ID and passport application FNB and other banks in 2023 (infographic)

ID and passport application FNB and other banks in 2023 (infographic)

Applying for a smart ID or passport is now easier than ever for South Africans. This is all thanks to the online application platform created and launched by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). Applicants can now access passport and smart ID application forms online, thus avoiding the irritatingly long queues synonymous with the DHA. Learn more about the FNB passport application, what you require, and how long the process takes.

first-time online id application
The process for ID and passport application at banks. Photo: (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The DHA partnered with several banks in South Africa to facilitate smart ID and passport application and collection. These banks have numerous branches across the country, making it simple and convenient for applicants to access the services.

FNB passport application in South Africa

The South African passport is a travel document issued to citizens of South Africa for international travel. The document allows the bearer to travel to foreign countries per visa requirements. It is also a valid proof-of-citizenship document according to South African nationality law.

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The South African passport application process is quite straightforward and can be done without having to visit the DHA.

How to apply for a passport at FNB

Can you apply for a SA passport online? Yes, here are some essential tips when figuring out how to apply for a passport online.

1. Determine the kind of passport that you need

While applying for a passport may not be a difficult task to embark on, it is imperative that you determine the type you need. There are various passport types based on the information published on The Department of Home Affairs official website.

  • Tourist passports: These are usually issued to people who are 16 years and older.
  • Maxi tourist passports: Usually issued to South African citizens who travel frequently and are from 16 years and above.
  • Child's passport: Issued to children who are below 16 years.
  • Official passports: Issued to officials who work with government institutions and need to travel on an official basis.
  • Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC): Usually issued to citizens who do not have a valid regular passport yet and need to travel urgently.
  • Diplomatic passports: Issued to citizens who are travelling abroad on diplomatic missions
  • Crew Member Certificates: Issued to airline flight and cabin crew members to facilitate their movement at airports in ICAO member states.

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2. Register for online banking

Among other things, you must be registered for online banking with FNB bank. If you have not done this, you will need to visit your nearest branch and settle that.

3. Create a personal account with the DHA

Before you begin the process for your passport application online, you will be required to create a profile on the Department of Home Affairs portal. The essence of this account is to help you further your application process.

Also, with this account, you can apply for your passport and those of your children. Then, when you need an FNB passport renewal, you will do it through the same profile.

4. Fill in the necessary information

FNB passport application
FNB passport application. Photo:
Source: UGC

Once you have determined the kind of passport that you want to apply for, the next line of action is to log in to the official website of the Department of Home Affairs for your registration.

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5. Upload the supporting documents

Once you have entered all the necessary information that you would be asked to, you will be asked to submit several documents depending on the type of passport that you are applying for.

For instance, if you are applying for your child(ren), you will need to upload your identity document along with your spouse's and child's birth certificate,

If your spouse is deceased, you will be asked to upload the death certificate. Comprehensive details of the documents that you need are discussed later in this guide.

6. Choose your bank and the branch nearest to you

In the process of filling out your details, you will be asked to select your bank and the branch from where you would like to collect it once it is ready. Apart from the branches of the Department of Home Affairs that are all over the country, you will be given options to choose from various banks that are registered with DHA.

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7. Make payment via your online banking platform to complete your application

Log in to your online banking profile with the bank that you are registered with and make your payment to complete your application process. After you have made the required payment, you will be given a payment confirmation reference number which you are expected to keep in case there is a need for it later.

Please note that there is no bank that is authorized to accept payments by cash. Additionally, making payment for another person is not permitted except for parents applying for their children.

8. Book an appointment with your bank's branch

Once you get your payment confirmation reference number, the next thing that you need to do is book an appointment with your bank branch. You will dot this on the page you are directed to in the form-filling process.

The essence of the appointment is to have your fingerprints (biometrics) scanned and your picture captured. You will receive an appointment confirmation from the branch you have selected.

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9. Take all the necessary documents with you

When going for the appointment, do not forget to take your identity documents with you. For instance, if you are renewing your passport, it is important to take the old one with you.

10. Wait for the notification

Once you have completed the whole process with the bank, you will receive an SMS and email immediately after your passport is ready. This will typically be between 3 and 8 weeks.

Documents needed for passport application

When carrying out the application process, you will be expected to avail the following documents.

  • A duly filled application form DHA-73.
  • Your original identity document as well as a photocopy. If you are under 16 years, you will be expected to provide your birth certificate and a photocopy.
  • If you are applying from abroad, you will be asked to submit a duly filled determination of citizenship Form DHA-529.
  • When applying for a child under 16 years, the consent of both parents will be sought. Both parents also must be present when the application is being made. However, if one of the parents is deceased, a death certificate will be required.
  • If you are applying for an official passport, you will be required to provide a letter on the official letterhead of your organization confirming that you need the passport for an official trip. The letter must be signed by the head or owner of the organization.

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Which banks offer passport applications?

Can you renew passport with Nedbank?
A South African passport. Photo: @Oreste Harindimana (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

Here is a look at the current list of banks for passport application in South Africa.

