Mzansi Captivated by Young Boy Who "Hunted" a Juicy Piece of Meat for Dinner

Mzansi Captivated by Young Boy Who "Hunted" a Juicy Piece of Meat for Dinner

  • A TikTok mom, Ivy Phiri, shared a funny video of her son dishing up for himself
  • The young boy is seen opening the oven and spearing a juicy piece of chicken
  • Netizens are stunned by how unbothered the little boy is, with one commenting: "Breadwinner vibes"

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A boy's mom shared a funny clip on TikTok of her son helping himself to dinner with Big Zulu's hit song, Mali Eningi, as the soundtrack.

Little boy forks out a huge piece of meat from oven.
A mother recorded her son successfully spearing a juicy piece of chicken from the oven. Image :@ivyphiri500
Source: TikTok

The little boy is seen slightly opening the oven and forking out a juicy piece of roasted chicken despite the oven's temperature.

Toddler displays breadwinner tendencies in video

The little boy's actions resembled those of a breadwinner who can do as he pleases in a household, and he walked away satisfied with his cravings.

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The best part of @ivyphiri500's clip is when the boy spears a massive piece of meat and takes a satisfying bite out of it. The boy walked off without a care in the world, proud of his successful hunt.

See the video below:

The video has 494K views; the boy truly wowed Mzansi, and netizens have returned to share a good laugh in the comments section.

Netizens think the kid's going places in life

People are proud of the little boy’s actions and shared some messages of praise in the comments section.

@Lerato Sibeko hopped on the praise train and said:

“This is exactly how breadwinners act, and he has no shame whatsoever.”

@Lihleh is amazed by the piece the boy went for:

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“Haibo, he even took the biggest piece.”

@sibo495 is sure that the boy wasn’t even supposed to get a piece of meat at dinner:

“He probably wasn’t even supposed to get the meat because his chunky sour milk awaits him.”

@mazet confessed to having gone through the same thing at home:

“My child, too, does this when we are asleep.”

@Cynthia Dube understands that the little boy contributes to groceries, therefore, he can do as he pleases:

“He knows that it is his R350 that the family thrives on.”

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