Man Irks Wife After Disclosing Why He Forbids Her From Touching His Phone

Man Irks Wife After Disclosing Why He Forbids Her From Touching His Phone

  • Isaiah, the Wajumbe Records founder, shared that he doesn't like his phone being touched by his wife as her phone is often dirty
  • He also pointed out that she may be cooking and went ahead and touched her phone in the middle of the procedure
  • This did not go down well with Mama Jimmy, who felt that he was embarrassing her in front of the internet

Wajumbe Records founder Isaiah, aka Baba Jimmy, has irritated his wife by sharing why he never let her touch his phone.

Wajumbe Records's Mama Jimmy , next frame shows her with her husband.
Baba Jimmy does not allow his wife Judith to hold his phone. Image:@grow_host
Source: UGC

Baba Jimmy fears his phone breaking

In a hilarious video, Baba Jimmy said that he never lets Mama Jimmy touch his phone because he fears that she could break it.

"Her phone is often dirty; sometimes she is cooking chapati sand she just touches the phone with all that oil," said Baba Jimmy.

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An irate Mama Jimmy protested, saying her phone was clean, but her husband took the gadget and showed it to the camera, revealing some dirt.

"Please stop ashaming me," she said.
"I love my phone to stay clean," said Bana Jimmy to her disgruntled face.

See the video below:

Social media users react

Netizens garnered to the comments section and shared their opinion.


"Mama Jimmy ignore for now"


"Surely hadi mama Jimmy ameboeka,."(Even Mama Jimmy has become aware)

@Nancie Migash:

"Wee mama Jimmy itabidii you work on your sanitation."


"Ai, that doesn't sit right with me."

@cate Jose mulwa

My hubby hajawai kumbali nishike simu yake from dating to marriage... someone tell me red is my favorite colour ju tell me why I don't bother him while mine is pinless."

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@Noel Shillah:

"Not me watching while my cover haijapanguzwa kwa wiki tatu."


"Na Mbona apasueko simu kwani ni katoto."

@naom bosibori:

"Sio yeye pekee yangu ukua hivyo."


"Hata mimi simu yangu hukuwa chafu compared to my hubby."

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