Josahandry Lia's age, dating, TikTok, profiles, net worth

Josahandry Lia's age, dating, TikTok, profiles, net worth

Over the years, Instagram users have been steadily rising, and influencers have enjoyed a massive fan base. One Instagram star who is enjoying such a vast fan base is Josahandry Lia. Her popularity on this platform arose after posting pictures showcasing her curvy figure and unique street fashion style. Her following is enormous, which has prompted her to build a more substantial online presence on Tiktok and YouTube. Keep reading as we unveil everything there is to know about this online sensation.

Josahandry Lia's bio
Popular Mexican Instagram star Josahandry Lia. Photo: @josahandrylia
Source: Instagram

Instagram is one of the most influential apps in 2021. It has given birth to numerous celebrities, including Josahandry Lia. Although fans can tell that she is drop-dead gorgeous, hardly can they provide other details such as her age, birthplace, or body statistics. Read on as we explore what is known of this social media star.

Josahandry Lia profile summary

  • Date of birth: 20th July 1993
  • Place of birth: Mexico
  • Josahandry Lia age: 27 years
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Profession: Social media influencer and model
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Current residence: Mexico
  • Instagram: josahandrylia
  • YouTube: Josahandry.Lia
  • TikTok: Josahandry.lia
  • Twitter: Liasmooda
  • Josahandry Lia Facebook: josahandry

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Josahandry Lia bio

Josahandry Lia's age
Famous social media influencer, model, and YouTuber Josahandry Lia. Photo: @josahandrylia
Source: Instagram

Like with any other celebrity, fans tend to pry on the personal life of this Mexican internet phenomenon. How old is Josahandry Lia? It might be phrased as Josahandry Lia Edad if the person is asking in Spanish. The famous online celebrity was born on 20th July 1993 in Mexico and is currently 27 years old.

You would expect Lia to be an open book like other public figures. However, that theory does not apply to her life. Despite being so popular online, the celebrity appears to lead a pretty private life. Because of this, you will hardly find details about her early life, educational background, siblings, or parents. Details about Josahandry Lia height and weight are also scanty.

Online presence

Josahandry Lia's online profiles
Josahandry Lia's online profiles. Photo: @josahandrylia
Source: Instagram

The beauty is quite active on social media. You will find her on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. One interesting thing you will discover about her bio on all platforms is that it contains one similar statement. This is La niña del nombre raro.

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The Spanish statement translates to The girl with the strange name. It could portray that she thinks she has a peculiar name. Nonetheless, it does not take away the fact that she uses it on most of these platforms. Another of Josahandry Lia facts to note when looking at her social media is that she does not use English. She mostly posts in Spanish.

Josahandry Lia's Instagram

She opened her Instagram account and made her first post in January 2019. Since then, she has amassed numerous followers. Josahandry Lia's Instagram is quite typical and resembles that of any other social media influencer. It is filled with lots of her pictures, selfies, photo shoots, and snippets of her upcoming works.

Josahandry Lia's Instagram
Josahandry Lia posts a picture of the most googled thing about her. Photo: @josahandrylia
Source: Instagram

She also uses this app to tease her fans. For example, she once made a post telling her fans that she discovered that most of them want to see her naked as this was the most searched thing on Google about her.

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Josahandry Lia's YouTube

Josahandry Lia YouTube channel goes by her name and was created on Christmas of 2010. She uses this space to share her ideas, excellent content, and fun moments with her fans. If you want to enjoy more light moments of this celebrity, head on to Josahandry Lia TikTok.

Does Josahandry Lia have a podcast? What is Josahandry Lia podcast name? These are some of the questions you will also bump into online, given that the Mexican beauty posts snippets of a particular podcast.


Unfortunately, the 27-year-old does not have a podcast. She showcases snippets of the podcast Sin Miedo A Ti, where she is the season one special guest. The podcast discusses issues such as bullying and harassment and features Paola Guma, Karimeme, and Sofia Gogue.

Josahandry Lia's podcast
Paola Guma (L), Josahandry Lia (C), Sofia Gogue (R), and Karimeme (B) of the podcast Sin Miedo A Ti. Photo: @sinmiedoatimx
Source: Instagram

Net worth

In today's society, individuals, especially influencers, use their online platforms to make a living. Since Lia has a decent following on multiple media, fans speculate that she is earning decently and has a high net worth. It might explain the searches on Josahandry Lia net worth. Sadly, this internet start has not revealed this information yet.

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Josahandry Lia dating life

Of course, fans will want to know if this curvaceous figure is off the market and, if she is, who the lucky guy is. Unfortunately, this is hard to tell because she keeps such details under the wraps. So, whether you Google Josahandry Lia boyfriend or Josahandry Lia husband, the results will all come the same, and that is such information is unavailable.

Josahandry Lia's dating status
Beautiful Instagram model Josahandry Lia. Photo: @josahandrylia
Source: Instagram

Most internet stars tend to be entirely forthcoming about themselves. They will reveal details about their age, height, relationship status, and so forth. However, this rule does not apply to Josahandry Lia. Hardly will you find details about Josahandry Lia weight, net worth, or early life. She enjoys leading a private life despite being an internet phenomenon.

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