What happened to Erica Jenkins? Everything you need to know

What happened to Erica Jenkins? Everything you need to know

The Jenkins siblings, Erica Jenkins and her brother Nikko, made headlines back in 2013 when they were charged with the slaying of Curtis Bradford. The family has a long history of criminal activity, including killings associated with robbery. Nikko was put on death row for multiple murders while his sister Erica is serving a life sentence. Herein is everything we know about Erica since her sentencing in 2015.

Nebraska convicted murderer
Erica and her brother Nikko were found guilty of killing Curtis Bradford in 2013. Photo: @yorknewstimes
Source: Twitter

Erica Jenkins from Omaha, alongside her family members, is said to have aided Nikko in committing some of the coldest murders in Nebraska history. The infamous Nebraska family continues to baffle people around the world.

Erica Jenkins’ profiles summary and bio

  • Birth name: Erica Ashley Jenkins
  • Legal name: Elluminati Egoddess Enikko Prestige
  • Year of birth: 1990
  • Age: 32 years in 2022
  • Place of birth: Omaha, Nebraska, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Children: A son in child protective custody
  • Mother: Lori Jenkins
  • Father: David A. Magee
  • Brother: Death-row inmate, Nikko Jenkins
  • Sisters: Four, including Melonie and Lolo Sayles
  • Cousin: Christine Bordeaux
  • Criminal status: Convicted murderer
  • Erica Jenkins’ sentence: Life in prison
  • Prison: Nebraska Correctional Center for Women in York as of 2022

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Erica Jenkins’ age

The convicted murderer was born in 1990 in Omaha, Nebraska, United States, but her date of birth is not known. She is 32 years in 2022.

Erica Jenkins’ family

Nebraska convicted murderer
The Jenkins family has a history of crime. Photo: @OWHnews
Source: Twitter

Her parents are Lori Jenkins and David Magee, who passed away in 2009. Lori and David had six kids together but never tied the knot.

Her siblings are; death-row inmate Nikko and sisters Melonie and Lolo Sayles. Her two other sisters are not in much contact with the family and reside in a different state.

The Jenkins family has a long history of criminal activity that runs in the bloodline. Her mother Lori has been in jail several times, and her uncle Warren Levering has served time in Oklahoma and Nebraska prisons. Her late father, David and sisters Melonie and Lolo are also felons.

What did Erica Jenkins do?

She is serving life imprisonment at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women in York for the murder of Curtis Bradford of Omaha in 2013. She was 23 at the time. Erica has a long history of robbery associated with killings. Erica Jenkins’ sentence includes an additional 20 to 30-year imprisonment for assaulting a fellow NCCW inmate, Christine Bordeaux, who suffered a concussion, broken arm and nose.

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Christine Bordeaux is Erica Jenkins’ cousin, and she took the stand against Erica and her brother Nikko Jenkins in the Bradford case. The ladies shared a prison cell briefly in September 2016. Christine was serving 20 years in prison for robbery linked to Nikko.

Erica Jenkins’ brother Nikko is a death-row inmate and participated in the killing of Bradford and three other murders. He killed the four victims in August 2013, less than two weeks after being released from prison.

Nebraska convicted murderer
Erica was sentenced to life in prison in 2015. Photo: @QuinceCreative, @pixabay.com
Source: UGC

Erica Jenkins’ name change

The convict asked for a name change at the York County District in mid-2021. She wanted her name legally changed from Erica Ashley Jenkins to Elluminati Egoddess Enniko Prestige. During the court proceedings in July 2021, the convict revealed she was not evading creditors but exercising her First Amendment rights and religion.

Judge James Stecker of York County District determined that the court had the jurisdiction on the matter since she had been a resident of York County and the State of Nebraska for over a year. He accepted her petition, and now the NCCW inmate is legally recognized as Elluminati Egoddess Enikko Prestige.

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Erica Jenkins grew up in Omaha surrounded by crime, which she adopted. Being born in a large family and without a worthy role model, most of her family members have become a danger to society. Hopefully, the next generation of Jenkins being raised in child protective custody will turn out different.

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