Grandpa Wakes Up Grandson Up at 6am to Film TikTok Video of Him Doing Pushups

Grandpa Wakes Up Grandson Up at 6am to Film TikTok Video of Him Doing Pushups

  • One TikTok video of a grandpa working out went viral, and people thought it was funny to see his form
  • Many people were amused after seeing the older man put in the work to build some much-needed muscle
  • The TikTok video had netizens laughing, as they watched the older man demonstrating an exercise

An older man wanted to show his family he is a workout fanatic. The TikTok creator's grandpa was flexing his fitness.

A TikTok video shows a grandather forcing his grandson to film him.
A TikTok video shows a granddad forcing his grandson to record his workout. Image: FG Trade /Science Photo Library
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The video of the energetic older man received more than 17,000 likes. There were comments from people who were amused by the TikTok post.

Older man works out in TikTok video

@local6ixer_ posted a TikTok video of his grandfather doing push-ups next to a pool. The creator said his grandpa wanted the video sent to the family group chat.

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Watch the video:

South Africans have jokes about older man

Online users commented that TikTokker should be grateful to have an entertaining, active grandfather. Netizens wondered why older people often get up early. Others criticised the man's form as he worked out.

Mel_Mabala said:

"How were you able not to die in laughter."

Dr cloudy wrote:

"I'm sure he tells everyone he can do 100 push-ups without breaking a sweat."

dieforchoef added:

"I'd go back inside?"

user7053721570500 commented:

"I think he’s sending a message nje."

Lerato asked:

"Why do grandparents wake up so early?"

Older people go TikTok viral

People love to see the videos of elders. One lady pranked her grandma, who did not take it well.

Grandfather rendered to tears by grandchildren

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