Woman Blocked By Boyfriend Shows Transformation, TikTok Video Causes Stir

Woman Blocked By Boyfriend Shows Transformation, TikTok Video Causes Stir

  • A lady on TikTok sparked reactions after posting a video to show off her beauty over a period of time
  • The lady showed people what she looked like before and after her boyfriend blocked her
  • The clip sparked funny reactions among her followers, with some of them subtly telling her she looked too dark

A lady on TikTok posted a video that showed the change in her stature over the years.

The lady, @nharnhar103, indicated that she was showcasing her current look without her boyfriend in her life.

Lady who said her boyfriend blocked her.
The lady showed how her body changed after her man blocked her. Photo credit: TikTok/@nharnhar103.
Source: UGC

A lady @nharnhar103 jumped on the TikTok trend in which people showed what they looked like before they were abandoned and what they looked like afterwards.

The first photo in the video showed a young lady who looked slim.

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The second slide showed a dark-skinned lady who had added much flesh. Some people said nothing much changed as her skin remained dark.

Others subtly told the lady to use bleaching cream, but she has vowed to maintain her dark skin.

Watch the video below:

People react to video of dark lady

@Sophia babe said:

"Babe please try dey use caro white it will help a little."

@Vanfranco commented:

"You blame him for nothing."

@chapter's said:

"Have you ever been to prison?"

@GOD DC said:

"He saw the future."

@Chedoue D said:

"You stay stuck... until 2050 thank you."

@Pretty Kem said:

"Black is beautiful. The fact that she didn't bleach her skin."

@Nana benz creation commented:

"But why are you criticizing? So you don't see any change?"

@mzjoycute said:

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"She didn’t bleach…. You are beautiful."

@Raynaah-D commented:

"Who is your friend here?"

@Pretty_vendor said:

"If he unblock you, then omo true love still exists."

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Men in the comment section roasted her and wanted to know the other side of the story, while others supported her.

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