R200k a Month Income from Takealot and Dropshipping: Reality of a 22-Year-Old Hustler

R200k a Month Income from Takealot and Dropshipping: Reality of a 22-Year-Old Hustler

  • Noluthando Gama, a young entrepreneur from KwaZulu-Natal, turned her passion for making money into a thriving e-commerce business
  • The hustler is among Briefly News' Young Money Makers and told about how she started by selling sweets at school and later used online inspiration to launch a drop shipping business
  • Noluthando now sells on e-commerce platforms like Takealot and Makro, employs several people, and makes impressive profits
Noluthando Gama spoke to Briefly News about her thriving e-commerce businesses
At just 22 years old, Noluthando Gama has managed to build successful e-commerce businesses. Image: lovers.theboonk
Source: Instagram

Hailing from the humble town of Newcastle in KZN, Noluthando Gama always knew she was destined for greatness and a drive to make money.

In an exclusive interview with Briefly News, she shares her thriving journey into the e-commerce space, where she is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in Mzansi.

22-year-old shares humble beginnings

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Noluthando was always business-focused from a very young age. She was the girl you went to for a good treat, running her own sweet shop from her backpack.

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She studied PR at Boston City Campus and, after getting her diploma, soon realised that the City of Gold was where she needed to be to answer her calling of becoming the entrepreneur she always envisioned herself to be.

"Although I come from a financially stable background and family, I always wanted to do something for myself.
"Where I grew up was very much a township environment, and when I was first starting in the e-commerce space, I found that things were moving very slowly.
"So I realised that when you want your things to move and progress, it's best to move to Joburg."

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Noluthando ventures into e-commerce

The trailblazer shared that she was always interested in the internet and e-commerce trends and particularly looked at what young entrepreneurs overseas were doing to draw inspiration.

"Kids that side start their business at a very young age, from 14 years old upwards, making a lot of money from selling stuff online. I got inspired and realised that I could also do this.
"You also don't need a lot of money to start a business in drop shipping and e-commerce. You can just go to the internet and search how to get started," the e-commerce mogul explained.

When she was starting out, she used Instagram and TikTok as her main marketing tool to sell the products she was selling online via drop shipping.

"It wasn't long after that that my business started growing, and then I was able to start my other business on e-commerce platforms such as Takealot," shared Noluthando, who admitted that overstocking was a challenge she encountered.

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In one of her viral TikTok posts, Noluthando reveals that she made over R60K in just a day selling on Takealot.

Young entrepreneur had to prove herself

Gama shared with Briefly News the challenges she faced when starting her business.

"The challenge I've faced in my business is overstocking my inventory. But I am trying to work on that and limit my stock by not buying too much."

The 22-year-old also explained that being young in the demanding e-commerce industry has been another challenge, as some sellers, customers or clients have undermined her capabilities.

"Some sellers tend to see me as just a kid until they see that I'm constantly coming to them every day to purchase stock. Now, I have built trust, and they've become more comfortable selling to me," the visionary shared.
Noluthando Gama from KZN spoke to Briefly News how she first started out with drop shipping before selling on e-commerce platforms
Noluthando Gama emphasises the importance of discipline, research, and continuous learning in the e-commerce world. Image: lovers.theboonk
Source: Instagram

"You have to out in the work" - Noluthando advises

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The driven businesswoman also stressed the importance of being disciplined and doing a lot of research to succeed in the e-commerce industry.

Although Noluthando has fully devoted herself to her hustle and success, she admits that she experienced a slight setback at the beginning of her journey when she decided to take a break when the money was rolling in.

"There was a point when I was getting enough from my business, and then I took a break from the business and started going out and having fun.
"But I quickly realised that I had to be disciplined and I went back again.
"You have to be disciplined and willing to put in the necessary work. You have to stay informed about what is trending and what products are best to sell.
"You have to invest in your business because, at the end of the day, you are the brand. You have to be updated with what's happening all the time. If you rest, you miss out."

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What does she sell on Takealot?

Noluthando sells various items on her e-commerce platforms, such as Takealot and Makro. These include clothing, jewellery, and electronics.

Noluthando notes that moving from drop shipping to starting her second business selling on e-commerce platforms was a turning point in her entrepreneurial journey.

"When I had enough money to expand beyond drop shipping and invest in my second business of selling on e-commerce platforms, it was a turning point for me because then I was able to have multiple streams of income.

E-commerce mogul seeks to expand the business

Speaking on the future goals she has for her business, Noluthando told Briefly News she hopes to expand on selling on even more platforms.

"I want to be at the point where I don't have to go to work every day and have people that are managing the business and have more workers and definitely make more sales," Noluthando said.

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She currently has five people working for her and also runs a business mentorship programme.

Noluthando, who has taken her fair share of risks on her journey, advises aspiring entrepreneurs to "just start".

"Just start; don't delay. I believed that everything is moving to the internet nowadays and there's a lot of free information there. You just have to exercise self-discipline and be consistent."

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Source: Briefly News

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