“Love Exists”: Man Buys an iPhone As His Wife’s Push Present, Warms Internet’s Heart

“Love Exists”: Man Buys an iPhone As His Wife’s Push Present, Warms Internet’s Heart

  • A husband showed his wife some extra love when he bought her a new iPhone as a push present
  • The mother's face filled with surprise when she saw what her husband had gifted her
  • The video became a viral hit on TikTok and tugged at social media users' heartstrings
A husband gifted his wife an iPhone as a push present.
A thoughtful husband gifted his wife an iPhone as a push present. Images: @the_sikhwari_family / TikTok, @the_sikhwari_family / Instagram
Source: UGC

As a way to show his appreciation for his wife, a man bought an iPhone for the mother of his children after she gave birth to the latest addition to their family.

Content creators Siyabuswa and Khumbelo from The Sikhwari Family shared the viral video of the push present on their TikTok account (@the_sikhwari_family). The heartwarming clip shows Khumbelo placing an Apple-branded packet on a bed in front of Siyabuswa, who was breastfeeding their baby.

When Siyabuswa saw the packet, her eyes widened in shock, and she placed her hand over her mouth after she asked her husband if the phone was hers.

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In the post's caption, Khumbelo did not specify the type of iPhone he bought as a push present for his wife. Instead, he expressed his gratitude:

"Thank you so much for blessing me with our beautiful children."

Watch the video below:

Social media users love the heartwarming gesture

The family's viral video reached nearly half a million views, touching thousands of people's hearts.

@pamellanomfundo wrote in the comments:

"So love exists."

@esithe1 found beauty in the clip and said:

"This is what our homes should be, young black families raising kids and appreciating life and love together."

Speaking about the couple's child sitting on the bed, @inside_out_oreo08 joked:

"The owner of the remote also wants the new phone."

An emotional @momo_conflict wrote:

"I had no intention of crying today, but this is just beautiful."

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@thandiswa393 told the man:

"Love is beautiful. Keep on being the best husband and dad."

Woman in tears after husband gifts her a posh car as a push present

In a similar story, Briefly News reported in April about a man who surprised his wife with a thoughtful gift as she prepared to give birth.

The saxophonist bought his wife a nice-looking, brand-new car as a push present, which he delivered to her at the hospital. His wife was emotional throughout the lovely video as she received flowers and walked to her new ride.

Source: Briefly News

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