleges provide accommodation for South African and international students. The training that is offered in this school exceeds international standards.

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Aviation companies in South Africa

After graduating from an aviation school, what are the best companies to seek employment? Here is a list of several South African aviation companies that pay decently and promote career growth and development:

  1. South African Airways
  2. (or Kulula)
  3. SA Airlink
  4. SA Express
  5. British Airways
  6. FlySafair
  7. Mango Airlines

Which aviation courses in South Africa are the best?

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Lack of finances should not discourage you from pursuing a course in aviation. Watch out for bursaries in South Africa 2020 and apply. There are government and private institutions that offer scholarships for aviation students.

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Courses that are offered in aviation schools in South Africa are:

  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
  • Airline Pilot Standard (APS)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic
  • Night Rating
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Aircraft Avionic
  • Instrument Rating
  • Flight Instructor Rating
  • ALSIM ALX Simulator training
  • Validation and Foreign Licenses
  • Aircraft Hire and Fly
  • Airline Multi-Crew Co-operation
  • Airline Jet Orientation (AOJ)
  • Ground School Lectures
  • Radio Telephony courses
  • Aviation English Language Proficiency Tests
  • Foreign License Validations
  • Gyrocopter
  • Conversions and Renewals
aviation schools in South Africa
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What are the best aviation careers in South Africa?

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Here are several aviation careers that are on high demand in South Africa:

  1. Aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and technicians inspect and maintain aircraft.
  2. Airline and commercial pilots fly passengers and cargo between destinations.
  3. Flight attendants ensure that passengers and the pilots are safe, secure, and comfortable.
  4. Air traffic controllers control, monitor, and authorize the landing, taking off, and other instructions that the pilots will need while they are high in the sky.
  5. Aerospace engineering and operation technicians develop and test new designs of aircraft and aircraft equipment. They also maintain aircraft.

Now you know the top aviation schools in South Africa. Please inquire from the institutions about the courses that they offer and the fees.


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