Qualified Man Resorts to Selling Fatcakes After Being Unemployed for 3 Years, SA Encourages Farming

Qualified Man Resorts to Selling Fatcakes After Being Unemployed for 3 Years, SA Encourages Farming

  • A young man shared his unemployment struggles on the Agriculture and Young Facebook page
  • In a post, Sydwell Somba revealed that he had been unemployed for three years before deciding to sell fatcakes
  • He also shared that he had qualifications in agriculture, prompting netizens to encourage him to pursue farming

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Sydwell Somba shared his story of selling fatcakes after struggling to find a job for three years
A man shared why he decided to sell fatcakes at a local school. Image: Agriculture and Young
Source: Facebook

Being unemployed is a hard reality known and experienced by many young South Africans, including Sydwell Somba.

Educated man sells fatcakes to get by

The young man shared his story on the Agriculture and Young Facebook page.

According to the post, Sydwell started selling fatcakes daily at a nearby local school after being unemployed for three years.

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Watching your peers move on to careers can be tough, and the constant job search amidst South Africa's high unemployment rate leaves many young people feeling discouraged and unsure about their futures.

"I am still looking for any job opportunities. I have a National Diploma in Agricultural Management. I specialised in both Animal Production and Crop Production," he shared on the post.

Click here to view the Facebook post.

SA motivates the young man

Many people online responded with encouraging words for Sydwell, urging him not to give up and to consider opportunities in farming.

Phaahla Lehlagare Elmon advised Sydwell to consider farming:

"Please try farming. Also, you're gonna be outstanding to the rest because of your knowledge of agriculture."

Hannah Bam advised Sydwell on how to make the most of his profits:

"If you have just small land, just sell your fatcakes for capital, and start farming both crop and animal productions. Mother Earth is waiting for you, your hands are your money bro, trust me."

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Additional Farai Samunda said Sydwell was sitting on a wealth of knowledge:

"Get into the game because you're equipped with the knowledge of farming."

Jrs Philani Dubandlela Mweli encouraged:

"Well done young man and wishing you all the best.! Don’t give up, you might find out that you’re destined for owning your own business as opposed to working for someone else! Keep pushing, one day you’ll own a bakery ."

Noninzi Thetha commented:

"I wish you can start farming. Your qualifications can put you on top of the range. DIY method."

Woman selling vegetables on the streets gets encouraged

In another story, Briefly News reported that a street vendor inspired social media users with her unwavering dedication to making an honest living.

The woman navigated the streets with her trolley filled with fresh produce while looking for customers.

She posted a video on her TikTok page @4phopza to give her followers a glimpse of her job. The video clocked a respectable 70,000 views and hundreds of likes and shares.

Source: Briefly News

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