All of Alice in Borderland's characters ranked: Who is who?

All of Alice in Borderland's characters ranked: Who is who?

In the world of Anime, Alice in Borderland characters portray a diverse cast, each facing deadly challenges and overcoming or succumbing to such depending on unique strengths and flaws. From The Hatter's calculating intellect to the King of Diamonds' stoic demeanour, the series weaves a thrilling narrative with characters like Segawa, Morizono, and Kyuma, adding complexity to the unfolding drama.

Kodai Tatta, Mira Kano, and Suguru Niragi
Kodai Tatta, Mira Kano, and Suguru Niragi. Photo: @wtnb_ytr314, @irishcoser, @shuntaro_yanagi_fans on Instagram (modified by author)
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Who do the characters represent in Alice in Borderland? Beyond the surface-level dynamics of the games, each character embodies more profound themes, reflecting facets of humanity under extreme circumstances. From Arisu's journey of self-discovery and growth to Chishiya's introspective evolution, the characters serve as allegorical figures, representing different aspects of the human psyche.

CharacterPlayed byAge
Takeru DanmaNobuaki Kaneko42
Keiichi KuzuryuTsuyoshi Abe42
Chota SegawaYuki Morinaga27
Aguni MorizonoShô Aoyagi38
Ginji KyumaTomohisa Yamashita38
Mira KanoRiisa Naka34
Saori ShibukiAyame Misaki34
Daikichi KarubeKeita Machida33
Suguru NiragiDori Sakurada32
Takatora SamuraShuntaro Yanagi32
Sunato Banda Hayato Isomura31
Hikari KuinaAya Asahina30
Ryohei ArisuKento Yamazaki29
Kodai TattaYutaro Watanabe29
Yuzuha UsagiTao Tsuchiya29
Rizuna AnAyaka Miyoshi27
Shuntaro ChishiyaNijirō Murakami26
Akane HeiyaYuri Tsunematsu25
Momoka InoueKina Yazaki22
Asahi KujoMizuki Yoshida20

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Alice in Borderland Netflix cast

Gaining valuable insights into the rankings of the characters in this series will unveil their survival skills and symbolic roles in making the storyline complex and mysterious.

The list is compiled based on information from leading websites like IMDb and Netflix. The cast members are ranked based on the decreasing order of age in the television adaptation.

1. Takeru Danma played by Nobuaki Kaneko

Takeru Danma
Takeru Danma. Photo:@chishiya_land, @frases_de_series_esenciales (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Takeru Danma, also known as The Hatter in Alice in Borderland, led the ideological faction in The Beach. Specializing in Spades, he expressed a crazy yet relaxed demeanour, desiring a utopian world.

Despite his assertive egomania, he valued loyalty and despised traitors. Sworn friends with Aguni since they were 16, Danma succeeded his deceased father's hat shop before entering the Borderland, earning his alias Hatter.

2. Keiichi Kuzuryu played by Tsuyoshi Abe

Keiichi Kuzuryu meditating
Keiichi Kuzuryu meditating. Photo: @xiangxigu on X (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Keiichi Kuzuryu, the stoic King of Diamonds in Alice in Borderland, maintains a cold and aloof demeanour. As an international attorney, he upholds justice and equality and values human life.

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Kuzuryu's sharp features, long dark hair, and rarely expressive nature contribute to his enigmatic presence in the Borderlands and the real world, where he practices law.

3. Chota Segawa played by Yuki Morinaga

Chota Segawa looked on during a conversation
Chota Segawa looked on during a conversation. Photo: @LoganY021 on X (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Chota, the shortest of the trio in Alice in Borderland, worked at an IT company but often skipped work. Timid yet determined, he faces the Borderland challenges with Arisu and Karube. During the Seven of Hearts game, he struggles emotionally, praying for forgiveness.

4. Aguni Morizono played by Shô Aoyagi

Morizono Aguni
Morizono Aguni, former leader of The Beach's militant faction in Alice in Borderland. Photo: @zofinnie on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Morizono Aguni, former leader of The Beach's militant faction in Alice in Borderland, rises to power after Hatter's death. Specializing in Spades, he is strong and carries scars from the Six of Spades game.

Aguni's harsh exterior hides a compassionate side shaped by childhood trauma and gang activity. Despite his reckless nature, he builds a friendship with Dōdō.

