Good Samaritans Rescue Cape Town Child and Toddler From Drowning in Kalk Bay

Good Samaritans Rescue Cape Town Child and Toddler From Drowning in Kalk Bay

  • The tide swept away a man and his toddler from Cape Town at Kalk Bay in Cape Town
  • The incident happened after the man was on the harbour and was pushing his toddler in a pram
  • Quick-thinking people jumped in to rescue them, and South Africans were appreciative of their heroic efforts

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South Africans were happy when bystanders saved a drowning man and his toddler in Kalk Bay, Cape Town
Netizens were relieved after onlookers sprang to action and rescued a toddler and his child. Images: Gianluigi Guercia/AFP via Getty Images and 10'000 Hours
Source: Getty Images

A Cape Town toddler survived getting swept into the rough seas at the Kalk Bay harbour. Netizens were filled with relief and gratitude when good Samaritans saved the child.

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Bystanders save drowning toddler and dad

Cape Talk said the incident happened on the weekend of February 17th and 18th. It's reported that strong waves crashed into the harbour, and a man was travelling with a toddler in a stroller. Suddenly, the waters breached the pier and swept people off their feet.

The child in the stroller was also swept into the sea with his father. The father held on tightly to the stroller, and bystanders rushed to save them from the waters. The two were rushed to hospital, and the toddler was released on the same day. The father is still in hospital and is recovering.

Netizens celebrate the Samaritans

South Africans on Facebook were jubilant that the man and his toddler were saved from drowning.

Jill Mitchell said:

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“Great thanks to those who jumped in and saved the dad and the little one.”

Renee Champion wrote:

“What a selfless thing. We still have a lot of good people in this world.”

Others were concerned

Some questioned why the man would be on the pier when the sea was unstable.

Kay Ennis asked:

“Who in their right mind would be on that pier with a pram? I once did that with a child in a pram but very quickly realised it was a no-go!”

Archie Songatshu wrote:

“Why do people continue to walk along the pier on big stormy days? It’s time for preventive measures. A lifeguard needs to be on duty there ASAP. The City of Cape Town must wake up.”

Meryl Seymour suggested:

“The pier should be closed on days like that. Why put the lifeguard’s life in danger because some person thinks they can take on the world?”

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Domestic worker saves boss's son

In a related article, Briefly News reported that a domestic worker saved her boss's son.

The incredible thing about the incident is that the woman could not swim but risked her life to save the little boy.

South Africans sang her praise and applauded her for her selfless act.

Source: Briefly News

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