Father-Daughter Dance Duo Delights Mzansi in a TikTok Video, SA Wowed

Father-Daughter Dance Duo Delights Mzansi in a TikTok Video, SA Wowed

  • A young South African woman shared a clip of her dancing with her dad, and peeps loved it
  • The video gained massive attraction online, generating many views along with thousands of likes and comments
  • Netizens were left in awe of the pair's relationship as they rushed to the comments section to gush over them
  • Briefly News spoke to Counseling Psychologist Nikole Seele on the present fathers and their impact on their daughters

An adorable video of a young lady and her father is making rounds on social media, and South Africans can't get enough of it.

A TikTok video shows a young lady dancing with her father, and people loved it.
A lady shared a TikTok video of her dancing with her dad, and viewers were in awe. Image: @definitelynotayanda
Source: TikTok

Woman dances with her father on TikTok

This father-daughter duo is changing the norms within African culture. The clip shared by @definitelynotayanda on the video platform shows the young lady dancing with her father. Seeing the pair vibing and enjoying each other's company is rarely seen in African households, and people were amazed by the pair's bonds.

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The video was well received by many online users and became a viral hit, gathering over 410K views and thousands of likes and comments on TikTok.

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Impact of present fathers on the lives of their daughters

Speaking to Briefly News, counselling psychologist Nikole Seele noted that parental bonding is a complex and diverse process that varies from individual to individual and family to family.

"Going beyond the stereotypically expected gender role of the father-figure, this relationship contributes significantly to shaping a women’s sense of self, levels of resilience and their emotional health. The role of the father in their daughter’s life will change and develop as she matures. In the early years, a stable, consistent, and available father figure will allow a daughter to develop a sense of security and trust in others," said Nikole.

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The psychologist went on to say that as the women grows, the father’s role shifts to one of "guidance and supporting autonomy and identity development. During these foundational years, this bond nurtures confidence and self-esteem."

"In adult life, daughters will value this relationship as it moves into more of a mentorship and supporting role. Studies consistently show that daughters with consistent, engaged, and supportive father figures are more likely to develop in healthy ways, ranging from academic achievement to healthy interpersonal relationships."

Women's self-perception, self-esteem, and expectations of how others will treat them can all be viewed as being modelled by their father-daughter relationships.

Watch the clip of the young lady breaking it down on the dance floor with her dad below:

Peeps love the father-and-daughter duo

Many people were amazed by the pair's dancing skills and overall bond as they flocked to the comments section to compliment them while others cracked jokes.

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Ayanda said:

"Present fathers are going through it on Tik Tok."

Keletso cracked a joke, saying:

"Guys lol, Ma 2000 have humbled our parents."

Bongiwe Magagula added:

"Girl….not you turning your father into a baddie."

Just Zuki wrote:

"In his baddie era."

Pusenk commented:

"Dear 2000's we salute you, you have humbled our parents."

Daughter's shopping trip with dad melts hearts in Mzansi

Briefly News previously reported that a video of a father and daughter moment had stolen the hearts of many people in Mzansi, and the clip went viral on TikTok.

One young lady was excited to spend time with her father. The woman shared in a TikTok video that her dad needed help running a few errands, and she was happy to hop along. The stunner, who goes by the TikTok handle @bunny.com13, can be seen with her dad in Mr Price's store purchasing a few items which amounted to R2989.83.

Source: Briefly News

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