Mom Raves About Her 5-Year-Old’s Remarkable Progress at Boarding School, SA Is Amazed

Mom Raves About Her 5-Year-Old’s Remarkable Progress at Boarding School, SA Is Amazed

  • A proud mom took to social media to showcase what her five-year-old learnt at boarding school in just 2 months
  • The TikTok video gathered many views along with thousands of likes and comments online
  • People were amazed by the woman's clip as they rushed to the comments section to shower the little guy with compliments

This woman was so pleased with her son that she took to TikTok to gush over him. She shared a video of the little boy, which went viral on social media.

A TikTok video shows a little boy folding his towel.
A woman gushed over her son's impressive skills in a TikTok video. Image: @blessedmoloko
Source: TikTok

Mom causes a stir, revealing what 5 year old learned at boarding school

One proud mother raved about her son, leaving peeps in awe. @blessedmoloko shared a clip on TikTok which showcases her son folding a towel. The woman revealed in her caption that her son was five years old. She said that her son learnt to clean after himself within just two months of being at boarding school.

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Taking to TikTok, the mom poked fun at her little boy, saying:

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"Guy is soo neat, he cleans and always makes sure he cleans after himself..he folds everything foldable around him."

Watch the video below:

Peeps clap for the young man

Many people were amazed by the little boy's impressive skills as they flocked to the comment section to send him heartwarming messages.

Triplemz05 poked fun at her hubby, saying:

"He is doing what my 43-year-old husband can't do. Well done, boy."

Ellen mathule gushed over the boy, adding:

"This is so adorable to watch."

Ziyanda Elena shared:

"I was there at St Thomas School for the Deaf they teach us everything. Others they are four years we use to make them our baby."

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Mamzo said:

"I love how he is cheering for himself. Such a beautiful smile."

Mrs Mukwevho

"Great job, boy. I taught my niece and nephew how to fold like this. We call it corner to corner, and it’s neat."

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