Everything we know about Elvis Presley's weight gain: The untold story

Everything we know about Elvis Presley's weight gain: The untold story

Elvis Presley, also known as 'The King of Rock ’n’ Roll', had millions of adoring fans who all mourned his untimely, devastating death. Elvis Presley's weight gain at the time of his passing was apparent, and many wonder how much of a role it played in his death. Here is what we know of his health and eating habits.

Has Elvis gained weight from Tom Hanks?
He died in his Graceland mansion. Photo: Bettmann
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Elvis’ weight gain is believed to be directly linked to his death, with health complications playing a significant role in the singer's demise. What happened to Elvis’ health? Here is his profile summary before we go into more detail.

Profile summary and bio

Full nameElvis Aaron Presley
Nickname'The King of Rock ’n’ Roll'
Date of birth8 January 1935
Age42 years old at the time of passing
Zodiac signCapricorn
BirthplaceTupelo, Mississippi, USA
Romantic orientationHeterosexual
Religious beliefsChristianity
Current residence Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee, USA at the time of his passing
Current nationalityAmerican
Marital statusDivorced (married to Priscilla Presley from 1967 to 1973)
Weight158 kg at the time of his passing
Height182 cm
Hair colourBlack (naturally blonde)
Eye colourIce blue
ParentsVernon Presley and Gladys Presley
ChildrenLisa Marie Presley
ProfessionSinger, entertainer, actor, solider
EducationHumes Middle School
Native languageEnglish
Net worth $5 million at the time of passing (estimated $20 million today)

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Elvis Presley's death was mourned worldwide, as the soulful singer transformed the music genre of both gospel and rock, bringing it to the forefront of mainstream music and shedding light on previous singers within the genre who were just as talented. Here is what we know of his weight issues and tragic passing.

How tall was Elvis?

The star stood at 182 cm, which is exactly six feet tall. His height was one of the many reasons so many women swooned over the talented singer.

How did Elvis Presley die?

It is widely accepted that his overall health was to blame for his premature death, passing away at just 42 years old on 16 August 1977. Based on the preliminary autopsy findings, his official cause of death was a heart attack, specifically cardiac arrhythmia.

What did Elvis eat for lunch
He posed at his Graceland estate circa 1957 while he was slimmer. Photo: Michael Ochs Archives
Source: Getty Images

Who was Elvis with when he died?

The singer was found on his bathroom floor within his Graceland mansion by his then-fiancée, Ginger Alden. He was rushed to hospital shortly after being discovered but unfortunately did not make it and was pronounced dead at 15h30.

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Did Elvis get fat?

Over the years, the star gained significant weight through his unhealthy snacking habits and rumoured eating disorders. He was estimated to have gained 80 kgs over the last few years of his life.

When did Elvis get fat?

His weight gain slowly began in the 1960s when he first became famous. His weight increased well into the 1970s, but his most significant weight gain occurred a few years before his death when his lifestyle began catching up with him.

how much did he weigh
His death was due to a heart attack. He is pictured in 1976 with his then-partner, Linda Thompson. Photo: Tom Wargack
Source: Getty Images

Why did Elvis get fat?

According to his former maid and cook, Nancy Rooks, most of his weight gain was due to a poor diet and intense lifestyle. She said, 'He would have breakfast at this time (5 PM) in the evening. This would be his breakfast time. He did not eat breakfast in the morning like maybe you or I would because he would be asleep most of the time in the morning.'

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Besides his strange eating habits, he was known for his love of 'soul food'. Elvis Presley's fat is also believed to be due to fluid buildup due to his health and heart issues, contributing towards his visible weight fluctuation.

Was Elvis trying to lose weight?

Despite his love for junk food, he tried to cut his weight numerous times through extreme dieting for weeks at a time. However, as with many extreme diets, they did not last very long. One of his diets included him reportedly eating nothing but jelly made of cherry soda and bananas for weeks. He also tried a hazardous way to slim down, known as the 'sleeping beauty diet'.

This method involved medically inducing someone into a coma to physically stop them from eating. He was beginning the highly controversial diet method when he fell off his hospital bed and woke himself up, reportedly vowing never to attempt it again.

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What was Elvis’ favourite food?

The King of Rock ’n’ Roll was a fan of rich foods, specifically, Southern-styled foods. His favourite meals were fried chicken, ham and bacon, mashed potatoes, cornbread, grits and rich gravy. He was not overly fond of exotic foods and stuck to his Southern roots.

Elvis had one standout meal that he frequently enjoyed, a peanut butter and banana sandwich. His love for the sweet sandwich is well-documented, but according to his mother, a lesser-known fact would be that he enjoyed adding crisp bacon to the sandwich, adding to its unhealthy nature.

What did Elvis eat every day?

Elvis Presley's diet consisted of all the above favourites, with fried chicken, mashed potato and meatloaf being everyday meals in his Graceland mansion. Macaroni and cheese were also staples, along with his beloved peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich also being a constant.

Priscilla Presley’s diet and exercise during her time with Elvis are not documented, but she used to practice yoga, avoid red meat and eat minimal processed foods.

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Did Tom Hanks gain weight for the Elvis movie?

Reports suggest Tom Hanks did not gain weight for the film Elvis. The actor was fitted with a fat suit and relied heavily on prosthetics to portray Colonel Tom Parker. Tom was one of Elvis’ biggest support systems, personally and professionally.

Elvis Presley's weight gain has blended aspects like his fast-paced lifestyle, love for junk food, and the pressures of fame. Unfortunately, his life ended sooner than it should, before he could turn his habits around.

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