Dedicated Wife Wakes Up at 5 Am to Prepare Hubby’s Lunchbox, Shares Video

Dedicated Wife Wakes Up at 5 Am to Prepare Hubby’s Lunchbox, Shares Video

  • A woman took to social media to showcase how she prepared her husband's lunchbox at 5 am, and peeps were stunned
  • In the TikTok video, she showed off all the various things that she cooked for her man, leaving netizens envious
  • The clip gained massive attractions online, generating many views along with thousands of likes and comments

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One South African woman in Mzansi wakes up at dawn to make lunch for her dear hubby, and netizens were stunned.

A TikTok video shows a woman preparing lunch for her hubby at 5 am.
A lady prepared lunch for her husband at 5 am in a TikTok video. Image: @ofentse_mphuti
Source: TikTok

Dedicated wife wakes up at 5 am to prepare hubby's lunchbox

A lady who goes by the TikTok handle @ofentse_mphuti wowed many people with her culinary skills. The stunner who wakes up at 5 am to prepare her husband a nutritious and healthy lunchbox showed off the process in a video.

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The lady unveiled how she made her man's steak with veggies and then made prawns wrapped up in rice paper. @ofentse_mphuti also made her hubby breakfast for work, which was porridge, and she added fruits.

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At the end of the clip, she shows off how she packed her bae's lunch while adding snacks, drinks, and a little note. The woman's culinary finesse has impressed people in Mzansi.

Take a look at the woman preparing her hubby's lunch below:

Mzansi loves the woman's cooking skills

Many people were amazed by the lady's culinary skills as they rushed to the comments section to express how blessed the hubby was to have her.

karabo_modiba cracked a joke, saying:

"His colleagues probably look at their wives and sigh every day."

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Layqiylua_123 said:

"Guys let’s be real, who can afford to live like this.. majority of us struggle to just buy milk & bread.. but well done Sisi, you are a great wife."

Rendani Ronel Makwarela expressed:

"This is when you know that the husband is taking really good care of his wife."

Shoanza gushed over the woman's cooking skills, adding:

"Love love this, I always come here for meal ideas."

Tshego was stunned:

"Tjo I wasn’t expecting steak."

Woman cooks her hubby lunch at 5 am, South Africans roast her

Briefly News previously reported that one woman woke up early to cook lunch for her man. According to the TikTok video uploaded by @luvvcrystaal, she packed lunch for her lover at 5:00 am and took her social media followers through preparing the lunch.

In the clip, she can mix water, salt, chicken meat, mealies, garlic, spice, carrots, cucumber, and cabbage in one pot. She seemed to have just mixed stuff and left it to boil.

Source: Briefly News

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