The Hello Kitty Case: Everything you need to know about the murder

The Hello Kitty Case: Everything you need to know about the murder

Some murder cases are too chilling to forget, even if the court has given its verdict. People may find it difficult to overlook some aspects of the murder, such as the graphic scene, tortuous activities, or the motive behind the murder. One of such murder cases that shook the world to its core and people are yet to get over is the Hello Kitty murder case. It is one of the most gruesome and upsetting murders that remains bone-chilling to date.

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The Hello Kitty Case
The Hello Kitty Case is one of the most horrific murders in world history. It was committed by a trio of gang members in Hong Kong. Photo: @thequietonespodcast
Source: Instagram

The Hello Kitty case ranks among the most famous murders globally that are too haunting for the world to forget. Unfortunately, a life was lost, and in one of the most horrifying ways, such that it made global headlines. Although it was committed decades ago, it has hit most people deeper, primarily due to its account. Below is a more detailed report of the murder.

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The Hello Kitty Case

Millions of murders are committed globally, and you will not find a single peep about them on the news. However, some cannot escape the headlines due to cruelty, brutality, viciousness, and depravity. Such is the case with the Hello Kitty murder.

In May of 1999, a distressed 14-year old walked into the Hong Kong police station without any guardian to report that she got haunted. She told the law enforcers about a young woman's spirit that would come and haunt her.

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The police nearly dismissed her until they searched a third floor flat in Kowloon district, Hong Kong. It was nothing that had been seen in Hong Kong for years, so the horrific killing was widely covered by most Chinese media houses and the press.

What was the Hello Kitty case?

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It was the murder case of a nightclub hostess named Fan Man-Yee. She was kidnapped by a trio on 17th March 1999 and held captive in an apartment in Tsim Sha Tsui in the Kowloon area. After being tortured for about a month, the young victim died.

Why do they call it the Hello Kitty case?

The Hello Kitty killers
The Hello Kitty murder case accounts were revealed by the girlfriend of one of the primary suspect. Photo: @thequietonespodcast
Source: Instagram

The murder case was dubbed the Hello Kitty murder because the victim's head was stuffed in a Hello Kitty mermaid doll.

Why was Fan Man-Yee killed?

Fan Man-Yee was abandoned by her parents at a young age, and so she grew up in orphanages. After leaving the orphanage at 16, she had to look for ways to fend for herself. She found herself taking drugs, committing petty crimes, and doing illegal sex work in no time.

At around 21 years old, she started working in a brothel, where she met Chan Man-Lok. She became his favorite, and every time he popped by, he would request for Fan Man-Yee. Desperate to make it, Fan Man-Yee was already plotting to steal from Chan.

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So, one day, after they were done with their business, she stole his wallet, which had 4, 000 Hong Kong dollars, an equivalent of 400 British pounds. Chan found out, and he demanded that Fan pay her every single coin plus an additional 10, 000 dollars.

She immediately paid the 4, 000 dollars but could not pay the additional 10, 000 dollars. Chan was angry, and he feared if he gave her more time, she would escape. So, he recruited his friends Leung Shing-Cho and Leung Wai-Lun, they kidnapped Fan on the road.

Initially, Chan planned on making Fan Man-Yee pay off the debt by giving her services to other people. Instead, however, the trio started beating and raping her. All this information was being told by the lady who bumped into the police station with haunting claims. It turns out she was Chan Man-Lok's girlfriend at the time.

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The beatings and rape became an everyday thing, and Fan started becoming weak. The trio even introduced weapons like metal bars, kitchen utensils, and other items to assault her. Because of how weak she was, clients began to refuse her services, which meant she could not pay off Chan's debt.

The Hello Kitty murderers
One of the Hello Kitty killers was gang member Chan Man-Lok. Photo: @_dumbdaisy_.
Source: Instagram

An angry Chan started burning plastic and pouring it on Fan's body. The trio would even wound her and then stuff her wounds with dirt, urine, spices, and other ill things. To add salt to injury, the men would not feed her, and so she had to consume her faeces and urine to survive.

One of the men came up with an idea to tie her upside down with electrical cords to make the beatings more fun. They did so, and it soon became a routine. Fan Man-Yee would even go for days hanging in the air, without any food.

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On 15th April 1999, the trio went out for some drinks. As usual, they would lock their victim in the bathroom so that she would not escape. However, after returning home, Chan's girlfriend decided to use the bathroom, and it was then that she found Fan's dead body.

The culprits did not want to be found with a dead body or their victim identified. So, they cut her body into pieces and boiled the pieces so that it was easy to remove the flesh from the bones.

They stuffed her head in the Hello Kitty doll and then sewed it back up. They stored her other organs in the fridge. When police stumbled into the apartment, they found all these, plus blood smears everywhere and the victim's teeth on the floor. The Hello Kitty case pictures are nothing but horrifying. Other images, like the bathtub photo in the Hello Kitty case, will move you to tears.

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Who was the Hello Kitty killer?

It was the trio consisting of Chan Man-Lok, Leung Shing-Cho, and Leung Wai-Lun. Justice Peter Nguyen, who handled the murder case, sentenced each to life imprisonment. The trio escaped harsher charges because the jury lacked sufficient evidence to determine if Fan died from the torture of drug overdose.

The Hello Kitty case remains one of the most gruesome and heart-breaking murders in history. A trio of gang members kidnapped a nightclub hostess after stealing from one of them and subjected her to a month of torture until her fateful death. Although they were imprisoned, the world cannot seem to forget this dreadful murder case.

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