Woman Upset After Getting Cornrows Cut With Scissors, Choppy Haircut Leaves Her in Tears

Woman Upset After Getting Cornrows Cut With Scissors, Choppy Haircut Leaves Her in Tears

  • A South African woman, Liyema Mbebe, posted a TikTok video showing her frustration with a recent haircut
  • The video starts with her brushing her short hair and then cuts to her getting her cornrows chopped off unevenly
  • TikTok viewers expressed concern and curiosity, wanting to know the story behind the haircut disaster

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A woman shared a TikTok video showing her frustration with a bad haircut
A woman was left emotional after getting a bad haircut. Image: @iam.lilly_m
Source: TikTok

A young Mzansi woman was left infuriated after a bad ordeal concerning her hair.

Woman goes from cornrows to choppy short hair

A video posted on TikTok by Liyema Mbebe shows her trying to brush what was left of her short hair before switching to a separate clip showing how she ended up in that situation in the first place.

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The second clip shows her getting her cornrows cut with scissors by someone else. Liyema did not provide any backstory as to what led to her cornrows being cut in such a manner. However, judging by the look on her face and the final result of her hair, she was not happy at all.

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“Ehh, if I tell you guys ba what really happened, I’ll start crying. ,” Liyema wrote in the caption.

Cornrows haircut sparks curiosity

The video garnered many views online. Many netizens responded with questions and curiosity, seeking to know what happened to Liyema and how she allowed her hair to be cut so awfully.

LBSelai could relate:

“My mother once did this to me because I didn't put on my swimming cap. Honestly, her disciplining methods traumatised me.”

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Momo_Amo needed a story time:

“Re kopa storytime of what happened .”

Ona_Filtane was curious to know what happened:

“Please explain .”

Lebo.Joy replied:

“I can see by your eyes that you cried a lot. Askies.”

siyathokoza.shazi felt sorry for the young woman:

“And you still had the strength to pick up a brush.”

Malwande.B was left stressed:

“Ngeke uvume kanjani (How did you agree to that?)”

DJ Buhle Bezulu said:

“It suits you though embrace it .”

Woman's pink hair falls out after relaxing it

In another hair disaster, Briefly News reported that a British woman living in Johannesburg, South Africa, regretted taking a risk with her pink hair.

A TikTok video by Lala Hassan shows her attempting to relax her recently dyed hair using Caivil Kids relaxer.

In the clip, Lala hilariously acknowledges that relaxing her hair just a few days after dying it pink probably wasn't a good idea and that her hair might fall out. Still, she stressed that her hair was stiff and no longer manageable, hence why she decided to relax it.

Source: Briefly News

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