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5. Ginji Kyuma played by Tomohisa Yamashita

Ginji Kyuma
Ginji Kyuma. Photo: @yamashita._.tomo on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Ginji Kyuma, the confident King of Clubs in Alice in Borderland, embraces nudism as rejecting societal norms. Despite his role as an antagonist, Kyuma maintains affable interactions with opponents, including protagonist Arisu. He respects his teammates, treating them as equals and mourning their losses.

6. Mira Kano played by Riisa Naka

Mira Kano
Mira Kano, an Alice in Borderland character. Photo: @irishcoser on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: Original

Mira Kano in Alice in Borderland, the Queen of Hearts, is portrayed by Riisa Naka. As a Game Master, she initially conceals her sadistic nature, manipulating players like Arisu. Despite her manipulative nature, she values maturity and is moved by genuine emotions, ultimately meeting her end with a smile in the Queen of Hearts game.

7. Saori Shibuki played by Ayame Misaki

Saori Shibuki in a discussion
Saori Shibuki in a discussion. Photo: @tanyasoloes on X (modified by author
Source: UGC

Saori Shibuki, a pragmatic and initially impatient woman in Alice in Borderland, wears formal attire with a compassionate demeanour. Despite her emotional fragility, especially after the Two of Hearts game, she forms a close bond with the high schoolers with whom she collaborates.

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In the face of adversity during the Seven of Hearts game, Shibuki displays courage and selflessness, sacrificing herself for a newfound ally, Arisu.

8. Daikichi Karube played by Keita Machida

Daikichi Karube looked on
Daikichi Karube looked on. Photo: @yullaineedesu on X (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Karube, a calm and optimistic character in Alice in Borderland, is portrayed with light blond shaved hair and a serious demeanour. Tall and likely muscular, he's a skilled fighter with a genuine and loyal personality. A former classmate of Arisu, Karube, dropped out of school and worked at a pub. His protective nature is evident during the 3 of Clubs game, showcasing his loyalty to friends.

9. Niragi played by Dori Sakurada

Suguru Niragi
Suguru Niragi, portrayed by Dori Sakurada. Photo: @shuntaro_yanagi_fans on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Suguru Niragi, portrayed by Dori Sakurada in Alice in Borderland, is the ruthless right-hand of Aguni and second-in-command of the Beach militants. His sadistic tendencies and disturbing insanity stem from past bullying, driving him to assert dominance over others. Niragi's actions reveal a profound insecurity masked by a need for control.

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10. Takatora Samura played by Shuntaro Yanagi

Takatora Samura
Takatora Samura. Photo: @777_m00n @shuntaro_yanagi_fans on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Takatora Samura, also known as Last Boss in Alice in Borderland, transforms from a reclusive hikikomori obsessed with explorers into a militant member of the Beach. Initially a survivor, Samura finds purpose in the new world by adopting a new identity, complete with tattoos and a shaved head. His will to live evolves through the grim path of taking others' lives.

11. Sunato Banda played by Hayato Isomura

Sunato Banda
Sunato Banda. Photo: @dailykentoo on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Sunato Banda, a former serial killer, enters the Jack of Hearts game in Alice in Borderland and is featured in the Netflix adaptation. Having committed heinous crimes, Banda faced capital punishment in the real world. In the Borderlands, he opts to stay, navigating the dangerous game. His dark past contrasts with the challenges he faces, adding complexity to his character in the series.

12. Hikari Kuina played by Aya Asahina

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Hikari Kuina looked on
Hikari Kuina. Photo: @aibnetflix on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Is Kuina a boy or girl Alice in Borderland? The character is a girl and a former Alice in Borderland executive who transitioned from a balanced Clubs player to a physical Spades specialist. Born into a martial arts family with a strict father, Kuina faces challenges as she pursues her path, eventually undergoing gender transition. Her easy-going and amiable nature is complemented by a past marked by family tension and a commitment to caring for her ailing mother.

13. Ryohei Arisu played by Kento Yamazaki

Ryohei Arisu, a third year high school student in Alice in Borderland
Ryohei Arisu, a third-year high school student in Alice in Borderland. Photo: @rorimin on X (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Arisu, a third-year high school student in Alice in Borderland, has messy bluish-black hair and neon violet eyes. Despite his lack of self-confidence, he becomes an adept analyzer in the Borderland games. Traumatized by comparisons to his younger brother and selfish tendencies, he undergoes personal growth. Is Arisu the same as Alice? Yes, the name Arisu is the Japanese phonetic version of Alice.

