eExtra Surrender in Love: cast (with images), full story, plot summary, teasers

eExtra Surrender in Love: cast (with images), full story, plot summary, teasers

If you are a fan of Indian drama, Surrender in Love would be the perfect fit. The show first aired on Tuesday, 30th November, following the end of Till the End of Time on Monday. The daytime show offers a more compelling storyline that you should not miss.

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eExtra Surrender in Love
Surrender in Love, Indian Qurbaan Hua, is Hindi drama television series which broadcast on Zee TV. Photo: @Serial Hindi Sinopsis
Source: Facebook

Surrender in Love episodes is 363 in number. The series is a perfect show to watch, especially with so much time on people's hands. The bitter-sweet story will leave you with mixed emotions and reactions.

Surrender in Love plot summary

Surrender in Love Indian series revolves around an inter-religious couple that ties the knot despite their varying Indian and Muslim beliefs. Neel gets into the union of convenience to seek revenge for the death of his sister, while Chahat is determined to prove that her dad is innocent.

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Surrender in Love cast with pictures

Surrender in Love cast comprises veteran actors and upcoming Indian stars. The actors perfectly fit into their roles and dedicate themselves to giving viewers the best entertainment. Below is a list of the cast of Qurbaan Hua.

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1. Karan Jotwani and Rajveer Singh as Neelkanth "Neel" Bhatt Dhyani

eExtra Surrender in Love
Karan Jotwani (L), who was replaced by Rajveer Singh in the role of Neelkanth. Photo: @Karan Jotwani, @Rajveer Singh (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

Karan Jotwani is one of India's top actors. He is known for portraying the recurring role of Aryamaan Khurana in the series Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, Sayyam in Suhani Si Ek Ladki the lead role of Sahil Agarwal on Aap Ke Aa Jane Se that airs on Zee TV, and the lead role of Neelkant Bhatt Dyani in Qurbaan Hua.

In Qurbaan Hua, he was replaced by Rajveer Singh after the character Nee had plastic surgery.

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2. Pratibha Ranta as Chahat Baig Dhyani

Surrender in Love
Pratibha Ranta poing for a picture. Photo: @Pratibha Ranta
Source: Facebook

Pratibha Ranta is an Indian television actress. She is debuting in the television industry with the Zee TV channel show Qurbaan Hua. Chahat is Rahil and Zeenat's daughter, Gazala's step-daughter, Neel's wife, Shlok and Dua's mother.

3. Vidhaan Sharma as Shlok Bhatt Dhyani

Surrender in Love
Child actor, Vidhaan Sanjay Sharma. Photo: @Vidhaan Sanjay Sharma
Source: Facebook

Vidhaan Sharma is an actor known for Sooryavanshi (2021), Yeh Hai Chahatein (2019) and Jeet Pe Apna Haq Hai: Meet Bros (2019). In The Surrender in Love on eExtra, are Neel and Chahat's son, and Dua's twin brother.

4. Kisha Arora as Dua Bhatt Dhyani

Surrender in Love
Child actress, kishan arora. Photo: @kisha.arora
Source: Instagram

Kisha Arora is a famous child actress and one of the most renowned models in the Indian Television Industry. She worked in Many Various types of Commercial Advertisements. In the series, she takes the role of Dua Bhatt, Neel and Chahat's daughter and Shlok's twin sister.

5. Sonali Nikam as Saraswati Bhatt Dhyani

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Surrender in Love
Sonali Nikam is an Indian television actress known for her role as Saraswati Bhatt Dhyani, Vyasji's daughter in Qurbaan Hua. Photo: @Sonali Nikam
Source: Facebook

Sonali Nikam is an Indian television actress known for her role as Saraswati Bhatt Dhyani, Vyasji's daughter in Qurbaan Hua. She is also known for playing the lead role of Jassi in her show Aadhe Adhoore, which explored infidelity in rural India.

The rest of the cast includes:

  • Parakh Madan as Gazala Baig
  • Sshrey Pareek as Sahil
  • Nitin Bhasin as Jamunaprasad Bhatt Dhyani
  • Neelam Pathania as Godambhari Bhatt Dhyani
  • Nishad Vaidya as Alekh Nautiyal

Surrender in Love full story

The Surrender in Love Indian series plot centres around Neel and Chahat, who are obsessed with destroying each other's families. Neelkanth "Neel" Bhatt Dhyani is a well-known chef from a Brahmin Hindu family. However, the strict Vyas Ji bears a grudge towards him because he was absent when Neel's mother passed away.

Saraswati, on the other hand, is his sister. Chahat Rahil Baig is a cheerful young lady who takes care of her father, Dr Rahil Baig. Saraswati discovers that her husband, Alekh, has been cheating on her. She arrives at Chahat's father's hospital and passes away on the operating table.

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As a result of Alekh blaming Rahil Baig, Neel despises him and Chahat. Rahil vanishes unexpectedly, and Chahat vows to track him down. She and Neel pretend to be married and live at Neel's home.

Both Neel and Chahat are now looking for Dr Baig, but for opposite reasons. Chahat wants to find and send her father out of the city to save him from Neel, and Neel wants to put Rahil in jail for killing his sister.

The stranger's face is covered in stitches, and no one believes him to be Neel save Chahat. Soon, everyone, including Vyas Ji, believes that the new Neel is Neel. Chahat is overjoyed to be with Neel, and the two develop feelings for each other. Neel later locates Chahat's father and introduces him to her.

Everyone in Neel's house eventually learns that Chahat is a Muslim. Neel tries to halt Chahat's wedding but is beaten up by Gazala's goons and left to die before being rescued by some men. Chahat also acts as if he has swallowed poison in another scene.

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Chahat decides to flee after hearing from her father but is stopped by Neel, who is dressed as a Muslim man. Zubeida hires him as Chahat's bodyguard after he introduces himself as Qasim. They marry later, but Vyas Ji will not accept Chahat as his daughter-in-law.

The rest of the story will determine whether Vyas Ji accepts Chahat or continues to bother her and Neel. Chahat becomes the mother of Neel's child. She dons a bomb coat and falls into the river to fool Neel into thinking she has died.

After a few months, Neel sees Chahat in labour and believes she has fooled him since he sees Sahil claiming to be Chahat's spouse. Instead, Sahil saved Chahat's life, and he stayed with her for the entire pregnancy. Chahat is hurried to the hospital, where she gives birth to twins, a girl and a boy.

After 7 years, Neel stays with his son Shlok and Chahat with her daughter Dua. Eventually, Shlok starts considering Chahat as his mother.

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Surrender in Love series download

The series airs only on eExtra and cannot be downloaded. However, you can watch the fascinating Surrender in Love series online via YouTube if you missed some episodes.

Surrender in Love is a one of a kind series. From the production to the cast, the show has become a fan-favourite to many.

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