"They Think They're Perfect": South Africans Share Hilarious Takes on Men Who Don't Drink Alcohol

"They Think They're Perfect": South Africans Share Hilarious Takes on Men Who Don't Drink Alcohol

  • A Facebook post asked netizens to share facts about men who don't drink alcohol
  • People responded with mixed views, with some portraying them as responsible and problem-free
  • However, others made humorous and judgemental claims that they're gossipy, untrustworthy, or even serial cheaters
SA netizens shared their social perceptions about men who don't drink alcohol
Mzansi had mixed reactions about men who abstain from drinking alcohol. Image: franckreporter, Tetra Images
Source: Facebook

Whether someone chooses to enjoy a drink or abstain from alcohol altogether shouldn't be what defines them as a person.

SA gets "factual" about men who don't drink

Drinking alcohol or not is a personal choice that no one should be shamed for... but that's not always the case in Mzansi, lol.

A funny Facebook post has Mzansi netizens sharing their thoughts and opinions -which they considered facts - about men who don't drink alcohol.

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Male non-drinkers get SA talking

While some found male non-drinkers wise and responsible, others responded with witty commentary about how problematic and judgemental they were.

Check out the funny comments below:

Benjie La O'lk threw shade at men who don't touch booze:

"They think they will make it in life... boy, not in this world."

Ace Manzi responded:

"They think they are clever, and they gossip too much, some of them, not all of them, and they always don't have money."

Qenehelo Sebetseli had a positive view:

"They have solved 60% of their problems; alcohol causes destruction in most things, be it finances, health, relationships, etc. Most people who have alcohol problems speak negatively about them because they envy them. I drink alcohol."

Ñgúd Glock said non-drinkers were serial cheaters:

"One thing I can tell ya They cheat a lot."

Ramotseoa Ramotseoa said they aren't safe:

"Dangerous species those ones, I'm telling you."

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Karabo Mokobodi Phuti replied:

"They think they are perfect."

Icy Hun said non-drinkers are the prize:

"A man who doesn't drink alcohol is a blessing shame. They are the best people to build a future with. Phela alcohol is a waste of money nje. It's better to drink alcohol occasionally not like every day wena uyaphuza nje. And again people who drink alcohol always have many problems, financially, in relationships and at work. As a man, it's better to build your life first before you become addicted to alcohol so that at least your kids will have a place to call home."

Mom gets boozy breakfast surprise with Savanna cider from daughter

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Source: Briefly News

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