TikTok Video Captures Student Teacher's Battle With Rowdy Class, Mzansi Feels Her Pain

TikTok Video Captures Student Teacher's Battle With Rowdy Class, Mzansi Feels Her Pain

  • A TikTok video of a South African student teacher's first teaching practicum has gone viral
  • The footage shows the nervous and stressed woman battling to calm a loud and disruptive class
  • Although she managed to survive the experience, many netizens felt sorry for her as they expressed their frustrations
student teacher
A student teacher showcased her chaotic first day with an unruly class. Image: @comfortkhomotjo
Source: TikTok

One South African student teacher did not have a pleasant experience during her first teaching practicum.

Teacher shares battle with unruly kids

@comfortkhomotj posted a video which showed how she had to deal with noisy and unruly schoolchildren during a lesson.

In the clip, @comfortkhomotj is heard shouting at the top of her lungs as she tries to reprimand the kids and get them to stop making a noise. However, the class continued to go about their disruptive ways.

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"The nervessss sana?? But I made it," the student teacher shared.

SA reacts to student teacher's 1st day

Many netizens reacted to the video, expressing their sympathy and frustrations on behalf of the poor teacher. Others who had netizens in the education department shared experiences.

Karabo said:

"A lil voetsek here and there will do."

Mahwibidu Mapeka replied:

"That's the reason why I left education, because I would laugh when they did this."

charitymelon replied:

"Teaching is not for the weak shame."

Ssurprise S Chibi responded:

"Yoooh last year the Grade 12 learners I was teaching said 'Mam you our type' I nearly died."

Zealyn staytiny responded:

"That's the reason I chose foundation phase. I'd rather hear ma'am ma'am every minute."

Ree commented:

"Why ngabathuki? ."

miss P responded:

"Yhooo nka screamer goreaba go bone nex."

Mzansi teacher builds dream home for family

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In another story, Briefly News reported that a hardworking Mzansi woman who works as a teacher had many netizens beaming with pride after she shared a TikTok video of what she has been pouring her hard-earned money into.

Nothando Buthelezi (@iilovesky) shared a video showing off a home-building project that is currently underway.

Nothando's post also poked fun at the general notion that teachers don't earn much money, as the young woman provided a view of the house that is in progress, which is impressive.

Source: Briefly News

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