Taxi Driver Dumped By Lady After He Paid Her Law School Fees For 3 Years

Taxi Driver Dumped By Lady After He Paid Her Law School Fees For 3 Years

  • A Ghanaian commercial driver shared a heartbreaking story of supporting his girlfriend through law school, only to be dumped after her graduation
  • According to the driver, the lady broke up with him due to perceived social class differences
  • Despite enduring profound heartbreak and struggles, Tornyegah demonstrated resilience, eventually finding success in life

Benjamin Kwame Tornyegah, a Ghanaian commercial driver, shared a heart-wrenching tale of betrayal after his girlfriend, whom he supported through the University of Ghana Law School, dumped him after she graduated.

According to Benjamin, the lady cited social class differences as her reason for the breakup.

In an interview with Giovanni Caleb on Accra-based 3FM's Drive Show, Tornyegah revealed that despite his benevolence, his former lover dismissed him with the cruel remark, "You are not my class."

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Ghanaian driver dumped by his lady after he paid her fees for 3 years
Man heartbroken after his girl broke up with him after her graduation. Images: Klaus Vedfelt & Jamie Grill. Images are for illustration purposes only.
Source: UGC

Benjamin said he is from Ada in the Greater Accra Region, and his former lover hails from Wa in the Upper West Region. He told them her name was Belinda Aboagye.

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The young man said his then-lover comfortably benefited from his benevolence without showing any sign of disloyalty until she graduated from the university.

"I was working to pay the bills, and I took care of the girl from the University of Ghana Law School and paid her school fees for three years. She finished and said, 'Benjamin, I do not know you; you are not my class."

Tornyegah admitted to experiencing profound heartbreak, enduring a month-long struggle to eat and battling intrusive thoughts.

"I couldn't eat for one month, only water. I was always crying in my room."

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Thankfully, Benjamin disclosed that his life had changed for the better after he lost his lover. He now lives in his own house and has two commercial vehicles as his income source.

"I've left everything in God's hands. I've moved on, and I even have my own house now. Sometimes, you have to pass through fire to learn."

Listen to Benjamin's story below:

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