Mom Left 3-Year-Old Daughter, TikTok Video of Them Reunited 2 Years Later Moves Viewers

Mom Left 3-Year-Old Daughter, TikTok Video of Them Reunited 2 Years Later Moves Viewers

  • A woman made a TikTok video showing how much she cares about her daughter, who she had to leave
  • The lady reflected on the big sacrifices she had to make for her child to have a good future
  • People were touched after seeing the mother who was able to go back to her beloved child once again

A woman made a touching video about being a mother. In a video, she showed what she had to give up to do what was best for her daughter.

TikTok video of kid reunited with mom
A TikTok video shows a mom who left her 3-year-old daughter seeing her again years later. Image: @thereadssquad
Source: TikTok

The video about being a parent received thousands of likes. Many people were touched after seeing the woman's relationship with her daughter.

Mother sacrifices time with daughter

A woman @thereadssquad made a video of how she had to leave her child for their best interest. In the video, she documented the struggle and how she was reunited with her daughter after two years and seven months.

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Watch the clip:

Parents applaud mom's sacrifice

Many people thought the lady decided to work more by leaving her kid. Online users thought it was moving to see the woman with her child again.

Nimimitu said:

"Story of my life, my mother said the same thing only for me to see her after 15 years. I feel for that girl."

SWEETS wrote:

"Thank you for coming back."

Andrea Williams added:

"I had this option, but I chose to never miss a beat of their lives. Those moments have no do overs. I have no regrets. To each his own."

Scorpio Chick commented:

"Every day I regret I didn't make that decision but I just couldn't leave her at five months."

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Mayar encouraged the mom:

"Do what you gotta do as long as she’s in good hands."

Bad_dolly876 added:

"The fact she still remembers you, can tell you video call and talk to her every day...I love this."

Mother does the most for child

Online users like to see mums who spoil their children. One mum went viral after buying her child a big birthday gift.

Woman surprises mom after year-long US trip

Briefly News previously reported that one woman, @reldaniels, who has been living in the US for a year, returned to South Africa with a bang. She surprised her mother, who had no idea she was coming back home and posted her reaction on her TikTok page.

The daughter can be seen in the clip slowly walking into her childhood home. Once her mother saw her, she jumped for joy and started crying and hugging her.

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The TikTok video touched many people, and more than 490,000 people viewed it.

Source: Briefly News

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