US Psychic Chimes In on Missing Joslin Smith in Viral TikTok Video, Mzansi Shares Dreams

US Psychic Chimes In on Missing Joslin Smith in Viral TikTok Video, Mzansi Shares Dreams

  • A psychic from the United States of America claimed that she had supernatural insight into the disappearance of Joslin Smith
  • The psychic claimed that she could see how Joslin was taken, who took her and where they intended to take her
  • South Africans also shared their dreams and spiritual visions related to the kidnapping and alleged that they could see where she was

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A psychic made a TikTok video of what she believes happened to Joslin Smith
After a psychic claimed insight into Joslin's disappearance, South Africans shared their theories. Images: @freakedoutll/TikTok and Rosemarie Pluke/Facebook
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SOUTH AFRICA – A TikTok user from the United States who identifies herself as a psychic claimed that she had spiritual insight into the disappearance of Joslin Smith. South Africans shared similar visions in the comment section.

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TikTok psychic shares information

The psychic, @freakedoutll, posted the video on her TikTok account, where she gave information she claimed to be about the disappearance of Joslin Smith. The psychic then shares information about where Joslin could be taken and who took her. She also claimed that the boyfriend has information he is allegedly unwilling to share. View the video here:

What you need to know about Joslin Smith's disappearance

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Netizens share their theories as well

Netizens shared similar visions that they said they had about the case. Some had questions.

cccoco25 said:

"Have any of your predictions come true because we all want Joslin back home?"

pastorursula1 added:

"I agree with you. My spirit told me this. She is not in the country anymore."

DankaRuiters shared:

"I dreamt of a white car. I dreamt this girl was walking with someone she knows. She was given something and climbed into this big white SUV with a lady in the front seat."

Aaliyah Khan added:

"I don't know why this gave me goosebumps now."

andsowhat8 wrote:

"She will be found and brought home safely in Jesus's name, amen."

Search for Joslin Smith suspended

In a similar article, Briefly News reported that Joslin Smith's search was suspended, leaving the Saldanha Bay community on edge.

No further information was given on why the search was suspended, but a Saldanha Bay councillor urged citizens to stop spreading rumours and verify the information first.

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