Where to buy secret rare Pokemon cards in 2022? Explained

Where to buy secret rare Pokemon cards in 2022? Explained

Pokemon Trading Card Games are increasingly gaining prominence again. If you are a card collector looking to trade, it is good to know what type of cards are in a particular pack. There are several rarities of TCG cards, and this article analyzes all you need to know regarding the secret rare Pokemon cards.

Secret rare pokemon cards
A Piatto di metallo gold secret rare. Photo: @shinyzard97
Source: Instagram

There are countless types of Pokemon cards that a player can have in their collection. Some are cheap, but you will need to part with hundreds of dollars to get the most valuable sets. The secret rare collections are some of the most sought after, and you will not miss them in TCG’s most powerful sets.

What is a secret rare Pokemon card?

Secret rare Trading Card Game
Secret rare sets have a higher collector number than the advertised card number in the set. Photo: @EPTCGC
Source: Twitter

These sets of TCG cards have a higher collector number than the advertised number of cards in the pack. All Pokemon sets have a collector number on the bottom left that identifies them. The digits on the left of the slash symbol represent the card number, while the one on the right represents the number of cards in the particular pack.

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Another aspect of how to identify secret rare Pokemon cards - is to look at their foil nature, which has unique artwork. Most of the packs have a special collection that possesses a lower rarity but is identical to the rest in terms of gameplay, and its collector set number is higher than the listed card digit.

You also need to know how to identify the symbol for different Pokemon TCG rarities. The rarity symbol is located on the bottom left or bottom right of the pack. Rare cards have a black star, which you will find on your secret rare Pokemon card set.

What are all the secret rare Pokemon cards?

There are countless varieties in the Pokemon franchise set expansions. What are secret rare Pokemon expansion packs? These are new sets of cards that the company releases within a particular series or generation. As of 2020, the TCG was in its eighth generation, with the collection containing the Sword and Shield expansions.

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Collecting a Sword and Shield Vivid Voltage set will give you a better pull rate for chase cards since it has 38 secret rares and 23 ultra rares. The Sword and Shield Darkness Ablaze pack has 25 secret rares and 21 ultra rares. The EX and GX are also some of the highly coveted secret rare collections among trainers and traders.

Secret rare collections can be of Japanese or English origin. Some expansions in the English variety include the following.

  • Team Rocket
  • Neo Revelation
  • Neo Destiny
  • Aquapolis
  • Skyridge
  • EX Dragon
  • Supreme Victors
  • Next Destinies
  • Dark Explorers
  • Mysterious treasures

Some of the expansions in the Japanese varieties include the following.

  • Wind from the Sea
  • Mysterious mountains
  • Black collection
  • Black and white expansion
  • Red collection
  • Dragon Blast
  • Dragon Blade
  • Freeze Bolt
  • Plasma Gale
  • Spiral Force

Most valuable secret rare Pokemon cards

Secret rare TCG
The Charizard expansion is found in most Pokemon TCG sets. Photo: @TCGCardSearch
Source: Twitter

Secret rare Pokemon cards’ values vary depending on rarity, with the rarest sets costing a fortune. Owning such collections is like sitting on gold because you can auction them for hundreds of thousands, and someone will be willing to part with a lot of money to get them.

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In the recent past, the Pokemon company has made the Charizard expansion a valuable collection found in most sets. According to Forbes, The Plasma Storm Charizard secret rare card is one of the most valuable Pokemon TCG collections in 2021, and it costs around $572.47. On Amazon, the Shining Charizard Neo Destiny Holo secret rare goes for around $967.88.

Secret rare Pokemon cards’ price

How much is a secret rare pokemon card worth? This variety of packs is some of the most expensive in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. An average cost for the pack is $231.30, with the most expensive secret rare Pokemon cards costing as much as $1000. Having these rarities in your collection can mean that you are sitting on gold.

Where to buy secret rare Pokemon cards

Where can you buy the secret rare Pokemon packs? Many retailers and game stores have varying collections of secret rare Pokemon cards for sale that a trader or trainer will find satisfying. Some of them include Pokemon Center, Walmart, GameStop, Amazon, and BestBuy. South Africans can get them at Price Check, Ubuy, Pwned Games and other game stores spread across the country.

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The Pokemon franchise will continue producing TCG collections as long as the Pokemon video game remains popular among gamers. Secret rare Pokemon cards are back in the trend, thanks to internet influencers who frequently showcase their collection on social media platforms. With the above guide on how to find secret rare Pokemon cards, the process should not be hard at all.

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