ABSA passport application

ABSA is one of the banks authorized by the DHA to facilitate passport and smart ID application and collection. Below are the branches you can visit.

ABSA Bank Centurion Life Style CentreCenturion, Gauteng, South
ABSA Bank Key West MallKrugersdorp, Gauteng, South
ABSA Bank SandtonSandton, Gauteng, South
ABSA Bank Port ElisabethPort Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South

FNB passport application

Does FNB make passports? Here are the branches where the FNB passport application can be made.

FNB Centurion Life Style CentreCenturion, Gauteng, South
FNB LynnwoodPretoria, Gauteng, South
FNB Merchant Place SandtonSandton, Gauteng, South
FNB GreenpointGreenpoint, Western Cape, South Africa-
FNB CornubiaGreyville, KwaZulu Natal, South
FNB Glen Shopping CentreOakdene, Gauteng, South
FNB BurgersfortBurgersfort, Limpopo, South
FNB PortsideCape Town, Western Cape, South Africa-

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Nedbank passport application

Does Nedbank do passports? Yes, below are the various branches that offer DHA services.

Nedbank Arcadia Arcadia, Gauteng, South
Nedbank Constantia KloofRoodepoort, Gauteng, South
Nedbank RivoniaSandton, Gauteng, South
Nedbank St Georges Mall Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa-

Standard Bank

Here are the Standard Bank branches open for smart ID and passport applications.

Standard Bank Canal WalkCape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Standard Bank Centurion LifestyleCenturion, Gauteng, South
Standard Bank Killarney MallKillarney, Gauteng, South
Standard Bank Johannesburg Simmonds StrJohannesburg, Gauteng, South
Standard BankMitchell's Plain, Western Cape, South Africa-
Standard Bank Kingsmead Greyville, KwaZulu Natal, South
Standard Bank Jubilee MallHammanskraal, Gauteng, South
Standard Bank NewtownPort Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South

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Smart ID and passport application at banks

What is a smart ID? The South African smart identification card, commonly known as the smart ID, is a personal identity document used as the primary means of identification in the country. The new generation of smart IDs was rolled out in 2013, replacing the old barcode identity documents.

Smart IDs are used by South African nationals or permanent residence holders aged 16 years and above. The document includes personal information such as one's date of birth, country of birth, identity number, nationality, gender, first name, surname, citizenship status, signature, and photo.

The South African smart ID also has the capacity to capture and store additional information, such as evidence of votes cast during various elections.

Smart ID online application at FNB

FNB has partnered with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) to launch an online Smart ID application for the public. You can apply for your ID today and pick it up at any of the FNB branches available. To apply:

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  1. Visit the Department of Home Affairs website.
  2. Click on Smard ID Card and select "Apply online now".
  3. A page will be displayed with two sections "Register" or"Logon".
  4. Select "Register" and complete the registration process. This involves creating a profile, uploading supporting documents, and making the requisite payments via your bank.
  5. You will then be required to visit your bank for the capture of biometrics such as your signature, fingerprints, and photo.
  6. When your smart ID is ready, you will be notified to collect it at the same branch you had your biometrics captured.

NB: You will receive an SMS to notify you once the Smart ID is ready for collection. Bring your green ID book along when you collect the Smart ID.

Which banks do ID cards application?

smart id online application fnb
Smart ID online application fnb. Photo: @Fakedocshop (modified by author)
Source: UGC

If you are making your first-time application and are wondering which banks offer ID cards application, here are the banks to consider.

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  • Absa
  • FNB
  • Discovery Bank
  • Investec Bank
  • Nedbank
  • Standard Bank

Which FNB branches do ID cards?

You can apply for your ID online and collect it at one of these FNB Branches:

  • Lynnwood (Grove Shopping Mall)
  • Centurion Lifestyle
  • 4 Merchant Place
  • FNB Greenpoint
  • Burgersfort
  • FNB Cornubia
  • FNB The Glen

How long does a passport take through FNB?

According to the Department of Home Affairs, receiving your passport can take three to eight weeks.

How much does it cost to apply for a smart ID?

The entire application is free for first-time applicants. It will cost you R140 to replace a lost one.

What is the passport application fee in South Africa?

Here is a breakdown of the fees for different South African passports.

  • Child passport: R600
  • Replacement of new format South African tourist passport that runs out of blank visa pages before the expiry dates: R600.00
  • Document for travelling purposes (BI-105): R600
  • Emergency Travel Certificate (BI-123): R140
  • Temporary Passport: R180
  • Maxi Tourist Passport: R1200
  • Crew Member Certificate: R600

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Can you renew your passport with Nedbank?

Yes, you can renew in one of the branches of Nedbank Arcadia, Nedbank Constantia Kloof, Nedbank Rivonia, and Nedbank St Georges Mall.

The smart ID and FNB passport application have made it extremely simple and convenient for South Africans to obtain these documents. In addition, the online application platform eliminated the delays that resulted from long queues and network outages at the DHA.

DISCLAIMER: This article is not sponsored by any third party. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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