Gauteng woman shares impressive backroom decor on TikTok, Mzansi wowed: "Beautiful"

Gauteng woman shares impressive backroom decor on TikTok, Mzansi wowed: "Beautiful"

  • Lerato Mashaba showed off her decoration skills by decorating her backroom to the T
  • She showed off her well-organised and sophisticated open-plan backroom to her social media followers
  • The netizens applauded her on her decorating skills, many asked her to plug them with some decoration stuff for their living spaces
A Gauteng woman stunningly decorated her limited-spaced backroom and left Mzansi impressed.
Lerato Mashaba beautifully decorated her backroom in Gauteng. Images: backroomaesthetics
Source: TikTok

A woman showed off an impressive backroom decor.

@backroomaesthetics took her TikTok followers on a mini tour of her backroom interior.

In the video, the woman showed off her neat and organised living space. It is a one-room that is well decorated.

Asked how much she rents the backroom for, she replied saying R1,600. She added that a room that size usually ranges between R2 000 and R2, 500.

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The TikTokker always updates her social media followers about new developments in her backroom. She also often plugs them with decor finds.

"Backroom update! A lot has changed in the past year and we embrace every change over here! Grateful to have a space I call home!✨"

See the lady's backroom decor

TikTokkers celebrated with the woman

The video got over 21,000 likes, with many TikTok users applauding her on her beautifully decorated space. Some wanted to know where she got some things in her room.

@TshepiM said:

"How I wish God to bless me nami ngibe ne room elinje ngikhe ngithi nje 'kwami'"

@Makole shared:

"Thank you for standing your ground for people busy trying to make you change things l love your home love ❤️"

@SisT....❤❤ commented:

"Beautiful hey... bring the wardrobe btwn Couch and bed fr bedroom privacy purpose, just an advise"

@CINN4M0R0LL_L0V3R wrote:

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"This is a hotel mos... Backroom where? It's gorgeous "

@Ru said:

"I’m busy building mine I often come to your page for inspiration "

@Carol Mamabolo shared:

"My eyes has never set on something so beautiful and neat as this. You close to a big house wena musss."

@Ms'D said:

"Beautiful "

@ wrote:


@Ayesha commented:

"Wow, this space. beautiful"

Woman impresses Mzansi after turning backroom into stylish living space

In another story, Briefly News reported about a woman who turned a backroom into a stylish living space.

Zandile Zar Ndomile shared her progress since moving out alone. The young hun uploaded images of her rented backroom, which she turned into her haven. Ndomile shared the pictures on the Facebook group - Make your bedroom beautiful with Thembi's Linen.

Source: Briefly News

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