“I’m Not Okay”: Man Shares WhatsApp Texts Begging Fiancée After She Allegedly Cheated

“I’m Not Okay”: Man Shares WhatsApp Texts Begging Fiancée After She Allegedly Cheated

  • A man took to social media to expose his fiancée, claiming she cheated on him several times
  • He accused the love of his life of playing with his feelings, revealing they were attending classes ahead of their planned wedding when she left him
  • The distressed Kenyan man admitted he was not okay, begging his woman to meet and try to salvage their relationship

Prince John has leaked WhatsApp chats with his ex-lover, eliciting mixed reactions on social media.

Prince John accused his fiancée of cheating on him.
Prince John has been trending after sharing details about his failed relationship. Photo: Prince John.
Source: Facebook

Man expresses heartbreak after partner cheats on him

Prince John initially shared on his Facebook account how he experienced heartbreak after finding out that his partner was cheating on him. He penned a heart-wrenching post and highlighted how wedding plans were already in place.

The post read as follows:

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"Like how can you be dating someone, you take her home for introduction. You also go to her home for introduction. You're in the middle of preparing for 'ruracio'-dowry, you're attending pre-marital classes together.
"We had scheduled our wedding for November then you find out she has been cheating on you with another man. This is not the first time I've found out. The first time I did I was really hurt."

Man leaks chats with fiancée

The distressed man has been discussing heartbreaks, leaving netizens sympathising with him. Some encouraged him to stay strong.

The man shared screenshots of WhatsApp chats, where he confronted his fiancée for cheating on him. He claimed the first time she cheated, he forgave her, and she promised never to do it again, only for him to catch her again.

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In one of the messages, John expressed his disappointment, wondering what he could have done to push the love of his life to cheat.

"I introduced you to my family because I love you but this is how you repay me? You have hurt me so much, but my God is watching."

The unapologetic lady responded, inviting him for a talk.

"John, I don't know what to say, but a lot happened. I don't know if you're willing to talk things out. I have had tough thoughts and feeling stressed as well."

The man noted he was not okay and asked his now ex if she could go to his house so that they could try to amend their relationship.

Below is the screenshot:

Woman travels to surprise her partner, finds him cheating

In a similar heartbreak-related story, Briefly News reported that a young woman on TikTok posted a video of herself looking happy and excited about rekindling her relationship with her ex. The footage then took a turn and showed her bawling her eyes out. It turned out her ex was still cheating.

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Relationship counsellors from PairShaped Couple Coaching spoke to Briefly News and highlighted matters to consider before rekindling a previous relationship. They advised that it is essential for one to be honest with themselves about the reason for rekindling any relationship. If a betrayal occurs, evidence of changed behaviour must be present, and there must be a willingness to realise past mistakes.

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