"It Hurts So Much": University Student Mom Shares the Pain of Being Away From Daughter During Exams

"It Hurts So Much": University Student Mom Shares the Pain of Being Away From Daughter During Exams

  • A university student and mother shared a video on TikTok expressing the difficulty of being away from her daughter
  • She opened up about feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of studying and the longing to see her child
  • The video resonated with other viewers who are also parents juggling studies and childcare

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A university student and mother shared about struggling to cope without seeing her child
A university student and mother got emotional about missing her daughter while she was at school. Image: @lulekamellisa
Source: TikTok

A young woman took to social media to share the pain of being away from her child while focusing on her academic hustle.

University student mom misses her daughter

TikTok user @lulekamellisa shared a video where she opened up about struggling to cope without seeing her daughter, who was back a home, as she was away at university working towards obtaining her qualification.

She asked fellow students who were also mothers how they managed to cope without seeing their children.

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"I left my child at home, and I miss her so much. Worse of all, this is a difficult time as it's exam season, and I can't just leave res for even a weekend to go and see her. I'm struggling to even focus on studying now because I find myself watching videos and looking at photos of her.
"Although I find comfort in that she's living with my mother, I still miss her so much. I even miss how she annoys me. It's so painful, guys. I even avoid video calls sometimes because the moment I hang up, my heart hurts," the young mother shared.

@lulekamellisa added that she couldn't wait for exams to be over so that she could go home and see her daughter.

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Watch the emotional video below:

Young mom's pain resonates with viewers

The video garnered many views and comments from netizens who were touched by @lulekamellisa's post. Many responded with emotional comments, relating to the pain of being away from their children due to school or work.

mashenge ❤️ could relate to the young mom's struggle:

"Finally, someone who understands how I feel. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep just cant wait to see her I am really not coping ."

Jada found the video insightful:

"Always thought teen moms who leave their kids at home don’t really care about them. You’ve changed my perspective ❤️."

Noluthando_Valerie suggested:

"They need to allow our babies to visit us for maybe one week ."

Senah shared a heartbreaking reality:

"I went home 2 weeks ago she lives with his granma (Father's mom) haybo, the child croes when I try to carry her. She doesn't know me."

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malbeelangelihle131 was touched by the young mom's post:

"I was just chopping onions you making me cry right nowyou are the best supermommy love."

Sihle Thabethe shared her experience:

"I am studying online. Doing final year, I am always with my baby boy."

MaShamase is also away from her little one:

"Bruh i’m in Cape Town, she’s in KZN. I always get emotional mangiqeda kufona, and ngihlezi ngingafuni ukufona because ngiyahlukumezeka and people don’t understand ."

Young mom struggles to put baby to sleep so she can go out

In another story, Briefly News reported that being a young mom has its fair share of ups and downs.

A young South African mom showed the struggles of wanting to go out with her friends and trying to put her baby to sleep.

Lesedi Caroline Ngece (@lesedi_carolyn_), who had her baby at 19, posted a TikTok video showing her all dressed up with her makeup done as she battled to put her baby girl to sleep. She wanted to go out and have a good time with her friends, who were hooting outside her home.

Source: Briefly News

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