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14. Kodai Tatta played by Yutaro Watanabe

Kodai Tatta
Kodai Tatta. Photo: @wtnb_ytr314 on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Kodai Tatta, introduced in Alice in Borderland, evolves from a confused participant in the Five of Spades game to a resilient ally. Engaging in various challenges, he showcases resourcefulness and loyalty, forming a close bond with Arisu and others. His involvement in critical moments, such as the Four of Diamonds and the fight against militants, highlights Tatta's adaptability and determination.

15. Yuzuha Usagi played by Tao Tsuchiya

Yuzuha Usagi posed for a photograph
Yuzuha Usagi posed for a photograph. Photo: @dasucchi on X (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Usagi, a young athletic woman in Alice in Borderland, possesses a strong physique from her mountain climbing experience. With impressive physical and mental strength, she encourages her comrades and excels independently and in a team. Her father's tragic suicide prompts a secret vow to survive in the Borderland, showcasing her resilience and determination.

16. Rizuna An played by Ayaka Miyoshi

Rizuna An looked on
Rizuna An looked on. Photo: @itssjwekwe, @kuinannendgame on X (modified by author)
Source: UGC

A Rizuna, portrayed by Ayaka Miyoshi in Alice in Borderland, stands out for her intelligence and perceptive abilities. Formerly part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police's forensics department, An navigates the deadly games in Borderland with calmness and determination. Despite her reserved demeanour, she can be a bit reckless.

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17. Shuntaro Chishiya played by Nijirō Murakami

Shuntaro Chishiya posed with hands in the pocket
Shuntaro Chishiya posed with hands in the pocket. Photo: @jagiyamoonjo
Source: UGC

Is Chishiya a boy or girl Alice in Borderland? This character is a boy and a former Beach executive in Alice in Borderland. He has a calm, sometimes manipulative nature. Originally a medical student, Chishiya exhibits indifference to life and intense self-loathing. As he evolves, Chishiya confronts his emptiness and experiments with being "uncharacteristic" in the Borderlands.

18. Akane Heiya played by Yuri Tsunematsu

Akane Heiya on the set of a movie
Akane Heiya on the set of a movie. Photo: @xenixerous on X (modified by author)
Source: UGC

In Alice in Borderland, Akane Heiya, introduced in the Fourth Side Story, evolves from a scrappy, indifferent survivor to a resilient archer. Overcoming childhood trauma, she transforms during her Borderland journey. Despite amputating her gangrenous leg after the brutal Seven of Spades, she adapts with a Flex-Foot Cheetah.

19. Momoka Inoue played by Kina Yazaki

Momoka Inoue smiled
Momoka Inoue smiled. Photo: @Team8Indonesia, @NiziUSpain on X (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Momoka Inoue, introduced in the Beach arc of the manga, sacrifices herself in the Ten of Hearts' Witch-Hunt game. Disgusted by corrupt dealers, she volunteers for an extreme game, aiming to accumulate 100 player deaths to help her companion, Asahi Kujo, return to the original world. Momoka believes in the beauty of human hearts and values lives.

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20. Asahi Kujo played by Mizuki Yoshida

Asahi Kujo, an undercover dealer in Alice in Borderland
Asahi Kujo, an undercover dealer in Alice in Borderland. Photo: @ariflygon on X (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Asahi Kujō, a high school student turned undercover dealer in Alice in Borderland, navigates the Beach arc with her best friend, Momoka Inoue. Asahi discloses their dealer status by filming a revealing video, aiming to assist players. When Momoka dies, falsely accused of being the witch, Asahi sacrifices herself to save her friends.

Who is smarter, Arisu or Chishiya?

This title has been a tug of war between Arisu and Chishiya. While Arisu is regarded as the smartest of the cast of Alice in Borderland because of his gift as a player, Chishiya is given the nod in some sections because of his ability to study situations before walking into them.

Who is the villain in Alice in Borderland?

There are several villains among the characters, but the most villainous Alice in Borderland cast has been suggested to be Mira Kano. She has been described as a 'thrill-seeking manipulator' who plays behind the scenes but is the sole cause of everyone's dilemma.

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From Kuina to Asahi, most Alice in Borderland characters in the television series were developed based on the manga version. The exciting thing about the personality of each of them is the proximity to attainable reality in the real world while still exercising the freedom of accidental superheroes and villains.

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