How to have rizz: Essential tips for a magnetic appeal

How to have rizz: Essential tips for a magnetic appeal

Have you ever wondered how to light up a room and effortlessly charm others with just your presence? Well, it all boils down to having rizz. As this term gained popularity, the inquiry of how to have rizz has become a recurring quest for those pursuing genuine relationships. But what exactly is rizz about?

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The term rizz gained traction among Gen Z in 2022 and has spread through platforms like TikTok and other social media. YouTubers and Twitch streamers Kai Cenat, Silky, and Duke Dennis contributed to its popularity, sparking even more interest in teen slang over the years.

What is rizz, and how do I get it?

What does Rizz mean? It is a short term for charisma (cha-rizz-ma) or game, indicating the ability to charm and woo a potential love interest.

This teen slang encompasses various forms, including "L," "W," and unspoken rizz. "L" rizz represents the inability to seduce someone, "W" rizz signifies successful seduction, and the unspoken form denotes the smoothest seduction form.

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How to get rizz?

Rizz is not an inherent trait for everyone. Like many talents, it is a skill that can be cultivated. Here are ten ways to cultivate yours.

1. Be sincere and true to yourself

Many believe rizz is merely a game, but it is about authenticity. Trying to impress with a fake persona is less appealing. Genuine authenticity is crucial for true rizz.

2. Pay attention to your body language

Correcting body language is crucial for cultivating it. Closed-off postures signal insecurity, while open, relaxed stances invite conversation.

How do you get unspoken rizz?

Maintaining eye contact, a relaxed posture, and natural gestures are foundational to the unspoken one. Observing others' body language during a conversation helps gauge interest and adapt accordingly.

3. Find shared interests during conversation

Establishing a connection with someone becomes easier when you find common ground. Engage sincerely by humbly exploring shared interests, asking questions, sharing knowledge, and incorporating personal experiences. Stay open to learning more; humility is key to fostering genuine connections.

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Three women standing beside a grey metal fence. Photo:, @jmuniz (modified by author)
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4. Build self-confidence

To develop yours, nurture self-confidence by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, setting and accomplishing goals, and projecting positive body language.

5. Listen with intent

Instead of waiting for your chance to speak, focus on what the other person is saying and interact with them. Active listening demonstrates your interest in their perspective and helps build your rapport, nurturing yours.

6. Prioritise your physical health and hygiene

Take care of your physical well-being through fitness and grooming. Feeling confident in your appearance enhances your energy and attractiveness, boosting your rizz game and leaving a positive impression on others.

7. Have a good fashion sense

Building a versatile wardrobe builds your rizz. It is not about splurging or hiring a stylist but having well-fitting, versatile outfits that reflect your style, enhancing your appeal authentically and consistently.

8. Equip yourself with quality pickup lines

Using Rizz pickup lines enhances your conversation skills and initial impact. They break the ice and evoke laughter, flattery, and intrigue. Experiment with various lines to build your rizz game and conversational confidence.

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9. Give sincere compliments

You can develop your rizz game by expressing genuine interest and appreciation through sincere compliments. Focus on your partner's unique traits, validating their worth and making them feel good about themselves inside and out.

10. Incorporate physical gestures

Nonverbal cues, such as hand-holding, cuddling, and gentle touches, can express your feelings and foster a strong connection with your partner. These gestures, known as physical rizz, deepen your bond by communicating warmth, appreciation, and trust, enhancing intimacy and strengthening your relationship.

How do you get better at rizz?

Boosting yours starts with being confident and comfortable with yourself. By embracing your unique style and personality, you become a magnetic force attracting many to you. So, how do you become a rizz master?

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A woman wearing a red jacket. Photo:, @vheath (modified by author)
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1. Increase eye contact and smile

Improve yours with increased eye contact and expressive body language. Smiling can make you appear more appealing, trustworthy, and smart.

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2. Learn to greet more frequently

Saying "hello" signals your approachability and friendliness, leaving a positive impression that can lead to deeper connections.

3. Be fair in treating people

Treating everyone with kindness and fairness earns you respect and admiration and reveals your best qualities. Regardless of someone's status, treating them with dignity attracts positive attention and increases it.

4. Cultivate your sense of humour

Find and share the funny side of everyday situations with those around you. Make them laugh and enjoy your company.

5. Stay curious

Staying curious by asking questions invites people to share their thoughts and experiences, strengthening connections. Seek common interests and shared experiences to foster an effortless exchange and ease social anxiety.

What does rizz up mean?

Rizz up means showcasing high charisma and attractiveness to flirt or attract romantic interest successfully. Originating from Rizz, when you rizz up, you exude a compelling presence that magnetically pulls others towards you, fostering romantic connections.

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How do you rizz someone up?

There are two significant ways you can rizz up someone:

1. Rizzing up through conversation

A personal conversation is the most adaptable and potent way to rizz someone up. Through thoughtful dialogue, you can swiftly enchant someone, igniting their infatuation. Furthermore, injecting witty humour, genuine compliments, and clever pickup lines can elevate the interaction.

2. Rizzing up through body language and non-verbal cues

Rizzing someone up through body language is a subtle yet powerful art. Non-verbal cues speak volumes, conveying openness and interest before exchanging a word.

How do you rizz someone you like?

When it comes to someone you are into or have a crush on, staying calm and collected to showcase your rizz can be challenging. However, some handy rizz tips can keep you on your game.

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Three people talking outside a building. Photo:, @alexisrbrown (modified by author)
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Rizz tips for guys

Although speaking to a girl you like in person can be nerve-wracking, fear not! Here are some techniques to transform you into a rizz man.

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  • Smell nice
  • Engage in playful flirting
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Compliment her frequently
  • Ask open-ended questions

Best rizz tips for ladies

Men and women often have distinct romantic expectations, yet men also enjoy getting rizzed up just like anyone else. Here are some tips to assist with mastering the art of how to rizz:

  • Maintain eye contact and smile sincerely
  • Compliment him often
  • Maximise physical touch
  • Playfully tease him
  • Ask questions that genuinely show interest

Many have been intrigued by the main concern about how to have rizz. While having rizz is essential, it must align with your personality. A true one emerges when you are confident and authentically connected with others. Remember, genuine charisma rizz stems from being true to yourself and forging authentic connections.

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