TikTok Video of Elephants Rushing to Meet Caretaker After Several Years Apart Gets 19.4M Views

TikTok Video of Elephants Rushing to Meet Caretaker After Several Years Apart Gets 19.4M Views

  • A TikTok video shows a sweet moment between an animal expert and a large family of elephants
  • The man in the clip proved that elephants have very good memories as the herd approached him
  • Online users on TikTok were touched to see the man and all the elephants' wholesome interaction

A man went viral after showing people his bond with wild animals. The elephant caretaker's video of a touching moment was a hit.

TikTok video of elephants with former caretaker
A TikTok video shows elephants' connection with their former caretaker. Image: Skaman306 / Lakruwan Wanniarahchchi
Source: TikTok

The video got more than 3 million likes. There were thousands of comments from people who were gushing about the huge animals.

Elephants recognise caretaker

A TikTokker @0erkk posted a video of the moment an elephant professional came back to a herd that remembered him. In the video, he called out to them, and they all came rushing towards him in excitement.

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Watch the moving video below:

Viewers touched by elephants moment

The TikTok video of the elephants rejoicing went viral. Online users shared some elephant facts that they knew.

Spookylittleari said:

"If elephants were excited to see me, that’s all I’d need to have a fulfilled life."

brandon1 wrote:

"I now want a gang of elephants who dearly love me."

Un_Heroic_Hero commented:

"I read once that elephants basically see people as puppies- So to them this is like finding their dog that ran away from home."

Lucky added:

"Imagine trying to fight someone, and he strolls up with 20 elephants that love him…. I’m full sprinting the other way."

Bia was in awe:

"Elephants never forget."

Porcupines protect their babies

A TikTok video shows a leopard trying to eat porcupines. The video shows how the two adults stood their ground for their young.

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Elephant stops by for breakfast at family's house

Briefly News previously reported that some foreigners perceive Africa as just one big jungle where animals roam the streets freely with no control.

Well, after seeing a now-viral video of an elephant stopping by for breakfast at a family's house, they may be convinced that South Africans live among wild animals after all.

A video posted on TikTok by @cliffafrica shows a large elephant peeping its head into the kitchen door of a house said to be in the Kruger National Park, which offers a wildlife experience that ranks among the best in Africa.

Source: Briefly News

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