South African woman drops out of university and goes back to school, Shares TikTok Video

South African woman drops out of university and goes back to school, Shares TikTok Video

  • A student took to social media to reveal that she dropped out of varsity to go back to matric to upgrade her results
  • In the video, the young lady took her followers through the various processes that she had ensure upon her return
  • People were amazed at the stunner's decision as they flocked to her comments to applaud her courage

One brave young lady wowed Mzansi after revealing that she had dropped out of university to return to school.

A TikTok video shows a student who dropped out of university to upgrade her matric results.
A South African woman dropped out of university and went back to school. Image:@callme_issy1
Source: TikTok

A Mzansi lady drops out of varsity

A video posted by @callme_issy1 on TikTok shows the young lady standing before a bus. As the video continued, the woman stated the various processes she went through upon returning to school. @callme_issy1 said she returned to her res to gather all her things; after doing so, she registered at a tutoring school.

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At the end of the clip, she said she also registered at the educational central for all the subjects she wanted to upgrade. Taking to TikTok, the young lady said the following in her captions:

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"Its never too late to go back to school."

Watch the video below:

People applaud the young lady

Social media users were amazed by the woman's revelation as they flooded her comments to congratulate her on her bold decision.

Nandie said:

"Told my fam I wanna drop out of uni and upgrade. them : awunyi perhaps?"

User6833684359861 advised the young lady, saying:

"My advice to you is just go straight to class and don’t upgrade cause it is just a waste of time, marks do change, but from my 11-15."

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Bllue_Rsa shared:

"I’m glad I am not the only one who dropped out of tertiary and went back to High school did my grade 11 last year kulonyaka ngikwa Grade12."

Christina added:

"Upgrading my matric was the best decision I made in 2022. The other day I went to fetch my new certificate, and I must say I've never been so proud."

User736811122135 commented:

"Best decision, sis. This is the advice I always give to learners who obtain diplomas to come back to school when there is time, but they don't listen."

21-Year-old woman drops out of university, goes back to matric

Briefly News previously reported on a young woman who did the unusual. She dropped out of university to go back to school. @lemonadefaramouw1 took her TikTok to share her first day as a learner again. In the video, she can be seen ironing her uniform and doing her hair in the early morning hours.

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In another part, she shares the view of where she lives and gives her followers a peek at how it went at the school. Speaking to Briefly News, the young lady said she has had depression since her matric results and felt like a failure.

Source: Briefly News

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