28-Year-Old Woman Returns to High School To Upgrade Matric Results, TikTok Video Inspires Thousands

28-Year-Old Woman Returns to High School To Upgrade Matric Results, TikTok Video Inspires Thousands

  • A brave 28-year-old woman documented her journey back to high school in a TikTok video montage
  • The heartwarming footage shows a slide of pictures which include a snap of the lady wearing a uniform
  • The TikTok video inspired thousands of people and proved that education can be pursued at any age
Adult woman returned to high school
A woman shared pictures taken at her high school. Image: @winning018
Source: TikTok

A 28-year-old woman decided to rewrite her academic story by returning to matric and upgrading her marks.

She gave the world a glimpse of her time in high school as an adult with a TikTok video.

Posing with learners

The TikTok video uploaded by @winning018 paints a vivid picture of her unique journey. It displays the woman confidently posing at the school alongside fellow learners. When TikTokkers asked why she went back to high school, she said:

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"I realised that my career goals have shifted, and I need a different academic background to pursue a new career path that requires a Bachelor's degree."

Never too late for education

Her resilience serves as a testament that education knows no age limit. Some shared that they didn't complete their basic education and are considering giving it another go.

Watch the video below:

SA praises high school pupil

The comments section is filled with praise and encouragement, proving that the woman's story resonates with a wide audience.

@themouthpeace09 said:

"I also went back at the age of 22, I don't regret it."

@mamyeza7 shared:

"I went back at the age of 21 and I started from Grade 11. Best decision I've ever made for myself because I got even better marks. Currently at UKZN doing BA."

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@lottymogaila wrote:

"It is doable. I’m 34 and just registered with Unisa to do my BA degree."

@lungetvzowt posted:

"So proud of you."

@Qhawe Mhlanga mentioned:

"Can't believe we attended the same school ❤️❤️❤️Next year I will also be posting such videos."

@nwabii256 wrote:

"Wow wow, well done, gf. It's never too late!"

@mphiti.gole added:

"It's really never late ey. May I ask why?"

Woman goes back to school at 31 to rewrite matric

In another article, Briefly News reported that in today's ever-changing world, it is more important than ever to adapt and learn new things. Returning to school shows you are willing to invest in yourself and your future.

A South African woman, Sisanda Mkhosana, took to social media to share her bold decision to go back to school to rewrite matric at the age of 31.

Source: Briefly News

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