Mzansi Debates Best Pap Cooking Method After Cooking Hack Using Hand Mixer to Get Rid of Lumps in Dish

Mzansi Debates Best Pap Cooking Method After Cooking Hack Using Hand Mixer to Get Rid of Lumps in Dish

  • Someone shared their hack on how to make flawless pap every time in the most convenient way possible
  • In a video shared on Twitter, the netizen made life easier by using a hand mixer to make the pap-making process easier
  • The video that received much attention had netizens split as some thought it was ingenious, but others were not so convinced

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One person shared a cooking life hack that had Mzansi reacting to its usefulness. The TikTok user decided to choose an easier way to create lump-free pap.

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A woman makes up with a mixer which left netizens debating the best way to make pap. Image: Getty Images/ PeopleImages/amnarj2006
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The woman's decision was hotly debated as some criticized it. On the other hand, many could see the benefit of the hack.

Pap-making method with mixer has Mzansi split

The process of making pap, a commonly eaten main dish in South Africa can be laborious. The process involves not only stirring but getting rid of lumps through vigorous stirring as it gets thicker. The process c could qualify as a workout is there's a lot of wrist action involved.

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In a video on Twitter, one netizen choosing a a different life. The person in the video can be seen carefully inserting in the pot full mealie meal her mixer, which effectively does the job of getting rid of lumps and creating a smooth mass of pap.

Some netizens were impressed, while others thought the process lacked authenticity. Many were expressing their opinion, with some even joking that it would bring down the the cooks skills.

@I_AM_KediR commented:

"My mother would disown me".

@Nyamburah_ commented:

"My late grandmother would come slap the day light out of me. "

@Bunda__7 commented:

"Dead, I need my wrist hurting by the time the nshima is ready.'

Others commented that the idea was ingenious and would guarantee days of fuss free pap.

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@_Ingarden commented:

In total agreement with this. Why struggle when you can make things easier?

@MpiloKhumalo_ commented:

They're on to something though. Work smart not hard?

@bloodyxkom commented:

This actually the future .

@_hristo27 commented:

I'm embarrassed. Impressed too.

“Legend, this one": Woman rolling and smacking pap into big balls has SA howling

Briefly News previously reported that popular social media user @kulanicool gave his followers their weekly dose of good chuckles after sharing a funny video of a woman eating pap in a rather interestingly enthusiastic way.

The clip was shared on Twitter recently and sees a family sitting together enjoying a meal. The woman can be seen eating her pap by rolling it into balls and throwing them into the air before putting them into her mouth, much to the shock of the children sitting beside her.

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Source: Briefly News

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