Terrified Woman Finds Snake in Toilet, Video Gets 22 Million Views: “Don’t You Look Inside?”

Terrified Woman Finds Snake in Toilet, Video Gets 22 Million Views: “Don’t You Look Inside?”

  • A lady almost died when she saw a snake in her toilet after she had just relieved herself
  • The snake was curled up comfortably in the bowel, and the woman hollered her lungs out because of fear
  • Netizens wondered why she didn’t check inside the toilet when she sat down
  • Snake catcher Nick Evans told Briefly News that it was probably not a venomous snake

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A woman found a snake in a toilet
A woman screamed when she found a snake in her bathroom. Image: @missycina
Source: TikTok

A woman who got up from using the toilet was horrified when she saw a snake curled up inside it.

She could not stop screaming in shock and fear and repeating that she just used the toilet.

The video had netizens asking whether she looks before sitting down and using the toilet or if the snake is harmful.

Lady finds snake in the toilet and screams

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@missycina’s epic reaction to the snake in her TikTok video was viewed 22 million times and liked by 2.7 million people.

The video shows the woman pointing the camera to the toilet. The snake is curled up rather snugly inside the toilet, and the woman, by contrast, is screaming her lungs out and exclaiming that she has just used the toilet and didn’t even realise that there was a snake inside.

According to AZ Animals, the snake could have been in the toilet because snakes love dark and damp places, and a toilet bowl ticks all of these boxes. Snakes even enter through doors and open windows and pipes filled with water. One way to prevent this is to keep the toilet lid closed and seal the tubes and lids to keep them from entering.

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Nick Evans tells Briefly News that it might not be poisonous

Snake-catcher Nick Evans told Briefly News that the snake in the video may be a rat snake and is not a venomous snake.

"Snakes can end up in the strangest places. I have seen a photo or video or two of snakes in toilets. I do catch a lot of snakes in the bathrooms, where they often come in through an open window. Should someone encounter a snake in their toilet, in the bowel or room, move back slowly, close the door and phone a snake-catcher," he said.

Watch the video here:

Netizens have questions about the snake in the toilet

Netizens had questions about the video and lightly joked about the woman while sharing their snake phobias.

Despina wanted to know:

“Do yall not look in the toilet before you sit down? I’ve had this fear since childhood and have always checked.”

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Ava Grace Little added:

“My bathroom would have bulletholes everywhere after that.”

Erin said:

“The snake, for sure, was yelling the same thing. ‘Oh my God, she just peed!’”

Allysa joked:

“Snake got golden showered.”

Jesusito exclaimed

“I think you traumatized the snake.”

Man wrestles with a giant python and is helped by friends

In a similar article, Briefly News reported that a man wrestled a 19-foot python, and it almost squeezed him.

The man was part of a crew catching snakes when they saw the snake and removed it from the public space.

Things got hairy when the python tried to defend itself from the man. His friends had to help him.

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Source: Briefly News

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