Salon Owner in South Africa Makes Over R40k Monthly With Business, Shares USA Immigration Dreams

Salon Owner in South Africa Makes Over R40k Monthly With Business, Shares USA Immigration Dreams

  • Emmanuel Mensah, a Ghanaian salon owner in South Africa, earns nearly R20 000 monthly and desires to relocate to Canada or the US
  • Despite successful business ventures, obtaining residency in South Africa, even with a child born to a South African woman, remains difficult
  • Emmanuel also highlighted safety concerns for foreigners, noting that living among a higher foreign population tends to be safer in the country

Emmanuel Mensah, a Ghanaian entrepreneur running a salon business in South Africa, recently disclosed that his monthly profits amount to nearly R20 000.

A salon owner in South Africa shared his earnings
A salon owner from Ghana working in South Africa shared his income: SVTV Africa
Source: Youtube

Emmanuel expressed his aspirations to relocate to Canada or the US, citing challenges with obtaining permanent residency in South Africa despite his successful venture.

Salon owner discusses business in SA

In an interview with SVTV AFRICA, Emmanuel detailed his business model, stating that while some in the industry charge as low as R20 per haircut, he prices his services between R60 and R150. This strategy, influenced by the location of his salon, has proven lucrative, allowing him to generate approximately R50,000 to 60,000 rands per month.

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Man shares biggest challenges as salon owner

Emmanuel emphasised that the primary challenge lies in securing permanent residency in South Africa, particularly for foreigners. He revealed that even having a child with a South African woman does not guarantee a straightforward process.

Addressing concerns about safety for foreigners in South Africa, Emmanuel provided nuanced insights. He noted that safety depends on the specific location, stating that areas with a lower foreign population might experience more violence. Contrarily, he suggested that living in areas densely populated with foreigners tends to be safer.

America is man's final destination

Emmanuel's story sheds light on the complexities foreign entrepreneurs face in South Africa, balancing financial success with the challenges of immigration and safety concerns. His aspirations to move to North America reflect a broader trend among individuals seeking more favourable conditions for residency and business opportunities.

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Watch the interview:

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