Teacher Goes From Catching Lifts in Bakkies to Having Her Own Car, Upgrade Leaves SA Inspired

Teacher Goes From Catching Lifts in Bakkies to Having Her Own Car, Upgrade Leaves SA Inspired

  • A South African teacher placed in a rural area for work shared how she used to make it to school
  • A video features two clips of her catching a lift on a van and another, of her, driving her very own car
  • The video garnered many views and comments from netizens who were inspired by her growth and independence
A teacher shared an inspiring video of how she gets to work. Image: @siyo48
Source: TikTok

A Mzansi teacher working in a rural area shared a video reflecting on how she used to make it to work versus how she does now.

Teacher takes the driver's seat

A TikTok video by @siyo48 shows her catching a lift in the back of a van, enduring the hot sun and harsh wind blowing her wig, as she makes her way to work.

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The video soon switches to a different clip, showing @siyo48 looking stunning in shades and a lace frontal wig, as she sits in the driver's seat of her car. Talk about an upgrade!

Watch the TikTok video below:

Mzansi inspired by the teacher's upgrade

The video served as a reminder to never despise humble beggings and that through hard work and determination, a better and progressive life is always possible.

SA netizens were inspired by the teacher's journey and reacted with positive comments.

Nisah commented:

"I'm inspired . May you be blessed more ❤️."

Okwe Nurtty Teshie commented:

"Ohh congratulations sisi.❤️At least wena wawuhamba nge van mna ndiya walker ndiphuma nge crocs endlin with long socks to prevent dust ."

TeeM replied:

"Well deserved and congratulations ."

Ngelekanyo Mudau commented:

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"Happy for you. I've just started working, and I was placed in a deep rural there is no transport. It is even hard to find a place to rent took a dimeI'm manifesting a car."

mpu44 said:

"How I wish I can work in rural areas ❤."

siphe wrote:

"More blessings sisi❤️."

Nhlavutelo Nyambi replied:

"Congratulations Teacher Siyo ."

J E S S I C A said:

"Yes stranger So happy for you Sis."

Student teacher shares stressful 1st day

In another story, Briefly News reported that one South African student teacher did not have a pleasant experience during her first teaching practicum.

@comfortkhomotj posted a video which showed how she had to deal with noisy and unruly schoolchildren during a lesson.

In the clip, @comfortkhomotj is heard shouting at the top of her lungs as she tries to reprimand the kids and get them to stop making a noise. However, the class continued to go about their disruptive ways.

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Source: Briefly News

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