Dedicated Mzansi Woman's Heartwarming TikTok Cooking Chronicles Earn Praises From SA

Dedicated Mzansi Woman's Heartwarming TikTok Cooking Chronicles Earn Praises From SA

  • A dedicated Mzansi woman showcased what she cooked for her family and people are in awe
  • In the clip, the lovely lady showcased her day in her life at home, which received over 68K views
  • People flocked to her comment section to admire the woman's strength and attentiveness she has towards her family

In a heartwarming clip, a lady shared how she cooked for her beloved family.

A woman took to TikTok to showcase a day in her life in the rural area.
A TikTok video features a lovely lady showcasing her life and demonstrating how she cooks for her family. Image: @ontha_phiriepa3
Source: TikTok

Young woman shows off her cooking skills

The video posted by @ontha_phiriepa3 on TikTok shows the lady standing outside her home washing a young woman's hair. As the clip progresses, @ontha_phiriepa3 sits on a chair and combs a lady's hair in her house.

@ontha_phiriepa3 is then seen in her kitchen preparing food for her loved family. The kind lady shows off her cooking skills as she peels off the carrot skin. She then placed the carrots into a pot to boil. After that, she cooked fish in her pan. At the end of the video, she showcased how she served her family. @ontha_phiriepa3 paired the meal with a cold bottle of Savanna.

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Watch the video below:

SA amazed by the lady's video

People are amazed by her content as they flood her comment section, praising her for her strength and attentiveness towards her family.

leratonyila25 said:

"My husband and I, we built our mkhukhu from scratch. unfortunately, we had to move to the Northern Cape, I still miss it. Thinking nkabe rele kae nou."

Thandokazi Magewana Dube added:

"Beautiful ndicela Invite ndizotya hle."

kamoheloheavydeem gushed over the clip, saying:

"I wish I could stay with y'all."

Mbalzdhlamini shared:

"Beautiful fam and beautiful house. You've just gained a follower."

Thanda wrote:

"You're so real, love your content."

Mzansi woman prepares her partner's meal at 1 am in a TikTok video

Briefly News previously reported on one young lady who sparked quite a debate online after she revealed that her man likes coming home to a hot plate of food.

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The clip was posted by @ndeka_xxbeauty on TikTok and it has gathered over 336K viewers, thousands of likes and many comments. The woman is first seen taking a video of herself in front of her microwave. The clip then progresses to her chopping onions, peppers, and tomatoes. She then cuts out the sausages and fries them. After that, she proceeds to cook the pap.

Source: Briefly News

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